Thursday, January 7, 2010

one, two and three

i couldn't make up my mind how or if to do this post.
my husband said blame it on him, he was the one that made me.
but i wouldn't do that.

the problem is, i'm not comfortable posting certain things here,
some things feel right only for my book journal.

except i don't keep one of those anymore.
only for trips.


i'm posting with the intention of a keepsake for me.
and maybe my kids or their kids,
for the future.


i've disabled the comments just for this post,
because i am a little embarrassed, it feels too much like blowing your own horn.
am i making any sense at all here?
i know, you can't tell me.
thank you for the kind words anyway,
i can feel them.

first contest award

congratulation roses from my husband ♥

first paid photo
(inside magazine, not this photo)

2009 Photo Issue

Top 100 travel photos

number 34.

these all came in december.
it was a very good month to me.

thank you so much,

Photographer's Forum
Sherman's Travel
Los Angeles Times

i am really thrilled.

♥ lori