Thursday, March 25, 2010

encouragement & 6:32 p.m.

my daughters and i try our best to motivate and encourage each other to get moving. running, biking, swimming, walking, the gym...anything to break a sweat.

so i wasn't surprised the other morning when i got this text message from my oldest girl:

kim mobile~
"ready for a little worky outy?"

lori mobile~
"what did you have in mind?"

kim mobile~
"donut lifts?"

lori mobile~

so much for motivation and encouragement! we did walk quickly though to the coffee bean for chai tea lattes and blueberry scones.
don't you love exercise? :)

~ ♥ ~

6:32 p.m.~

thirty years ago today my first child was born. at six thirty two p.m. a new little person came into the world and at the same time one big person (me) was reborn. i was a mama. and now for thirty years, a curious thing happens. every so often i will look at the clock (after not so much as giving it a glance all day) and i will see 6:32 p.m.

every time i think the same thing. how very lucky and blessed i am for this moment, hour and minute. for not only 6:32 p.m., since my daughter came to me then, but for every single minute we've spent in between. (not counting ages two and seventeen. kidding. mostly. :)

i love you dearly kimberly summer, thank you for choosing me to be your mom. we sure have fun don't we?

happy 30th birthday my girl, you know you'll always be my baby.
♥ love forever,



  1. Happy Birthday to your girl.
    Hope you get to see her soon.
    Love the weight lifting of donuts sounds my sort of exercise, only being a Brit I'll be using scones and jam!

  2. Don't worry Kim, even at 30 you are still a spring chicken. :)
    I reckon we will do this until you get to 80, then I might consider you an Autumn Duck.
    Of course by then, I will be 94, and ready to party with my walker. xx

  3. Oh, I love this post! You are such an amazing family and I just adore the love you have for your children and they have for you!!

    And I love that version of exercise! Most wonderful in the morning...

    Have a most special day!! Love, Silke

  4. Yeah, donut's lift is my kind of exercise too.
    Happy Birthday to Kimberley Summer.

  5. funniest thing - I had a blueberry scone and coffee for breakfast from starbucks yesterday.

    What a good looking family you are - maybe it is all the love floating around that shines through :)

    Happy Birthday mama and daughter.

  6. thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! i'll tell kimberly! love to you all ♥

  7. Awww. Happy Mom day. My oldest will be 29 in a few weeks.

    Everyone is posting about yummy things like lemon poppyseed loaf and blueberry scones. I am trying to diet and it is making my mouth water.....

  8. Wishing Kim a very happy birthday! What a beautiful family you have inside and out!

  9. LOL I used to go on fitness walks/jogs with my friend in the evenings...down to the gelato store.

    Yeah, pretty sure that's not what the experts have in mind.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! (And what a sweet shout-out from her equally beautiful mom!)

  10. Happy birthday kim. What a great team you are. Enjoy each other xx

  11. Congratulations Lori on creating a loving family.
    It's beautiful to read of the love you share with your children.

    Happy 30th Kimberley... wishing you all the fun of being that age.

    on another note... we have power and have said goodbye to home camping... smiles all round :)

    xx Ribbon

    ps... good luck with the donut lifting too ... i know how hard that can be as they're not always easy to handle ;)

  12. Congratulations and best wishes to you Lori and Kim.
    The love you and your family share together is beautiful and so very special.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend together, and many more of those sorts of work outs !

  13. Well, it IS her birthday. Donut lifts are a birthday tradition!

    You have such beautiful girls, Lori. Little girls are a blessing, aren't they? And then they grow up to be even bigger blessings. Hope you all had the BEST day!

  14. you're all so beautiful lori ann!

  15. Oh Lori,
    you just reminded me of a 'time' moment my Dad shared with me after my Mum died. He has died now too so i am the only one with this memory. Thank you for awakening me to it.

  16. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, and congratulations again to a sweet Mom. You are a lucky woman, Lori ann, and your family is lucky to have you.

    Donuts as motivators work for me too.

  17. Happy Birthday!!!I understand what a SPECIAL feeling it is to be a mama...(with my little one only 21 days old)Loved your posts.Sorry will only be visting on and off cos both my kids are driving me CRAZY:)So long take care.


  18. a little worky outy?

    this happens to be my specialty, lori. after the donut lifts, try the brownie presses and the hot fudge stretches. and then the pizza pushups.

    your kimberly is two years younger than my jessica. i like the thought of that: we were raising our girls together...

    however life tosses and turns, love for our children is all the root and the wings we need.

    you are a great mom, ms lori-fab-photographer-friend to many.

    tsup! mwah!

  19. LoriAnn, yum yum! Definitely an important exercise! Well, sometimes anyway!

  20. Just stopping by to wish you a happy Sunday!! Hope you are having a fun weekend!! Love, Silke

  21. Lori,
    It's true, no matter how old they grow, they remain our babies and the moment they burst into the world is emblazoned indelibly in our memory. You and your daughters are beautiful and I - like you - cherish the sisterhood I share with my girls. Such gifts!

  22. Happy birthday Kimberly and Lori!!
    You know I always say that, we are born again with our newborn children. You have outdone yourself, having 5 kids!! Wait, now 6 counting Owen (kidding).

    Big sisterly hugs to you. Love love love the donut lifts. Did I tell you I made national champion?

    tee hee... xx

  23. happy birthday Kimberley - AND Lori!! just how big are these donuts??? hehe
    always love to come here and bask in the warmth of your beautiful family xx

  24. Loriiii haha some work out...wish it could be an everyday work out to...haha, and Happy Birthday to your girl.. xxx

  25. How sweet. Happy birthday to your big girl!

  26. The love you feel for this 'girl' of yours is a wonderful thing to read about ...... all of you ~ so lovely!


xoxo lori