Sunday, December 4, 2011

like cake and cookies

~ this weekend

~ my husband was off to the desert adventuring, while i stayed here at home. a cold wind was blowing, keeping owen and i indoors. maybe it was the near hurricane winds that prompted the flurry of activity. we got so much done! (well, owen mostly offered support by watching me from his doggy bed with one sleepy, yet interested eye.)

~ i'm pleased that:
the tree was trimmed
house decorated
outdoor lights strung (once the wind died down)
outside cleaned and swept after wild wind
inside cleaned (laundry too!)
marketing was done
day thirty five of eating to wellness, so far i've had no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, bread, pasta,
baked goods, dairy, poultry, meat and anything else that falls in these categories for over a month.
i went to africa two years ago, came home with a mystery ailment, and am still searching for a
cure. even if the africa bug doesn't leave, the rest of me will be super healthy.
recieved two packages in the mail, one from emily and one from andrea, thank you so much.
made one pot of chicken soup for my sick girl who was at her home in bed. delivered soup, and animal crackers, for good measure, too  :)

~ i added one photo in this post twice, a thing was missing from the first i wanted to show. i see it's still
partially missing. i might have been lazy about one or two things this weekend (no photo do overs)
hee hee.

~ the ornaments on my table, the fox, hen, bluebird, toadstool and teacup are from
julie whitmore, potter, artist. she owns a brilliantly creative heart inside a kind and humble (super talented) body. julie's art can be found  here and  here.

~ a recipe for you...

almond bread (shown above with sesame butter)

1 lb. almonds, raw and organic
2 eggs, beaten
1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
3/4 cup water, carbonated

preheat oven to 350 degrees. blend almonds (a small amount at a time) in food processor
or blender to fine texture. place in bowl and add remaining ingredients.
pour into olive-oiled bread pan and bake 1 hour. can stay fresh for over a week in an airtight
container in refrigerator.

the bread really is very yummy and makes up for no cake or cookies. almost.


  1. Hi Lori,
    Your photos are beautiful, I love the little ceramic hanging ornaments. It sounds like you had a productive weekend and got so much done. Owen is a wonderful compamion. I hope you are feeling better on the raw diet and thank you so much for the almond bread recipe:)

  2. :)

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  3. Hi Lori,

    Thank you so much for the recipe. I really want to try it because it fits in with all of my diet restrictions too, plus I love tahini.

    All of your vintage looks wonderful. Your home seems very warm and inviting. And how sweet of a mom are you to bring your sick girl chicken soup? She is a lucky gal, indeed.


  4. Your simply the best Lori... I always feel good after a visit with you. Wish I could visit in the flesh.

    It's hot hot here now as your weather cools.

    Happy Christmas fun time xoxo

    love x

    Ps... hope your soup did the trick for good health and sorry to read that you are still being plagued by that african bug :( x

  5. You've been busy Lori. It looks lovely and festive over there. I'm glad you received our little package, I know it wasn't much.....The bread looks yummy, even better than cake! xxx

  6. Love peeking into your world. Aren't Julie's ornaments whimsical and wonderful?

    A few nights ago the wind roared down the canyon here at about 50 miles an hour. It howled wildly. I was glad to be indoors, though the sky was speckled with stars thanks to the winds blowing away the clouds.

    Your photos...your photos..I love them.


  7. Such Beautiful Christmas displays... you really have a great eye for layout and colour.

  8. Wow you had a productive weekend Lori...I had similar plans but they didn't all come to fruition as successfully as yours.

    That salad looks amazing...the cake too...mmm...

    Have a lovely week

  9. Lori,

    Such an aesthetic joy this post! I too am a fan of Julie Whitmore's work. She comes across as an adorable lady too!

    Well done for surviving a month without all those foods. I imagine you must be feeling amazingly balances physically except for the mystery bug.

    If I understood correctly you made the adorable Little Red Riding Hood Cape for the Little Buckles lady? May I find the pattern on Ravelry for my youngest darling?

    Thank you so much.


  10. OMG! What are you living on then? Love and water?

  11. Gorgeous post. And thank you so much for the recipe, which I will definitely try. I have been on steroids for rheumatoid arthritis and have gained a ton of weight and have just started trying to eat my own way back to wellness. I also have a couple of other chronic health conditions so I totally sympathise with the problems these mystery illnesses bring. Be well x

  12. I love your decorations! Your space is so beautiful. Isn't wonderful accomplishing so much in such a small amount of time? Hope your sick girl gets better soon; you're a sweet mama to deliver soup and animal crackers.

    Thanks for the recipe. I'm definitely making that this week!

  13. I love your holiday decorations!! We had chicken soup twice this week, I do believe it cures all. I have been slack on healthy eating-thanks for reminding me that I need to shape up :)

  14. WOW!!! Wish I could get 1/2 of that done when my husband is out of town!! (Feels good doesn't it?!)
    You will show more of that banner/garland, won't you!??

    Owen--Freddy says "ruff"! (That's hi, and I could teach you a couple things about helping to decorate.)

  15. Wow, you got so much done and I am way behind, I just painted and visited with a friend this weekend, I got 0 Christmas stuff done! Yikes.
    Food looks yummy.
    Love Julie's ornaments!
    Have a happy week.

  16. Uplifted, thats how I feel after seeing this post. You have such a great way of assembling things, so that they look like they grouped themselves. I'm only a tiny bit distressed to learn pasta is not the best to dine on. Must be all that flour?
    drat..... I'll douse it with plenty of veggies to make me feel better next time.

  17. I love seeing your Christmasy decorations and especially all of Julie's ornaments lined up in a row. Your home looks so cozy and warm, just the place I would love to visit.

  18. thank you so much everyone! kimberly said the soup did the trick!

    dear stephanie, yes, it was made as a gift for baby bella buckles. you can find the (free!) pattern here
    it's a really delightful knit and even cuter on!

    julie, i don't think pasta is unhealthy, sorry for giving that impression. my nutrionist is having me eat in an extreme way temporarily to superdose myself with nutrients. i won't eat this way forever, i love pasta!

  19. you make the smallest things magical


  20. Beautiful photos, as always!

    And your food is exactly how I have been eating lately. It feels good doesn't it!

  21. i'm pretty sure that is my cousin jeremy. if it is, he is standing straight like that because he learned bunny bop pilates.

    yours truly,
    emily rabbit

  22. Yum, I'm going to have to try that bread! Thanks for the recipe. Cute Christmas table too.

  23. I LOVE your ornaments and decorations! I'm so in love with the vintage feel of it all. Aaah, nostalgia. I have yet to put up our tree.

    That bread looks delicious! And I love tahini. Just made some homemade hummus. Yummmm.

  24. The decorating looks wonderful. I have to hold off until the week before Christmas because of our BIG MOVE to the country (gulp). Congrats on the health kick - very impressive x

  25. Love the way you have displayed your little Julie Whitmore ornaments ~ they are so sweet ♥ The almond bread looks delicious especially with tahini!

  26. Hi Lori, I am new to your blog, love your photos and am inspired by your knitting projects. I was just visiting Julie Whitmore's blog and saw the knitted bunting you did for her. So wonderful! I hope I can get the pattern on Ravelry? Also, I noticed on your tree, one of the ornaments...the little wicker baby carriage... I have the same one. Does yours say Baby's First Christmas 1981? My baby just turned 30 yrs old, where does the time go!
    I hope your diet helps you get better!

  27. i'm so glad the recipe was welcome, thank you so much for the kind words friends.

    Yes! that's it, the 1981 wicker carriage. my second borns first christmas ornament! he just turned 30 also. i love that you recognized it and have it too! and yes, where does the time go??
    my ravelry id is lorix5. you can get there by clicking on the button on my sidebar too. please email if you have any questions, i would love to help. and thank you for your wishes, i am hoping this diet will help too.

  28. I found a rather different knitting blog today (I wish I understood French), but I get the gist

  29. dearest lori, i do hope your daughter is feeling better. i am not 100%, but up and moving a little this morning. this is really not a good time for me to stay in bed.
    your tree is beautiful and it sounds like you have been very busy.
    thank you so much for the recipe, i think i will try it as soon as this crew lets me back in my kitchen.
    i hope you day is beautiful and you have lots of time to knit.

  30. Yay!! Everything looks so beautiful Lori, and I love your ornaments (especially the owls ;) And your candle holders--so sweet!! And good for you on the super wellness! Sugar and caffeine are the hardest for me to let go..
    Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

  31. Lori, your room looks Christmas cosy and the vintage ornaments are right up your alley. You manage to keep the whimsy and warmth alive. Are you sure your name isn't Earth Mama? : )

  32. love all the decorations! your home looks so cozy and inviting :)

    sorry to hear about the africa bug...hopefully you'll find a way to rid yourself of it soon!

  33. You have an adorable cozy place and it´s so warm to look at it!
    Thank you for the recipe, I will try to make it with Camila in these holidays, she´s now at home every day, school holidays!
    Have a lovely week, dear Lori.

  34. I hope your daughter is feeling better. It seems like everyone is getting some version of the ick right now.

    I am so glad you posted about those ornaments. They are so adorable.

    And hooray! I am glad the stitch markers arrived. :)

  35. When I visit you hear I feel like a kid in a candy much goodness.
    And I'm totally impressed by the diet! I hope your mystery ailment disappears.

  36. I stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad I did. I scrolled over this first page looking at your lovely photos and not reading. So, then I hit this post and thought you must have used photos from pinterest but I didn't see a link anywhere. So, I decided to read the post and see for myself. NO! this is your doing and my response to that is WOW!! How perfectly simple and beautiful. Just as the Holidays should be. LOVELY..... <3 Barefoot Mama

  37. Your pictures are charming...really enjoying a trip around your blog today!x

  38. Moooooooooooooom, take the picture of your green poo mush lunch off your blooooog. It's embarrassing me!!! I can smell it from all the way over here...:p hehehe

  39. I love your decorations! Love that tree with all the drawers! You can use that calender again and again I guess.
    I know you are busy but I hope you are enjoying the holiday season dear♥


xoxo lori