Monday, March 26, 2012

making wishes

last night three of my kids and one grandchild came together for dinner (to a favorite mexican food restaurant) and cake (here) in honor of my girl and my son too, celebrating his from last month and hers on sunday. happy birthday my babies. my grown up babies. i can't believe thirty two years ago yesterday i became a mom. i was twenty three on that best day of my life. it's kind of shocking to have a child this age, and then to be my age. well, cake helps.  :)

i have some links to share, there is so much goodness in the world, just look...

can't stop watching this and wishing it to be me someday too ~
some of you liked mine so i found some for you here ~
a lovely blog and look at this give away (i'm wishing)! ~
we'll be staying two nights (in may) here! ~
hee hee here ~
went here last week for a lecture, learned so much,  he is an inspiration (see here).
loved this movie, it's a true story, i wish i were that good! ~

i hope you enjoyed, and i hope you have a wonderful week ahead, we're going camping! thank you so much for all the lovely words on my last post, the blue shawl. i do want to make one for me, but right now i'm finishing up (finally) the last of the pi shawl, an eight stitch sideways knitted on border. all the way around one thousand one hundred and fifty two stitches. it is definitely jameson knitting.
xxx lori


  1. Oh Lori, happy birthday to your babies! Yes, it does go by way too fast.
    I didn't know you wanted more antler buttons, I can make you some if you like, just let me know.
    Thank you for all the wonderful links, I will be clicking away! :)
    Have the best time camping!

  2. oh happy birth days mama!!! how lovely to have your kids come home and celebrate with you.

    the big year. we LOVED it immensely. it was quietly funny and well, just perfect. we're not even birders ;-)

  3. Dear Lori, your daughter is beautiful: dare I say there is an uncanny resemblance to you? ;-)

    Happy birthday to your two children. Are you allowing yourself to eat cake now?


  4. Such a lovely post filled with love, wishes and so many fun links to explore(I looked at all of them)...have a lovely getaway and thanks for the movie tip....and may I say your camera bag is pretty stacked!
    Happy trails camping Lori.

  5. Have a wonderful getaway!! (stay warm!) can't wait to see the pi shawl--never made one, but maybe someday!!!! and birthday blessings to all--family time the very best!

  6. so much loveliness xxxx
    happy camping

  7. Happy Birthday Wishes to your family.
    Have a wonderful getaway & Thank you for the link to Andi's fab giveaway ♥

  8. How lovely to all get together and celebrate birthdays. I could never imagine our family doing that.....half of them don't speak to one another ;). I love the video of the ballet dancer - amazing! My great aunt is in her 80s and swims, runs, walks every day. A true inspiration! xxx

  9. Happy Birthday to your 'babies'. We must be close in age I was 23 when I had my first and she will be 31 in a few months.

  10. Lori - i am amazed to think that we were both giving birth to our first babies on the very same day!! My daughter was 32 yesterday also... Sending you and all your lovely family many blessings xxx

  11. Happy birthday to your kiddos! I am thrilled that they were all with you to celebrate the occasion! My my your linking was massive and fun!! Thanks for the camera page, inquiring minds are happy to know :)

  12. Lori I just watched the film on the Russian dancer. gulp, so inspriring and I still sit her amazed at the peace she radiates.
    the corner cupboard is darling and the cake looks so good.
    And I agree with you 100 p.cent, there is so much goodness in the world, especially here!

  13. That film is AMAZING! What an inspiration :-)
    Happy happy celebrations!!,

  14. Happy Birthday to your lovely children!
    Thank you so much for the many gifts you share.

  15. Happy Birthday to your babies :-).
    I will have to come back and enjoy all these links.
    I hope you have a wonderful camping trip!

  16. That was fun! I always phone my mother on my birthday, she is the one who deserves the congratulations, don't you think? So, congratulations! And many happy wishes to the children, too :)
    ps: did you know "twyfelfontein" means fountain of doubt? makes me wonder who named it, and when...

  17. woahhhh..... i loved that first movie. i've been wanting to get my morning exercise routine back and now after watching this i know it needs to happen tomorrow... thanks for sharing. happy birthday to your daughter and grandson.

  18. oooooooooooooh!

    Love the cake! Happy "Birthed" day Mamma Lori. Im sure you have wonderful kids :) {they get it from there Mamma}
    Love Maia!
    Love the yarn in My Sisters Knitter (I entered but will give to you if I win, because I know you would make something wonderful with it).
    Love the movie trailer.. a must see (have always loved Steve Martin)
    & I love you Ms Lori~ have a splendid week

  19. happy birthday to all three of you! i loved those shawls too - so pretty and

  20. Happy (belated) to all of your not so little babes!!! And I loved the links, thank you! So want to see that movie now :). And Maia is so inspiring, wow...

  21. Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating in your family. And happy birthing day to you, mama. It is such an amazing journey, and one which you cannot take unchanged.

  22. Oh, happy happy birthday to your wonderful children! Beautiful, amazing children come from beautiful, amazing mothers. And thank you for those links! I laughed at the crappiness and marveled at the dancer. xoxo

  23. Happiest birthdays to your children!

  24. I had my first one when I was 23, too...♥ they grow up so fast! I remember feeling young, but I was ready to be a mother, felt like it was what I was meant to do!

  25. This post made me smile...lots.

    Pi shawl - WOW


xoxo lori