Sunday, September 23, 2012

california love

'oh california i'm coming home
oh make me feel good rock 'n' roll band
i'm your biggest fan
california i'm coming home' ~ joni mitchell

watching and photographing my youngest child (visiting from her home in nyc this week), in the places she knows and loves, made my heart sing and swell. and seeing her introduce her boyfriend to the ocean, trails and town where she grew up was a delight, and a privilege. some of the things they did then...

a first california sunset 

 learning to standup paddleboard

 and learning to surf on the paddleboard!


 his sensitive instructor   ;)

 i stood on the beach and wished

 for dolphins to come

 and they did (this really happens!)

 poppa chuck showing the kids how it's done

that's my girl

seeing her sit there on her standup board was the same as seeing her....

 twenty years earlier, always my baby

 after surfing, surf dogs

we went to the santa barbara maritime museum

to see a friends lecture, it was about his lost art from the seventies. my girl said she wished she had grown up
then. good times.

 my girls, oldest and youngest, santa barbara harbor


 another day, another adventure, time to learn to surf!

 getting it!


 we visited the santa barbara mission

 friar thumper, friar jellybean and friar tubby

 friar jellybean caught friar thumper

 time for a snack at backyard bowls

and when your mum follows you everywhere with a camera, you might get annoyed or you may decide to
have a little fun...

  make lips!

  got it!   ;)

 we went to the pier

 and ate lobster tacos

hannah rose and matt. youth and enthusiasm, kindness and consideration. he intercepted the check one night at dinner, she brought home groceries. he cooked for us, they gave me flowers. they got a new tattoo, a souvenir of home. thank you for allowing us to share your beautiful space, we loved every moment, california loves you too, come home again soon. xxx momma.


  1. Oh wow such beautiful photos and wonderful memories. Your girls are gorgeous and your baby and her man make a lovely couple.

  2. That little story was FABULOUS!!!! And I am totally digging the picture of your daughter on the surfboard when she was big and little! So cool!! We were just over there today and had such a great time. . .as always. . .

  3. thanks for sharing these precious family photos, Lori
    your blog always makes me smile :)

  4. ah stunning pics lori darlin'! as always...thanks for sharing. x j

  5. Lori Your daughter is gorgeous!!! What a wonderful time you shared together.. I am so jealous of where you live and lobster tacos, get out of here. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics and letting me into your life. PS I have loved Joni Mitchell for ever!

  6. Thank you for the end I got moved, just 2 know I'm a mamma, too !!! ;oD
    xxx Alessandra

  7. This tugged at my heart strings big time, fellow mama. :)) What a cute couple those two are. And I miss Santa Barbara. Good thing I have you to live virtually through - lol! Gorgeous pics! xox

  8. I know your heart was bursting to have your baby home, if only for a little while. What a lovely young couple they are and your girl being able to share her CA. with her young man is so special.
    Growing up in the 70's? Oh yes, it was a good time!

  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful kids!
    I know the feeling enjoying grown up kids, for a short time but ah is it a good feeling!
    Take care!

  10. So beautiful they way you captured the love you all share for California and each other!

  11. What a wonderful tour with your daughter and her boyfriend! They are absolutely adorable.

  12. They make an adorable pair together! I am thrilled that you were able to spend time with your baby and eek out as much happiness as possible :) Great photos, and I love the serial shots of learning to ride a wave!

  13. What a grand visit you all had!! I KNOW how special that must have been---and seeing hometown love through new eyes is always fun, too!!! Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous photos--what an inspiration you always are!!

  14. What a sweet post, and beautiful photos!

  15. Oh it is heavenly where you live. I love the picture you have of her as a toddler on the surf board and of now. That is so amazing. The sunset pictures are so stunning. I'm glad to see you having such an amazing time with your family.

  16. I can just see, in the camera's eye, the memorable time you had with them. How precious every second is because when you showed her twenty years earlier on that surf board, even my heart skipped a bit. How quickly they grow up, mama! XOXO

  17. Lori, these are such wonderful photos, filled with love!
    Thank you for sharing the happy days.


  18. I need warnings before being exposed to such emotion.
    Oh my gosh, Lori, I'm liking matt. What an experience this must have been for him. A guy who reached for the check, cooks as a gift, A for effort stands on water, spends time with the family, and loves your daughter: what more is there to say? Wonderful, very very wonderful

    This is one of those posts that will always remain for Hannah and your family. That you share it with your many visitors and friends here is incidental. THIS is a Mother tickled pink... ...

    Love love

  19. Lori - I think Hannah has her momma's look. What absolutely beautiful shots. Let me tell you -- if my family lived seaside in such gorgeous surroundings, I am not sure I would ever leave home. She'll come home often ... to the sea and to her momma. xxoo

  20. It looks like summers end was filled with a million delights Lori with family, fun and love!
    xo Ro

  21. oh sweet hannah rose. i love these pictures and the love you shared with them, with us. the surfing smiles are the best and i can't believe how you have a picture of baby hannah on the paddle board. so so so sweet. i bet you had a wonderful time together and are so sad she's back in nyc (assuming she is). matt looks like a keeper. : )

  22. What is better than these simple adventures with your loved ones? Nothing. And you get to add a new member to your family. Will you adopt me?

    She definitely is giving us the Angelina look. Handsome couple. Loved how she laughed when he fell.

    Maybe we will see each other in early October when I visit Ginny on my way to the airport...possible?

    Miss you. I'll be meeting kj in Massachusetts. Amazing small world, no?



  23. Such beautiful pictures of your wonderful family times, Lori! How delightful to see so much love and happiness, and sunshine and blue skies. And so sweet that you have almost the same pictures of your daughter on the surf board both now and as a small child :)
    (Love that Joni song too, one of my very favourites.)
    Helen x

  24. Everything about this is just beautiful!

  25. I absolutely love the photos of your daughter on the surfboards -- 20 years apart. So sweet! Looks like ya'll had an amazing, busy, wonderful time. Have a great week. Tammy

  26. it's funny, lori, but in looking at these amazing images, i know your hannah is a new yorker now, but the california girl is ever there, just waiting to come out. those side by side images of her on the surfboard as a baby and now are just precious. how wonderful to have your gorgeous brood all around you - i know how much that means, momma.

    love to you,
    amanda xx

  27. Beautiful visit and a beautiful family. I love the ocean and can't imagine not being near it-knowing I couldn't get to it in an hour. That baby photo is the best. They are always your babies!! Great job mama!

  28. Looks like you are all enjoying some family time together. How wonderful to be in the water and be so close to dolphins!

  29. loved seeing these photos! they look so very happy there in the california sun and in your company. what a magical few days it must have been for all of you!

  30. How lucky are your kids to have you? I love how you have captured Hannah's wonderful trip home. She is just lovely and I adore her body art! I only have 3, so I pale in comparison. If I were her age again, I would definitely add more. :)
    I am sure Matt never wanted to leave!

  31. So lovely! I was really rooting for him not to fall off the board, sitting here at home, I'm all "come on, grip with your toes, you can do it!" lol! Great photos, as always. :)

  32. Hannah Rose?! My 11 year old is also Hannah Rose! She is beautiful, too, but redheaded and freckled....YOUR Hannah Rose, looks more like my tan and blonde Olivia. ♥ Such sweet photos and great family times together. We also had a wonderful weekend crammed with family time as my little sister is moving to Portland, OR in just a few days!

  33. Thanks for bringing us along on on your beautiful visit from your daughter and her boyfriend!! Your photos are always so lovely and intimate, sometimes I feel as if I am imposing!! But that just goes to show your talent in sharing your emotion--I should say channeling your emotion through your camera, it's truly exquisite. You do have such a beautiful family, and California--it calls, always, from your photos. Have you contacted the California Dptmt of tourism by the way? I think they could use your work!!!

  34. Oh Lori, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this special time.... it brought tears to my eyes. I get the feeling that the our youngest 'babies' are always just that - our babies! She's gorgeous, your girl! xx

  35. Your wonderful post...leaves me feeling so happy.happy happy happy.Thank you.xoxoxo

  36. Speechless. That's what I am. And a bit teary too - those photos of your girl now and 20 years ago. Oh my word. Yep, teary.

  37. Oh, my dear friend Lori!!! I can only aspire to have the relationship it seems you do with your children. You are the exact mama I want to be and when my babies are older like this, I want them to come home to me and be as adventurous and silly and nostalgic as your little girl is. And of course, bring home their partners so I can knit them little hats. Oh my. I'm sure that day will be here before I know it! Many hugs sent down to you there. Your family is inspiring!
    xo Jules

  38. I loved this post. It brought tears to my eyes to see the joy and freedom your girl and her man have together... what love you have taught her! Thank you for sharing their visit with us...


xoxo lori