Friday, September 20, 2013

a woolly catch up

to say thank you doesn't ever feel enough. for all the kindness shown on my last post, my daughter's wedding.
 but thank you, as always, from the bottom of my heart xxx

 this is a very disorganized post about organization and attempting to catch up
(i guess it must be said everything i've shared in this post was because i wanted to, no compensation was 
made or monies given. feeling uncomfortable to write this but i had an email that said i wrote 
for other motives, made me sad) so i'm making sure to say if that were to happen
i would let you know...

i've been working on reorganizing my crafting room

most of my wool, is happily nestled in it's new cupboard!

my room has so many things i love

tiny doll furniture

and house

 new wool that hasn't been added to the cupboard yet 
(there is new noro too, our lys had a sale, over seventy percent off!)

which was made into noro mitts 
 75 yard pattern here

new cuff bracelets

the cuff on the left was made for sadie to wear in the wedding, but in the excitement
it was left behind in the cabin. this is the pioneer cuff pattern, purchased as a kit
 (from the yarn over truck, see below)

 a knitted square made for a comfort blanket, requested by sweet andi
pattern here  tulip square 

oh my goodness, do you see this yarn? it's from kettle yarn co.
a new shop in london. this is exquisite, the color, the baby camel silk blend...
this is why i work extra hours at my job.
 truly like a little yarn baby, i just want to sit with and cuddle, it's divine
visit the lovely linda at her shop here or her blog here.
i'm sorry dear friends for putting temptation in your way.

a new yarn bowl! made and gifted to me by an incredibly talented friend, i think she needs to 
make these, and share them with the world, it's so very useful and makes
 knitting even more pleasurable.
LOVE! thank you karen!

 the yarnover truck came to town! 
the yarnover truck is a new business began in southern california, it is brilliant!
the truck is filled to the brim with all things knit... wool, needles, bags and patterns...

 "Yarnover Truck is your local yarn store on wheels, implementing the food truck business model and applying it to a mobile yarn store. The truck will make appearances at a variety of local events, including street fairs, craft fairs, art and music festivals, food truck events, and Farmer’s Markets throughout Southern California. Additionally, the Yarnover Truck will be hosting its own events and available for private parties. Our goal is not only to sell yarn, but to increase awareness and provide needlearts education, with a focus on knitting and crocheting."

barbra and maridee of the yarn over truck

there is a ravelry group here and the yarn over truck website here
thank you lovely ones for such a fantastic idea, best of luck to you!
(i forgot to share what i brought home from the truck)

this post didn't make it in time for the weekly yarn along, but i wanted to share what i'm reading.
'fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe', because i met fannie flagg last week at my work. she was utterly delightful, i see why this book + movie was so popular, she is a gem, a southern charm.

i think that does it, i'm almost all caught up. 
oh one last thing! 

happy birthday son!
he celebrated in hawaii this week (he lives in japan)
this photo was taken of him and i a few years ago (over ten now!) while he was living in
hawaii and attending university of hawaii. wish i were there honey, to bake your cake,
but i'll make you one next time i see you. i love you! have fun!

that is really it, but before i go i just have to share what we'll be doing this weekend.
 the first annual san luis obispo county yarn crawl is happening
and a friend and i are going! i'll be back with more to share soon.
have a wonderful weekend, xxxxxx lori


  1. Lori, your yarn looks so lovely all arranged by colour in that sweet cabinet!
    And the Yarn truck! What a splendid idea! I hope they go well!
    Enjoy yourself at the yarn crawl, wish I could come along too!

  2. Sorry to hear that you had an upsetting email.
    Your craft room looks so peaceful and bright. What a fantastic thing - the yarnover truck - rents are so high here that the only tiny yarn store we had closed about 8 years ago. A friend had a project to open one but found that it wasn't financially possible. Maybe a yarn truck would work here and in the surrounding towns and villages. It's worth thinking about.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I wanna come and visit you right now, to play with your beautiful yarn!!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  4. dear lori,

    i was so sure that i commented on your last blogpost
    the magical one about the wedding
    i LOVED it all! you, your family, the place, the peace, the love
    and now i sit here with open mouth looking at all this beautiful yarn....
    loving the peace you are knitting, smiling because of that yarntruck! ;^))
    and congrats to your son!

    Patrice A.

  5. There are some nasty people out there. Sorry you had experience of this. Love your craft room very organised. Wish I had one but our farmhouse is too small. Love the picture of you and your son beautiful. My son is only 16 but towers above me now. It makes me feel so old. What a great idea the yarn truck, there is nothing like it here. wish there was. Have to go far and wide to find a decent shop selling wool etc. Many closed down. Hopefully now that knitting is getting more popular a few more may open.

  6. I love your craft room, wish to have something like this in my apartment (but it is not possible due to lack of place, so i have only a small craft corner in my bedroom).
    As for the yarn truck - what a great idea! Just i dont think they will come to Slovakia :)

  7. I love your blog and your post today. Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite books, let it be said I really enjoy southern writers.Their humor and stories make me laugh and cry all at the same time;) Your craft room looks wonderful and sooo clean and organized! The Yarn Over truck-what a cool idea!

  8. Oh so much fiber goodness in this post. I wish I lived closer so I could sit and knit in your wonderful room. I love the yarn truck!

  9. Oh to be a visitor in your house and sit with you, drink some tea, do some knitting and most of all see your collections in person!!

  10. You have been busy, busy! That yarn truck is such a great idea!

    I've been struggling with negative comments about my life, too. Not because of my blog, though (because I'd have to actually update it regularly for that to happen). My father made some offhand remark about the way I'm raising my kids and I've really been letting it get to me. B is trying to help me let go of focusing on the negative but I find it so hard. *virtual hugs to you*

  11. Your craft room is a beautiful place to be! What fun it must be to have that space for all your crafty adventures. :-) I'm dreaming of having my own craft room one of these days... Your yarn stash and knitting projects made me drool just a little. ;-) Gorgeous! I was given a yarn bowl for Christmas last year and love it. Beautiful and practical!

  12. I could move right into that little house...your little yarn studio is so lovely and inspiring. I think we need a yarn truck in Montucky- what a fabby idea!

  13. I so want to come knit with you in your lovely room. The yarn from London is dreamy!
    You need to tell your friend she really needs to share those yarn bowls with the world, I would buy the lot. Beautiful.
    Yay, for a yarn truck. What a dream.

  14. Oh Lori, this was fun to see!

    You do seem to have your yarn and knitting very well organized. It's great to see all those yarn colors through the glass. And each of your crafty, vintage still lifes is a total charmer.

    Thank you also for the links to the mitt patterns. I've been knitting mitts recently myself, using various weights of yarns and experimenting with gauges, and ribs and various lengths and so on. The possibilities really are endless. And that's just on how to handle the thumb!

    The Yarn Over Truck is a fabulous idea. I bet that those two clever ladies are going to have a wonderful success. I am reminded of "Bookmobiles" that used to bring library selections to neighborhoods far from actual library locations. This concept was way way long ago, when not every family had multiple cars and other parts of life were simpler....

    Happy birthday to your handsome son, too.


  15. What strikes me the most during these delicious yarny posts, Lori, is your eye for colour and texture. And what, pray tell, is that delightul green wrap (I think?) you are knitting? I love leaves so much and I have a fabulous Skein silk blend yarn in Wild Apple green...

    Dreaming, dreaming,


    1. dear stephanie,

      you have spotted the woodland shawl! here is the ravelry link:

      it's finished now, soon i'll get photos and then it's going to be gifted. it is a lovely thing to knit, i love leaves too. p.s. your package should be there any minute now!

  16. wow. you really made me a little jealous with the cabinet in your studio.
    i love you.

  17. I have an idea, I think you should have an open house for all of us that are so interested in visiting you and seeing your crafty room. HeHe! A knitting sit in on the beach with people from all over the world. It just sounds like such a wonderful event. HeHe! You have yourself a wonderful weekend and don't let any negative vibes find any room in your thoughts. As always, love your post, please continue them when you can spare a few moments.

  18. Your home looks so relaxing, Lori! Very peaceful too. I think the Yarnover Truck is the best thing ever and wish it would visit me :)

  19. hi lori! what a sweet space to create! and oh the yarn truck...that is just the cutest idea ever~ wishing you and yours a lovely weekend~



  20. oh I would love to be at that crawl with you!!!!! I saw it advertised when I was out there and was SO tempted. Have fun, and enjoy.

  21. A yarn truck! What a fabulous idea that is!!

    Your Woodland Shawl is looking lovely, and ditto your studio ... I love that tiny furniture :)

    Oh, and boo to the person who emailed ... you are one of the most genuine bloggers in the blogosphere, they can't be reading your blog if they've missed that x

  22. I have never once thought you'd written anything other than words of love and life (and knitting) , so ignore that unkind email and keep brightening our lives with your gorgeous photos and gentle words(and knitting!)

  23. Congratulations on your daughters wedding (a little late. i seem to have no time! ) so lovely as always xxx

  24. I love your making room! It's so sweet & cozy & welcoming -- much like you I'm sure. And many many happy days to your handsome son & beautiful daughter.
    Blessings & angels,

  25. I love your photos, and LOVE your creative knitting space so much. I wish we had a yarnover truck in our area. It is so sad that most of the LYS's within 100 miles of me have closed in the past 5 years due to this bad economy. I hate shopping a big chain store for yarn, and have made some 'internet' mistakes. Your space is luscious!

  26. Hi Lori! All of your yarn looks amazing in it's new cupboard, I love looking at all that potential :O)
    I am adoring the colour of your woodland shawl, it is stunning, can't wait for the FO shots! I blocked mine last night and it looks just incredible now, I am so proud.

    Have a cool day :O)

  27. I LOVE your yarn cupboard, how lovely to be able to see everything ready and waiting, while protecting it from dust and possible bugs!

    The yarnover truck looks amazing!!!

  28. Such beautiful photos. Love that you actually got to visit the YARN OVER TRUCK!!! How fabulous is that??? Seriously.. that would be my dream job.

  29. I loved seeing your craft room with all the lovely yarn and special keepsakes. The yarn bowl is beautiful and such a great idea.....I would buy one! And you met Fannie Flagg!! :)
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  30. Your room is so lovely and cozy - and what great light! I'd be spending as much time in there as possible if it were mine! And a yarn truck - what a fun thing! Happy birthday to your boy!

  31. I was sure I had commented here, but it seemed to have gotten lost!
    I really like your room! have one of my own you know;)
    Sorry somebody had to complain in that way!!
    Your son is beautiful! it is so enriching to have grown up children! to see what wonderful grown ups they turned into!
    I am visiting with my daughter next weekend in Sweden, can't wait to see her, she is at university there

  32. Your craft room warms my heart so much (as you do with every post). Love the Yarnover Truck. Brilliant in so many, many ways!! :-)

  33. loved the peek into your craft room. Thanks for inviting me.

    and the yarn truck~~~~ brilliant!

    and nasty emails???? idiots, every single one.

    thanks for sharing your heart.

  34. Hmm, good idea - yarnover truck! :-)
    Lori, you have perfect yarnotheka in your cupboard!
    ...Oh, and the tiny table and Noro mitts are so cute!
    Happy knitting!

  35. Thank you for the plug, hon!! It made me happy to see your precious Brunel (I still miss mine. It is pathetic. Heh!).

    Oh the gorgeousness of your yarn room...I'd love to visit you there and share some yarn-y goodness. Sigh.

    So beautiful.

  36. Another lovely post with beautiful pictures. I am sure most of us would not fault you one bit for promoting a business or, indeed, making money by advertising on your blog. Just keep these great posts coming!

  37. Lori the yarn mobile reminds me of the bookmobile that used to come through our neighborhood down south. Walking in and smelling all that paper and possibility made me giddy at ten, I bet it was the same when you stepped inside the yarn mobile. Its a brilliant idea~
    ps love that book!

  38. Mmm, so much here to oooh and aaah about (70% off! That yarn bowl! You met Fannie Flagg!), but I am just about totally fixated on the whole magical idea of the Yarn Truck. That's the greatest thing I've ever heard, ever.

  39. Hi Lori, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  40. Your crafting room is utterly delightful - and what a beatiful son you've got!

  41. Hi Lori,

    I'm loving your crafting room. It's just so gorgeous and I have severe yarn envy with that cupboard of yours containing ALL that yarn. Those cuff bracelets are lovely and I'm loving that Kettle Yarn. In grey too. Sigh. Oh and Happy Birthday to your handsome boy :-) Mel x

  42. Honestly, Lori, I don't know why anyone would say anything negative about you or your blog unless they are jealous. My only takeaway from your posts is that you love your family and friends, you enjoy travel and knitting and find great joy in sharing your beautiful life! Those of us who follow along are blessed to joing you in the journey. Keep sharing and doing what you do best ... blogging from the heart. :) Hugs, Tammy

  43. Whoever left you that silly comment obviously has never truly "read" your blog. Here is a place where magic happens. There is nothing here but love, empathy, beauty, nature, family, tenderness, joy, peace, and yes, some beautiful "things" too, especially of the wooly kind. Too bad that person couldn't see that. Please don't take the comment to heart. You are a gem, lovely lady!

    And oh, a yarn truck. A YARN TRUCK!!!! heaven.

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xoxo lori