Monday, April 28, 2014

the things they made

just over the hill and around the lake, in a sunny little valley near my home, was a small fiber festival. i went sunday morning and met talented spinners, dyers, felters and a brilliant sculptor. the yarn over truck was even there!
i was a good girl (on a budget) saving up for my summer trip or i would have brought home that sculpted fox oh! and the kiwi! everything sara created was exquisite. her fanciful imagination realized in the most incredible (cannot use enough superlatives) whimsical pieces. and then i saw the felted owls. oh goodness. these are the creation of borbala. bori teaches natural dying and felting, i signed up for her felted owl necklace class. :) sad to not bring one of these treasures home, but i didn't go away completely empty handed, i found these pretty speckly hanks of wool and silk. i think they kind of match the wild lupine i saw growing in meadows surrounding the festival.
you can find sara's sculpture's at her etsy shop ~ spun on cotton and borbala's felted goods at bori dolls
the wool is from shari (sorry to have forgotten your photo shari!) at morro fleece works in morro bay. lovely work ladies!

and along with lots of knitting lately...

i've been practicing sashiko. i recently found preprinted sashiko designs, you only have to begin stitching. the leaf pattern i am working on is supposed to be a pillow top. i think maybe it wants to be a project bag instead. :)  did you see the felt scissor case? that is the work of my sweet friend karen (she made the pin cushion too, a white owl, love) if you need a good pair of embroidery scissors (gingher) with a very lovely handmade case, karen has them in her etsy shop crows nest studios

and honestly, i don't understand how it happened. there is an extraordinary (embarrassing) amount of projects on the needles. a sample knit was just finished, it needs a teeny bit of seaming and off it goes (yay! whew) then there is the in progress dress, and shawl and another shawl. i happily joined in a new kal with lovely leigh, and even though she said it would be just fine to keep knitting whatever you are already working on, i was compelled to cast on the same project she was making, the beautiful shallows cowl. the start of which is shown dangling above. it is such a pretty thing. have a wonderful week ahead. xxx lori


  1. Lori! What wonders you are sharing! I don't know where to begin...your fortitude (i.e., your ability to not buy all those fibre treasures, those owls especially) is nothing short of inspiring...the colour of the lupines in your photo is so striking (I don't think I've ever seen them grow wild before here)...your yarn reflects your excellent taste:)...your stitching, so even (I think a project bag would be swell)...and your Shallows, perfect, love the colour. Shetland Guide. Sigh... Bliss. Have a lovely evening, dear Lori!

  2. the Swallows cowl is lovely, I just finished mine in indigo dyed Swan's Island Merino, couldn't resist casting on the fingerless mitts to go with it. I even did the beads with a tiny crochet hook, first time... its a really nice and well written pattern.....too many projects is better than too few :) love your blog.

  3. Such restraint at the festival! (Could you please share some of that with me? I'm rather out of control at the moment! And we're leaving for Normandy FRIDAY!!!)

  4. What a lovely day you had - and what a beautiful part of the world you live in!
    I've found that that's the way with projects, the more you make, the more you want to do. Inspiration is everywhere - not least in your blog :-)

  5. Such beautiful things here Lori. I adore those Owls and Karen's felted creations are gorgeous.....I'm not surprised you have so many projects on the needles, being the a fast and clever knitter you are! Loving the grey yarn for your shallows cowl too. Have a lovely week! Mel x

  6. lovely little fiber festival and I simply adore the owls! I like having lots of projects going on, not too many though :) I bet you will be wearing some lovely shawls by the time your trip rolls around :)

  7. Oh I love all your pictures I wish I could have gone to the festival! It would be more than a trip down the road and behind the lake for me though. I love how you capture so many wonderful details with your photography. You really make such special moments live though your posts. Oh and I am jealous of all your projects!

  8. Delightful! You are so talented, too.
    I fell in love with the owls...they reminded me of the many snowy owls we had seen over the winter that had touched my heart.

  9. Yay to all the things on the needles. That makes me wicked happy. :)
    What a sweet fiber festival. Those owls have me with a serious case of the wants! Of course Karen's yarn bowls, reminded me I need to get one.

  10. That looks like a really lovely fiber festival. I am so ready to be somewhere green and festival-y!

  11. Oh Lori, there I was typing away on the laptop, and somehow, I hit an errant key. All my message disappeared.

    Let's test my memory to see what might have been in that vanished oblong. I loved your local yarn fair...I would definitely have visited it, and love your choice of yarn to take home. I also look forward to seeing what lovely owls you will eventually be making. The workshop sounds like so much fun.

    Sashiko also interests me, and I like the idea to having some charted fabric to guide my needle and thread before branching out into my own designs. The botanical grace of the design you are using is very sashiko, if you get my drift.

    And on to the knit along choice...another beauty. Thank you for the link to the origin's so full of creativity!

    Here in NYC we're hoping that tomorrow's wind and rain won't take all the newly bloomed spring flowers off their stems and branches. Surely, others in between our two coasts have suffered much more than blown away flowers.

    Could type more to you, dear Lori, but will stop now and click on Publish. xo

  12. Such a wonderful festival, so much to see and admire, so much creativity! Love seeing needlefelt creations though I have never tried it......the litle owls are so sweet! Your yarn is beautiful, and reading your posts always makes me want to knit! I love your sashiko....I have used the technique and find it so peaceful and meditative to sew like this.
    Wishing you a wonderful week, dear Lori.
    Helen xox

  13. that festival looks AMAZING such loveliness. <3 the yarn you picked up is perfect.

  14. Hello Lori,

    That festival looks lovely! So many pretty things on display. Those little creatures made me smile. The lady who made them is really talented!

    I enjoyed seeing your embroidery work. Oh how I wish I had more time.....With a day job, two girls still at home and my garden, it's hard to find the time to sew, embroider or crochet.
    It's always a joy to see your work. It's really elegant!

    Happy day Lori!

    Madelief x

  15. That looks like a fun day of fiber! Lucky you...and I can imagine it was hard to resist that fox! Oh, those owls are amazing, too.
    Lots of projects going on in your world...the embroidery is pretty. Can't wait to see the sample you knit! heehee.....

  16. Oh my! That fiber festival looks like it was a wonderful inspiring place to be and the weather fantastic! The felted pieces are absolutely incredible. I am in awe of those who can create such detailed beautiful things from wool like that. Wow! Sounds like you are extra busy. Have fun! Tammy

  17. Lori, once again, my jaw is on the floor with the incredible beauty and inspiration of your post! Oh how I wish I could have gone to that incredible festival! The owl necklace! really, I have never seen anything so adorable. And the pins case with own! Too much gorgeous making for me to believe. I have had the most delicious day stitching and felting my heart away today, which I will share shortly! Love Jo

  18. Lori, I love those foxes too! And the bunnies...xoxo

  19. What a fabulous wool festival. And I'm loving your cowl. I wanted to join in with Leigh's KAL but I can't seem to find time to do anything that's just for fun at the moment.

  20. Everything you're up to is just gorgeous. The little felted creatures at the fair are completely crushing me. Your daughter in The Sartorialist is stunning. Your beautiful, even sashiko stitches are inspiring and lovely. How I love to visit you here. :)


xoxo lori