Wednesday, June 25, 2014

early bird gets... the early bird

we coordinated a day off together (LOVE when that happens!) and planned for some early morning birding up the coast...

it was also an opportunity to try out my new super lightweight tripod (hoping this one pinches fingers a bit less too!)

here is the little guy we came to see

and photograph

but these birds had other ideas (like flying away)

the california least tern

the behaviour we were really hoping to see was...

mating couples feeding on the railing

'where is my lunch!?'

here it is, i am here

with your lunch

i brought you a delicious yummy fish to eat

here you go...

wait! you haven't eaten your yummy lunch yet!

oh drat! wait for me! (this pair, disturbed by passing fisherman) flew away.

we came to see the california least tern. we hoped to see them feed on the rails here at oso flaco lake. it wasn't so simple. the pretty birds flew off at the smallest motion by us (of course) and so we would wait, and then tiptoe as close as we could to watch and take photos. and hope passersby wouldn't frighten them at inopportune times...

terns are seabirds in the family sternidae that have a worldwide distribution and are normally found near the sea, rivers or wetlands.

we will have to try this again...

these two were not shy at all

hee hee

a tiny wren

 -->  feathers

mallard grooming station

little duckling trains of all ages put-putted around the lake

ten am, time to go. we've already been out a few hours, and we're a long way from a hot cup of coffee.
next time we will remember the thermos, we hope  ;)
xxx lori

p.s. my last post, thank you. 


  1. Hello Lori,

    Well, your patience did pay off as you did managed to capture some charming images of the elusive birds. And, such a glorious landscape to observe them in. It must have been quite magical in the early morning light when it certainly appeared as if you were the only people about.

  2. I hope it is not your last post, ever...but before you go to our side of the big sea:)
    Have a wonderful time!!

  3. Gosh - they were worth getting up early for - what a good looking couple those Terns make.
    Love the mallard grooming station!

  4. Your photos always take my breath away! I come away feeling like I spent the day with you...quietly to get the best shots:-D XOXO

  5. what a lovely day spent with the birds ~ you managed to capture some great shots. I love watching all the feeding going on this time of year. the woodpeckers have been feeding their babies in our lilac bush (where the suet baskets hang) and this year is the first time we've seen that. even managed to get a few photos - a thrill.

  6. Great wildlife photo's Lori! It almost feels like being there on the bridge with you. Looking forward to see the photo's you will make on the Shetland islands. When they are as pretty as these, I am in for a treat! Happy day!

    Madelief x

  7. What a beautiful morning- time together, outdoors, catching glimpses of wildlife. I haven't ever tried to take nature photography. I don't have the lens or the time, maybe. But I know the patience and artistry that must go into gorgeous shots like these. They draw me in with perfect depth of field. You're making me want to go camping now. :)

  8. The California least tern is an exquisite little bird. No wonder you all quietly, patiently and gently waited for the courtship drama to occur.

    Lori, the photographs of the other early morning birds are also lovely, but I must particularly thank you for the pictures of the terns.

    Best wishes to you all as you head eastward to the Isles. I am already greedy in my curiosity about the photographs you might eventually be sharing. xo

  9. So love your pictures! I can't remember if I told you or not, but I just finished knitting the beautiful sweater pattern from Carrie Bostic Hoge that your beautiful daughter modeled. :)

  10. Gorgeous pictures, what pretty little bird :)

  11. Lori! Birds! I think I may have fallen in love with your little tern friends, your photos capture the light (through their feathers) and colour so wonderfully. I have yet to see a wren around here, though I think they exist... And your ducks photos, it's funny how comical they appear, no shame! Thank you for sharing these amazing glimpses into your world. Yay to birding! xoxo

  12. looks like the tripod worked great! wonderful photos!!! such sweet little birdie rituals.

  13. I actually got a pang of panic there...thought your goodbye was for your blog and I'd missed something not staying updated!!! PHEW. ;-D

    Glad you are off on your new adventure to this side of the pond. Hope you have the most fun ever!

  14. Days off together are the best! And it seems that you made the most of it - gorgeous photos!


xoxo lori