Wednesday, October 29, 2014


hello from california's central (and northern) coast! we are traveling, on a road trip (and boat trip). this adventure is a bit different (for us) and is actually three adventures in one. part one and two are complete (mission accomplished!) and so the most fun part, part three is left, which we are on right now!

part one ~ 
a few hours up the coast, san simeon ~ we spend the evening watching the surf, the sunset and eating fish and chips, and waiting for friends to arrive.

next morning, we all head north to big sur

 in big sur, we cart and carry one kayak, two paddleboards, paddles and several days of equipment and food over a mile down to the beach

making preparations

there they go, can you see the 3 of them out at sea? i watched and made my wishes for nearly an hour, and then slowly began the hike back alone.

part two ~
on my own in big sur i went to my favorite place, nepenthe. such a beautiful day! i ate lunch, knit and watched three acorn woodpeckers and one stellar's jay in the tree directly in front of me!

this is the bathroom at nepenthe. the art painted on the walls is so lovely, everytime i see it it's a thrill. 

 went to the henry miller memorial library next

found a couple books and a tote

 at the hotel (one of the books, and the tote, and knitting!)

 another day i went to hearst castle

 even though i've taken all the tours a few times, i could take the upstairs tour a dozen more (or even more!). the library is amazing. each guide offers something a bit different too, different stories and anecdotes. this time i learned that first lady grace coolidge was once trapped in the elevator. when she was finally found and asked if she were okay, she answered yes, she could yodel and she had her knitting.

part two and a half ~
the adventurers arrive! they'd kayaked and standup paddleboarded 36 miles of big sur coast. returning safe, healthy and happy = successful adventure.

part three ~
patrick and will head back to their homes and families

and now, time for chucks and my adventure together. we spend time with the elephant seals

central coast zebras, and then head north...

to san francisco

then marin county

our bed and breakfast came with chickens  :)

this place!

heading further north still, point reyes seashore

point arena lighthouse, mendocino (we are in the top of the lighthouse!)

and because this happened nine years ago today, we are staying at our favorite place on the entire california coast to celebrate...

here. we'll be back soon, there is so much to share about mendocino and magical alegria!

thank you, as always, for coming along! xxx lori


  1. A day that starts with reading one of your posts is always a good day :-)
    Sitting here in Sweden it's amazing to be invited to see all the beautiful scenery of your part of the world - thank you!
    ...and many happy returns on your weeding anniversary!

  2. Happy Wedding Anniversaire to you both. What a beautiful place you live, love that little story if knitting in the elevator!
    Those elephant seals look so cuddly - can you touch them?

  3. Just beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

  4. I love love love Nepente,

    Very happy anniversary to you both.

  5. Happy anniversary! Gorgeous pictures of your trip!

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    And thank you for sharing all those wonderful places, that I can add to our list of what we want to do next year on our california tour!

  7. as usual. . .LOVE the CA tour pics!!!! keep taking trips just so you can post pictures on your blog for me to look at!

  8. Lori, I wish you and Chuck a very Happy Anniversary!

    What marvelous adventuring you all have been enjoying on that truly beautiful golden west coast.

    (That Big Sur walk to the actual shore really got my attention. I do like long walks, but don't usually have anything much heavier than bags full of greenmarket produce to carry.)


  9. Happy anniversary! My sister recently moved to Marin. She said that when she was visiting Point Reyes was when she knew she had to live there. (She moved from the Boston, Mass. area.) I sent her the link to this post, and she asked me to share it on facebook, so that she can lure more of her friends and family out there. :)

  10. Oh I was oohing and ahhing the whole way through this post. You do take the most wonderful adventures!

  11. wonderful adventures Lori! Thank you for being so generous with us and sharing (I can still remember the beautiful scent you wore from Nepenthe)

  12. Happy anniversary Lori and Chuck, and thank you for this most beautiful travelogue!

  13. Happy anniversary! You really know how to spend time right, I love traveling along via your blog. I have been to Alegria! We shots the innkeepers' adorable daughter wearing a hat when I photographed Shear Spirit partly in Mendocino. She ended up on the cover. What a magical place to have had your wedding.

  14. …. buon anniversario Lori e Chuck !!!!!
    ….it has been an emotional trip reading this post and looking and those beautiful pics ….
    …. thank you, xxxxxx Ale

  15. Looks like a really fun trip - what a lovely way to see the coast.

  16. Happy Anniversary! CA looks so beautiful. Thanks for taking us along.

  17. Happy anniversary! I love your post and Big Sur is a place I dream of seeing. this is rather superficial after all the natural beauty......but I love the black and white plaid shirt you have on in one of the photos. Any chance you remember where you purchased it?

  18. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! such lovely adventures you have. <3

  19. Dear Lori,

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. It always a joy to see your photo's. Big Sur looks like a beautiful part of the Californian coast. Loved the castle! The view is amazing. Wishing you and chuck a Happy Anniversary. Have a lovely time together!

    Madelief x

  20. Happy anniversary to you and your husband! What a lovely trip... you must have driven right by me in Half Moon Bay! I have been craving a road trip, and Big Sur and Nepenthe sound like the perfect getaway. I may drive part of your trip in reverse! Have a wonderful time.

  21. happy anniversary!!! what a fun time....with friends AND by yourself! Is the basement of Nepenthe still 'dedicated' to Kaffe Fassett? I was bowled over the first time I was there....think I stumbled on that room while hunting the rest room. Thought I'd never leave. :)

  22. Happy Aniversary to you both. What a wonderful Aniversary trip. My husband and I have been married for 24 years this year and one of our dreams is to start traveling more and we will start next year for sure. It sure seems like you both had a wonderful time. Happy moments.

  23. Oh Oh Oh!! Happy anniversary!!! xxx

  24. Happy Anniversary!

    I wanna make this trip, it's like my bucket list california road trip! :)


xoxo lori