Sunday, October 5, 2008

For monday

as for the last post...

i really debated about writing it. i wonder still how i'd like this blog to go. keep it light or make it more personal? bore to death or worse drive off the 5 lovely people that read it.

so i just decided not to think about it too much. this is supposed to be fun and a good learning experience. so there it is.

i'd like to share something with you that will leave a better feeling in your heart. and so you wont remember me for that last dismal post.

if you haven't seen this already, you are in for a treat. click the" watch in high quality ", turn up the volume, grab your friends and family, and enjoy!

xxx lori


  1. Hi Lori,I haven`t sen the film or even read your last post (too busy), only this question you have and the fear you might drive your faithful readers away! NOT ME, in any case. Tell me what you think about, good or sad, and I won`t think any different about you. I LIKE YOU! That just had to be said. Tomorrow I`ll have more time and will write a new post, too. Cheers from Germany!

  2. hi Lori, I also havent seen the film (take so long to download here) but have read your other post and meant to say that your children are beautiful - i loved those pics. thanks for sharing the bad as well as the good. its all part of finding our way and sharing helps everyone.
    Love your blog and certainly wont be chased away! Angela is fabulous on advice and am sure she will have some warm and uplifting things to say! write more..xx

  3. ah dear angela and val, and so it is a gift you give to me, the gift of non-judgement. this was something that needed way or another, thanks for the lesson.

    the video is well worth the download time, i think it runs about 4 minutes, something like that. its especially validates what we feel(blogging)that we are much the same the world over, i hope you get a chance!!

    xxx lori

  4. So sorry to hear the bad news about your ex. Selfishness is the worst.

    Your kids will be OK ... they have YOU after all, but it must surely be terribly disappointing to them.

    As for the blog, write whatever you want. That's what's great about blogs - some posts are good, some aren't, some are personal, some aren't. It's free space - that's what I love so much about it.

    Take good care!

  5. thanks reya, you are right of course.the free space, its a great thing. thank you for the kind words.
    xx lori

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xoxo lori