Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here it is!

My Ballot. My mail in ballot. My Official Mail in Ballot. I Love to vote, I love the feeling of holding the ballot in my hands. Looking at all the names and props. Feeling powerful and thoughtful. It's a heady moment, sure.

Filling it out oh so careful. I don't want to make a mistake. I'll read everything twice and then just like the instructions say, I'll fill in the little bubble with my blue/black pen. Vote Like This.

Because here is the one box I Don't want to have to fill in. Do you see this here? What the heck is this? I've Spoiled my Ballot. Spoiled my Ballot. Does this mean like I've spilled my scrambled eggs all over it, or I left it with some ripe tomatoes and it got a little mold on it? I showed my daughter. She said "that sounds like you pooped on it". I mean spoil your ballot. For heaven's sake America. This is the Presidential Election. Please let's try not to spoil our ballots.

Okay then... Here is an extra bag I brought home after the weekend's volunteering I did. I was thinking that perhaps someone reading this would like this for their own. Today my daughter worked again, and she said the day was even more interesting because of the international support she received. She talked to the Dutch, English, Japanese, Irish and more. They all said they wished they could vote. They were all very excited to be able to bring Obama souvenirs home.

So... it made me think, maybe one of my blogfriends around the world, would like to have something too. To remember this historic time by.

The back side of the bag.

And this New Black long-sleeved thermal xl t-shirt with Obama and a peace sign on the front. I think it would be fun to send these out to someone that would love to have it. So, I would guess it could work like this, if you'd like to have it (t-shirt or bag) then leave a comment with your preference. If there are more comments, I could pick a name out of a hat. For fairness sake. I wish I could give one to everyone that wanted one.

I really just want to share the love.

And keep busy for 8 more days.

xx lori


  1. THANK YOU for this inspiring post. Merle Sneed inspired me today, too - and I needed inspiration, let me tell you! BRAVO for volunteering, and for not "spoiling" your ballot.

    It is an odd choice of words, as if you might decide to wipe your butt with it or something. Bizarre.

    THanks for sharing the love. 6 more days....and counting!

  2. thanks reya, I love being on the other side(volunteering), its been a fascinating experiance! oh, and would you like the bag or the tshirt? I guess no one was into it.

  3. I'm so envious of anyone getting close to Obama. I just think's he has the potential to make a lot of difference.My friend's daughter got to hear him speak in her school in Philly a few months ago.
    Glad you got your voting sorted out.
    Even though it's nothing to do with me the other side of the world!

  4. thanks fire byrd,
    we really do appreciate the support, and it seems the rest of the world is feelin the Obama love. Lets hope America feels it too.

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xoxo lori