Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dances with dolphins

Some days the oceans call is so strong you just have to throw responsibility to the wind and go pay a visit. Let's go!

Yesterday morning was epic. The temperature was around
80 degrees at 8 am, no wind and bluer than blue skies.... husband jumped on his paddleboard, and I am in the kayak...

...heading up the coast, we wave to the house we were married at...

...and then, we see, in the distance, coming our way...


...its hard to describe what it's like being in the ocean with a group of dolphins, swimming all around you. Excited, lucky, blessed? Yes...

...I was carefully trying to get my camera out of my dry bag and at the same time keeping myself out of the water, my husband's kayak is one of those narrower tippy kind. I was also grinning and gasping and Chuck and I are looking to each other with amazement on our faces!

... Every time they would surface we could hear their breath...sort of a soft hffff... there was even a baby in the group ... the distance you can see one of the towers Chuck Lifeguards in during the summer, also, the other buildings are rentals, in case anyone would like to pay Carpinteria a visit! ;)

...Dolphins are not easy to photograph, diving smoothly up and down, you can't guess where they'll surface, but here is one tiny glimpse of a sweet face!...

Please click play if you'd like to join us in this experience! (it's amazing, you'll see how close they were) and don't forget to turn up the volume to hear them too!

I wish that everyone of you will find the magic that is around you.

It's out there.


This post is dedicated to one of my dearest friends in the world, she came all the way from Germany to dance with the dolphins,
remember Anja? I said hi for you ♥


  1. What a treat for all of us, Lori. Thank you for sharing this and encouraging us to look for the beauty all around. Priceless.

  2. Wow!!What an amazing experience you've had!!The pictures are so serene.I love the blue of the ocean.Its so amazing!!

  3. What wonderment we share with you, Lori. That was, quite literally, breath-taking. Thank you.

  4. What an amazing experience to have had and to have shared.
    Would I have the money I would stop by for a visit.

  5. That is so incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience!

  6. Hi again. I left a meme for you on my blog, if you have the inclination. I see, however, that the outdoors will be a bigger pull for you.

  7. Lori,
    you've done it again. I'm here drying tears from my eyes. This is one of the most beautiful gifts anyone has ever given me. Thank you. Those last words of encouragement and love are superb.

    My all-time dream is to swim or be neared by dolphins like you have been! It has never happened to me, but every time I go out to sea, I look out for them, knowing one day they'll show.

    You want to know what the best part of the beautiful videos was? your gasping laughs of amazement and sheer happiness.

    (Your husband is hot, by the way)

    :) + heart-shape-I-cannot-manage-to-type

  8. Wonderful loving and laughing Lori,
    I could have written Lola`s comment, word for word. How beautiful! The blue light, your amazing husband, the house you were married in, and those dolphins, I don`t know how to thank you for all those pictures! And next time, don`t forget to say a real sentence so we can hear more of your voice - but your soft laughter was beautiful, too!

  9. Such a great moment with the dolphins, Lori! I can imagine your excitement , your happiness ! You took amazing pictures and all those blue skies and water... I´m enchanted!

  10. A M A Z I N G!!!!! I am happy for you!!!
    Hi from Sweden!

  11. This is the first time I've visited your blog and what a total treat!

    I have enjoyed dolphins in the wild many times at my sister in laws beach house in north west Florida. I need a fix!

    Gorgeous pictures.

  12. Lovely! And especially nice to hear your gasps of delighted wonder. Thanks Lori!

  13. oh I love where you live!
    ...and how calm is the ocean? WOW!
    I love listening to your quiet giggles of happiness too, loved it! You are so cute, you both are!
    What a perfect, perfect day!
    Loved it, love you.

  14. This is so cool - the blue on water in the 4th picture is amazing. I have never been so close to dolphins - just amazing.

  15. That is so awesome! What a dream! I am, yet again, jealous of you!

  16. ok, it's official. i want to live wherever it is that you live!!! how fabulous! and i have to agree that one of the best parts of the video is hearing your gasps on enjoyment!

  17. Lori, how beautiful, and how inspirational that was. Great photos and video. I always love your photos, especially ones of the coastline and ocean.

  18. How beautiful :)

    I've seen Dolphins twice in my life, but never that close. They are awesome

  19. Ha,ha! Wheeee!, smile, hug. Wish I was there. Really.
    Wish I was.

    Lori, you have a lovely giggle, mine is like a donkey - aww -ee-aww! Your Chuck, and my Mark are in the same league too - just too damn cute!

    Love to you.xx♥

  20. Now I have to wipe the drool off of my computer...that was totally amazing!

    Oh, I just remembered that one of my earliest memories is being put in a kayak by my dad... when I was 2!

  21. What beautiful pictures - what a beautiful morning! I am always in awe of folks that live in such beautiful surroundings.

  22. A W E S O M E !!!!

  23. dolphins make me feel so emotional - what is that?
    this is just the most beautiful post and your comments, that sea, and view- and you two, and and and....sigh......thanks Lori xxx

  24. Thank you so much Rosaria, I can't describe how much fun this was! I'll do my best with the meme.

    Chaitra, there were just a handful of people on the beach, and I kept thinking, I want to share this!

    Tessa, yes, really, I almost just showed the photos, it didn't need my words. Amazing nature. ♥

    Mandy, You can stay here and we have plenty of kayaks we can use! I know you love the ocean...?!

    Welcome Snarky, wow! thanks, how do you make your heart spin?

    Oh Lola,
    you are making me blush, i was not aware of my voice, i saw only the dolphins, aggg! well, thank you sweetheart for the lovely comment. And if you come here we can go out to see the dolphins together,(you can swim if you like) I'm sure they would love to meet you.

    I'll send you a mail on heart making, haha!

    ♥ lori
    p.s. yes he is ;)

    Geli, I'll do it, but selfconciously!! I didn't realize my voice was on the video. It is beautiful to see though isn't it? are there dolphins in the Baltic? do you see them?

    Thanks so much Mina! I can't wait to show my grandoodles, they haven't seen this yet.

    I saw the ocean(on your blog, I've not been.yet!) in your Sweden too Michi, it's such a beautiful world.

    Thank you and welcome Cheerful! it's really nice to meet you, what kind words! Florida is great, you are so lucky to go there, the water is alot warmer than here! Where are you? I'll be right over.

    Thank you so much for all the Great comments, and for sharing this with me!
    ♥ lori

  25. Wow thanks for sharing that with us. So amazing.

  26. Thanks Katherine, this is the kind of ocean kayaking I prefer, no swell, although there was strong current.

    Dear Michelle, thanks love!
    You know the moods of the ocean, this was an epic day really. I'm so glad I could share it.
    I had to go back and listen to myself, oh dear, you can hear me!! blushblushblush. Hearing my voice always makes me feel this way!

    Bhavana, yes, completely amazing. No matter how many times you see them either. It's always the same for me.

    Colleen, thanks for the kind words, but you should be proud of yourself, you are amazing. How soon now?

    Thanks Bodaat! we are just south of Santa Barbara, California. It's a place where people come and never leave! (or return year after year).

    I am so glad you enjoyed this Linda, and thank you for liking my photos. It's a bit nerve wracking taking my camera in a kayak, but I couldn't not!

    Hi Sammi! there is something about dolphins. Magic.

    Nat, you make me laugh out loud for joy every day. I love you.
    if it's true about your laugh then you must be the cutest donkey laugh ever.
    And are we not the luckiest? I so agree!

    Tulsa, what a great memory! I have a similar one, involving the ocean and a boat and magic, my dad was a diver and used to take me with him. I'm so glad you liked this, thanks!

    Andrea, yes it is. I see that you live in Maryland, I bet its beautiful there too? Really green? I may be going there soon if my daughter chooses school there.

    thanks again for the wonderful comments and for sharing this with me!

  27. Janet, not bad for a tiny camera in a tiny boat heh? I could use some of your video lessons!

    Val, i think its because the dolphin is so intelligent. We know so much about them and their likeness to us. I know i felt a kinship with them. We were awed. They also came directly to us and then followed us up and down the coast, see the 2 different places in the videos? this all happened within an hour. Just incredible. I wish I knew dolphin speak. They were def talking. When we paddled back in Chuck asked me, "did you cry?" he felt it too.
    I just came from your elle encounter, what a world we share heh?

    Wow, thanks Together! i am so glad you enjoyed this.

    ♥ lori

  28. Lori thank you so much. This is something I never see. Ever.

    I think that the love you sent me on warm breezes is expected to arrive here early tomorrow morning. I will make sure to grasp on to it.

    Your children and pictures are beautiful.

    Thanks for your lovely comment Lori it meant alot.

    Renee xoxo

  29. Oh my goodness, these are amazing pictures. I have a fear of the sea so I would never go out in a cayak anyway but to get close to wild dolphins like that must be magical. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images.

    CJ xx

  30. Wow Wow Wow!!!

    Lori you make the best things in life look even better.

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful time.

    best wishes Ribbon

  31. Dear Renee, I wish I could put those soft breezes in an envelope, I would send them to you today. I am so glad you liked this adventure, I really liked sharing it with you! xxx

    Thanks CJ, it is a little unnerving to take a camera in a kayak, i am surprised the pics even came out!

    Dear Ribbon, I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for coming with me!

    ♥ lori

  32. That is so cool!
    Gee, this post made my day. So beautiful. I could feel your excitement and awe.

  33. Wow how cool!! I couldn't hear the dolphins but I could hear how excited you were.

    Fantastic videos and beautiful pictures. That water is incredible! The colors are just delicious. WOWW!!

    I do agree that magic is all around; all we have to do is just open our eyes.

  34. Lori, that was so beautiful! Thank you so much for filming, so the rest of us could join in the fun. I really love those creatures. Think of all your good energy that attracted a whole school of them! Even a baby!

  35. ah lori darlin'! STUNNING! so so beautiful..and how lucky you were to be in the same spot at the same time..i love this about life...and these sorts of encounters. again. always so beautiful and inspiring swinging by yours...THANKS! xxx janelle

  36. beautiful coastline... as I explain in my last post, I am from the east, St Louis is as far west as I have been. May I post some of these pics, they are great!

  37. Lori Lynn, it gives me so much pleasure to know you enjoyed it!

    Reya, hah! I know, I wasn't aware of my voice, but I can still hear them. They sound like the waves, sort of.

    Thanks Love, I hadn't intended to take videos, but in the excitement somehow I did. magic moments for sure.

    Janelle, thanks, I know just what you mean, I watched a handful of people on the beach, watching and thinking they are having the same feelings we are, being here, in this moment. Fantastic.

    Neo, thanks so much, and sure, I'm really glad you liked them.

    ♥ thanks everyone, Lori

  38. Thanks for that adventure Lori Ann. The closest I have ever come was watching the dolphins play in the surf near the shore of Jacksonville Beach FL.

  39. I don't recall how I found your blog ... but I'm blessed to have found it!

    Your love for travel, people, the environment and family shines through everything you write ~ and you write it so beautifully.

    Thank you.

  40. How amazing! They truly are amazing animals...and I'm sure they gave you an experience never to forget!

  41. Oh that was brilliant! Aren't they just such amazing creatures and one feels they're sharing themselves and their time with you when they appear like that.
    And oh, oh, oh, you do live in a beautiful part of the world. Maybe instead of moving to the UK we should come to Carpinteria!
    Thanks for sharing!

  42. That's so awesome. You make me want to take a trip and take tons of photos to share with the world, lol. I felt like I was right there with you. Thanks so much for sharing. : - )

  43. I think the kind of life portrayed in soup operas might eventually be real!

    Is there magic around us? Well I have doubts I'll visit your blog to gaze at your photos!

    Better late than ever: That post was about the last easter in my grandmothe's life. I was talking about memories and about my imaginary fight with whatever took her away. I am mortal so my sword wasn't strong enough to defend her. I had been defeated and since then I hate looking at her empty chair everytime I visit her house.


  44. I cannot imagine how a soup opera would be!

    Soap is better of course

  45. Hi Aden, then you know this feeling, great!

    Dear Helen, such kind words, I thank you with all my heart. I am so glad to have met you too! I'll be over for a visit soon!

    Hi lifestudent, yes, that was a first, to be so close in my boat. Amazing.

    Nicky, there's really nothing like it, meeting wild animals in their own homes!! YES, you wouldn't be disappointed, Santa Barbara is Filled to the brim with Art&Culture, climate similar to C.T. and oh the food! have I sold you yet? hahaha!

    Hi Rohzi, great! I am thrilled that you found inspiration, that is the biggest compliment. I am so glad you enjoyed.

    Dear Maximus, thank you. And whatever the word, I got your meaning. Thank you for explaining to me, I remember your post. It's hard looking at empty spaces that were once filled with people we love, I hope you can try to fill it with your beautiful memories of your much loved Grandmother.

    Thank you friends~
    ♥ lori

  46. Hi Lori!

    Thanks for your latest comments!
    Always good to hear from you!
    And sooo nice that I got to know you here on blogger ♥

    I enjoyed this dolphin post very much!

    You are indeed blessed to be in contact so much with these special creatures!
    Must be so exciting to be so close to them!

    Here is a link to a post I made a while ago about dolphins.

    I have met them a couple of times in my life and nothing beats the feeling of joy!!!!

    I also enjoyed the quote on the bottom of your blog, the Apache blessing. How cool you are related to these special people (Navajos).We could learn so much from their wisdom. They are so close to nature.

    You are blessed Lori to live near the ocean. (one of many reasons)
    I am because I found your blog......(one of many reasons)



xoxo lori