Friday, April 3, 2009

tea wisdom

Yesterday when I got home from work, there was a pile of mail waiting for me on my desk, I shuffled through it absentmindedly (I'm not too excited to find another bill), but in the stack today was a large Fed Ex envelope. I pulled this one out and took a closer look.
It's our Itinerary!!
~~~~* ! *~~~~
Only after making a cup of tea and curling up comfortably on the couch, did i allow myself to open the envelope. For me this is travel foreplay, almost as good as being there. Oh my god! here are all the dates and flights and places we'll be, Paris, Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, Kasane, Botswana, Zimbabwe, tented camps on the Zambezi. Fantastic places, descriptions beyond my imagination.
Reading through once quickly and then going back to take more time, I know I'll probably read this a hundred times before we leave. I see on the cover letter that the company we booked with has written how important it is to pack lightly. We are only allowed 33 pounds on the charter aircraft(plus camera gear), we'll being flying into 2 of the camps we'll be staying at.
Oh man.
I sipped my tea and out of habit, read the little tag hanging from the bag. I couldn't believe the words on it this time...
it said:

Travel light,

live light,

spread the light,

be the light.


Incredible. I love this and I think I'll put this little tag in my new journal,

for Africa,

on the first page.

A good reminder heh?

If you like you can go to the Yogi Tea website for more

inspirational articles, helpful tips, recipes and even yoga poses.

"Drink your tea slowly and reverently,

as if this activity is the axis

on which the whole earth revolves.

Live the moment.

Only this actual moment is life"

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

and for outside the U.S.

it's a good place to visit!

xxx and love, lori


  1. Once again Lori it's joy to visit your blog.
    You mentioned work...(I assume you mean away from home) Do you work fulltime?
    Best wishes and thank you again for all that you share

    Ribbon :-)

  2. Love those often we forget, we are the light....

  3. half of the fun or a trip is the planning, preparing.
    It's sooooooo exciting.

    Travel light - best advice ever!

  4. Beautiful words. I am so excited for you both! I was reading, and going yeah,yeah,yeah as you read out each destination. Whoo Hoo!

    I will most certainly check out that site, I love a good earth shattering cuppa! I reckon the BEST cuppa of the day is the first one, before any one else stirs......mmmmmm
    Lotsa love

  5. Oh wow, there is nothing better than seeing it all come alive in your hands in the form of an itinerary! Whoohooo!!! You're going to have a blast.

    And I love that Tich Nhah Hanh quote - he's such a wise and wonderful man.

  6. Wohoo!!do you dream about the trip more often now :D!!I guess i'm excited as you are coz you'll be sharing your experiences with us.

    love chaitra

  7. What a wonderful trip you have planned. Such an adventure! It seems perfect for you and I hope that it ends up here for those who would enjoy a vicarious trip through your eyes! Lori "Out of Africa"! How exciting! The "light" quote is inspirational too! "Live the moment...only this actual moment is life!" TKC's understanding is powerful and profound. Enjoyed my vist xxo <3

  8. Very wise indeed. That photo was just amazing. I can't wait to see the photos that you come up with. I always pack everything I need for two weeks in a small back pack. Then I pack a suitcase full of things to give away. Vitamins, children's books and clothes. Peace.

  9. I agree on travel foreplay, it gives me a natural high. I'm on it now too, My bambino and I are going to the beach for Easter!

    But please tell me more about your journey, is it for your husband's work? I was so overwhelmed by the Africa news in your eariler post, that the info slipped by. I'm so excited for you!!!
    (why not throw in Rome too, at this point?)
    Ciao :)

  10. This was a great post. I loved your "words", and the tea, and feel especially excited FOR YOUR TRIP! Yay!!

  11. lori ~i can feel your excitement ...and the quote on the teabag ~magical!

  12. Hi Ribbon! thanks so much, i do work fulltime away from home and some freelance here too. Now that summers almost here, I'll be working the weekends also, it's always for the trips!

    Thank you Linda! I love the reminder :)

    Janet,sometimes It's so hard though! But it's the best way for sure.

    Yes! your right Natalie! i love the early morning's first cup too. You know what else is good? when someone else makes it for me! because that Hardly ever happens! ♥

    Nicky,Yup! the itinerary, it's like gold isn't it? I love to travel,LOVE it! When are you off on your trip?

    Thanks Chaitra, yes! i do dream of it, but I try to stay in the moment(TRY!), today was great!

    Thanks Cynthia, I'll do my best to get some of the experiance here, I wont' have my laptop though, there wont be any electricity in our tents, and, well, i love getting away from everything.

    Butternut Squash, that is so great you do that, we have in the past also. we will this trip too. Our luggage limit is for when we head into the bush, so it won't be a problem to bring another suitcase at the start. And thank you so much for liking my photo!

    Lola, that's wonderful! I know you've said how much you love the beach. How will the weather be?

    We are going for work and pleasure (both the same in this case!) I will be contributing too.With my serious amateur photographer status,heehe!

    thank you lover, I'm trying not to talk about it everyday! have you tried Yogi Tea?

    Thanks elk, i really appreciate you stopping in!

    xoxoxo lori

  13. Oh Lola! forgot to say I would LOVE to go to Rome, but unfortunatly this trip won't allow for one.more.thing! soooo expensive, shewww! i have good friends, German, they plan to be in Rome in August, they rent a place every year(drive from Germany, over the alps to Italy)to their favorite place. They've asked if I could meet, stay at the same never know! THEN we will meet!

  14. Your trip sounds like an amazing adventure.
    I sip Yogi tea when I'm working at the clinic, my favourite is the Indian Spice - sometimes the little tags spark the exact and perfect words a client needs to hear.

    Your Canadian neighbor to the north.

  15. Dear Lori,
    I DREAMED of you last night! You stopped by at my place and packed your car, and now I want to go even MORE with you! But I know, if you wanted to pack everyone in, you`d not only have to go to Usedom and Rome but also Australia and England and India, round up all your fans, minimize us, and then always carry a backpack of tiny wide-eyed blog pals with you! Haha, but wouldn`t we all just LOVE it?! I`ll write you a mail this afternoon, as long as you are not away from electricity and laptops...oh will that be great! Hear the hippos munching outside your tent and the cry of the fish eagle, hunting...stop me now!

  16. Love Love Love your blog!!! Greetings from south Sweden!
    Michi :))

  17. ah SO exciting..the itinerary etc...and your blog always always so beautiful to visit... THANK-YOU! XXX j
    and how could I have missed those beautiful horses below!!!? cor...XXX

  18. Meagan, Hey neighbor! ah Canada, so extremely gorgeous... I love that you do that at work,"spread the light" good on you sweetie!

    Haha! Geli, what a fabulous image you've given me! i have so many times wished i could do just that, fit in a backpack and go along! I promise to do my best to make that happen, with lots of words and images! How's the garden coming? Mine definetly needs attention and affection, love you ♥

    Hi Michi, welcome to California! I'm so glad you could stop in, I love the name of yours! thanks for the kind words!

    Hey Janelli, you would look awfully pretty in your red skirt on those horses~thanks for your sweet words♥

    xo♥ lori

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog Lori.
    Think of it as a mini journey to Canada!

  20. Sounds like a lovely trip you have planned :-)

  21. Wow, what a conincidence with the tea bag :) I can hardly wait to see all those places through your camera :)

  22. Thank Meagan! well, someday we will travel that way again, but till then...

    Yes Shepherd! I do love to travel,do you?

    Thanks Bhavana, photos are going to be a massive project when we get back home! we'll be gone 20 days and i'm sure i'll be shooting every single day!

    thank you so much, i love all your comments!
    xoxo♥ lori

  23. Fantastic, Lori - not long till I will see you in person!! Thich Nhat Hanh wisdom is just beautiful. I love the idea of your yogi tea inspirational tags, a bit like my sugar packets! you will have to come and have a coffee here at the coffee bar next door, and pick a sugar packet yourself soon! lol x

  24. Definitely agree that itineries are so exciting, almost as exciting as the holiday itself! You can now imagine yourself there and start planning.

    CJ xx

  25. Lori you had me laughing at the tea foreplay.

    That is totally me. Anything I am about to enjoy waits for a nice cup of tea to make it all the more enjoyable.

    Lori thank you for your lovely comment and I am so glad to hear that your Mom and sister are doing well.

    Looks like you are going on a trip. Have a fantastic time.

    Renee xoxo


xoxo lori