Sunday, November 15, 2009

to do with dreams

Hazel Images

Here are some pictures of scenes from our week. We've been busy.

The first photos show another project I've been working on for these children here.

I invited my grand babies to help. They took to the task immediately, carefully decorating the stockings with bits and pieces that they thought belonged to the correct gender. I said not to worry too much, that Kago and Kwena, Penyo and Thandi and all the others would be sure to like them. The only instruction I gave them was that they make them with all the love they had. While they were busy, they talked about what we could fill them with. They had a lot of ideas. I think they are already full of love, but we'll still add some treasures before they are finished and get sent off this week.

The second set of photos are taken in Santa Monica, somewhere near Wilshire and the beach. It's a place my daughter has been going to often these days, for casting calls. This wasn't a call though, she got a job. This has always been a big dream of hers, since she was a child, but one she had to wait for.

Now, I am more than happy to offer support. We had a great time, there were so many people, makeup artists, wardrobe, cameramen and trailers. We'd exchange glances when she was ordered around. Laughing about it all later. She's in a good place for it now, it's not so serious, and it'll be helpful in her life as a single, working, college student, Mom.

While she was in filming I was reading and knitting. When the makeup/ wardrobe people saw what I was doing they ran to a trailer and grabbed their own bags. Then my daughter came out, saw me and laughed, there I was surrounded, all of us knitting together, me, giving impromptu lessons. I was even asked for my email, for further questions.

Earlier, one of the crew asked me if I was registered, I had to laugh at that too. The closest I'll ever come to modeling are the photos my husband takes, here I am in this months If you go look, you'll see what I mean. :)

Carefully pasted here in my journal, is the last photo, my dream. One of them. Thank you Photographer's Forum for liking my photo. I'm exceptionally happy.

Dreams can motivate us, move us to better ourselves and to do for others.

"I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. "

Henry David Thoreau.

To all our dreams.

♥ lori


  1. Wow! I am very touched by the Christmas stocking you and your family made for the children at this ophanage. I cannot wait until I have time to go back and read about your time there. I have so many question for you. But I will go read first. It is a dream of mine to go work at an orphange...anywhere...just someplace where I can go love children and give what I know how to do.

    How nice that your daughter is doing something she wants to do. How sweet of you to knit with them and give them help. Now this is your daughter that is the mom to your grandchildren? I have a single working mom for a daughter too.
    It doesn't surprise me that they thought this about you. You are beautiful. I look at pictures of you and see your beauty but the more I read of you and what is on the inside of you, the more I see your beauty.

    Congratulations on winning a award for one of your pictures. You do take wonderful beautiful pictures. How nice that your dreams are coming to reality. I am happy for you.

    I know that I have just "met" you but it seems like I know you. I can't put my finger on it. I wrote a post today about living out loud. From what I've seen so far, you are a person that lives out loud. How thankful that I crossed your path. I look forward to all that I will learn from you. Thank you! I really enjoyed this happy post. Thank you for sharing the beauty that is you. XXOO Lori

    Ps My name is Lori Ann too. How ironic!

  2. You've been busy Lori. YOu are teaching your grandkids something very valuable about sharing and giving. THAT is the true Christmas spirit, isn't it? Also, you have quoted one of my favourites -- Thoreau. I am trying to keep this in mind as I adapt to this very special point in my life. Thanks Lori. I always enjoy your posts.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on the photographic award - i am thrilled for you! you really deserve it - well done xx

    and those christmas stockings are awesome. i will look for some fillers too - that is such a powerful gesture Lori, in so many ways - thank you thank you on behalf of the kids - who i know will thank you too

    you truly are an inspiration!
    love V

  4. You're my Vogue girl :) Was that your photo, or was that you? I'm easily lost :) Love the one of your girls, beautiful....

  5. Lori,
    I wrote you you on your blog, it's SO nice to meet you, thank you for such a lovely comment. I hope you get to see the babies in the link, you'll love them.
    Thanks Lyn,
    I'm so excited to be following along on yours and your daughters dream trip. Thoreau is one of my favorites too.
    Thank you so much Val, and the stockings have been my pleasure, everytime I think of their little faces. I just wish I could deliver them again. I've finished them tonite and I'll be sending them tomorrow or tuesday. Mails been taking about 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. ♥
    ♥ Braja,
    that is me in the photo. My husband took it. He is a brilliant photographer. Thanks for saying that about my girls, I think they are beautiful too.

  6. Hi Lori

    Your daughter is beautiful as your grand babies too-is that really, your grand children? I'm amazed. I love the string of connections on this post, creating, loving, following your dreams, making art, connections-and the sea, always so important too.

    I love that quote about following in one's endeavors-it's so true, if we take the steps and put it out in the universe, what we ask for will come forth, maybe not always in the way we imagined it, but often so much better.

    Warmly, Romney

  7. Hi Romney,
    Yes, those are mine, my daughter and I were mother's kind of young.

    I agree wholeheartedly, with good intentions and an open mind and heart, the universe always gives, one way or another. And your right, it's usually so much better than what we would have planned.

  8. Oh, I loved this post Lori.You just make my heart sing, so why wouldn't your dreams come true, when you are such an earth angel to everyone you meet? You are the one who is so precious. xx♥

  9. Whoops! I meant to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WHOO HOO! You are so talented. xx♥

  10. You know how great I think your photos are!! Well done again.

    I love that you've shared the week in pics. Makes me have a better idea of how my blogging friends live off the "Dark Continent - which I love!!"

    fab week to you

  11. Awww that's so very sweet to make those stockings.

    Looks like your dreams are all coming true :o)

  12. Hi Lori!

    I love what you're doing with the stockings, love that you got your grandchildren involved! They're so lucky to have you!

    Your description of being on set brought back so many memories! My husband and I worked a lot as extras back in our San Diego days....we used to joke about being less expensive and less important than the furnture on was a fun time.

    Happy week!

  13. Have I recently said I love you, Bonnie Lori?! I do. And your whole sweet family along. I am so happy to know you. Geli

  14. Let me add my name to the list of others who look at you and see beauty ~ inside and outside!
    ... and it runs in the family!

  15. Cheers to all our dreams.

    Lori this was a perfect post. Your children are gorgeous including grandchildren.

    I knew it was for the kids in Africa. You are so beautiful Lori.

    I am so proud of you for the dream of your photography becoming a reality, it is amazing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  16. Life is what you make it Lori Ann and you seem to make it fun. Not just for yourself but all of those around you both in your world and abroad. You are like a magnet that just draws people to you no matter where or what you are doing. It was very nice to see your young people getting involved in your little project. The world could use a lot more of that kind of understanding. Congrats on a terrific award. Now those are the ones you don't mind dusting off every once in awhile! You are definitely an inspiration!

  17. ah Natsy, thank you, you make me smile. And you know i feel the exact same way about you. Hang in there honey.
    Thanks Janet, hey and now it's your turn, your week? I want to see. Especially the kalahari. sigh.
    hopefully helping with others too. I like your pic with you and your little pup.Cute!
    the stocking have been a lot of fun, I love the whole process and kids love to have their own. *happy* wish I could see their little faces.
    That whole industry is a good way to make money, keeping it in perspective is key I think. Thats why I didn't want my kids in it when they were young. Now, it's just fun. Glad you and your husband have good memories, but your wrong, you're irreplaceable ☺
    Thank you my dearest friend. I wrote you a mail, I'll send when i send the babies the stockings.
    I love you too.
    thank you dear, I think we both see things from the same view, life is beautiful(even with its many ups and downs) and we are thankful. I always feel that at your place.
    Thank you dear Renee,
    Yes those children, they are so precious. All of them. We are blessed. I almost need to have them in my life, i do.

    I love that, Cheers to all our dreams. My new toast (soon as I can drink again!)
    love to you.
    blushing, but thanking you all the same. I'm glad you appreciated the stocking project, seeing how much my kids and grandkid love theirs, it makes me want to make one for every child, everywhere. And fill them too!
    Thanks for the very kind words.

  18. Congrats on the photographer award! And how amazing of you to be making stockings for others - what an incredible act of generosity and kindness. I am glad to see that kindness repaying you by bringing blessings upon blessings into your home and life -as I can definitely witness in this post!

  19. Wonderful! Congratulations! And I loved the photo of you in, too. Your daughter is beautiful - just like her mother. BTW - I really need knitting lessons - can I join you while you wait? :-)

  20. Your grandkids look so sweet and happy, I'm sure they will treasure the memory of that day.

    I like the idea of your impromptu knitting circle, one day I hope you can teach me, although I don't have the knack, really. As for Vogue, you look great ;)

    Great quote and so true. Dreams are overwhelming and beautiful, I pray all ours come true soon, Love, X.

  21. Dearest spiderwoman

    what s wonderful post, your family is beautiful. I think I know how much you receive back from sending those holiday stockings

    I could see you on the big screen! But I have to go back to find you in the vogue piece

    you're in creepy crawly trouble! It's a good thing I've got your back!!

    Love you,
    kj wimp

  22. Phoenix,
    Thanks for your kind words and congrats, they are much apreciated. You are so sweet.
    Thanks Nancy,
    Let's do that! There are some fabulous online tutorials and videos that I could recommend,let me know and I'll send you the links.
    Thanks so much Clarity,
    of course you can knit. It is not complicated, you just have to have a desire and time to practice. You'll be brilliant i'm sure. And yes to dreams coming true.
    Dear kj,
    I am sure there is no bigger wimp than me when it comes to s*****s, see? even the word scares me. I'm sorry for making you lose sleep. Here, as long as i'm already in trouble here is one more thing i want to share...
    Hahahahahahhahahhahahaha. :)

  23. There's so much in your post here, Lori...because of course there's so much to admire in you, multi-talented and big-hearted woman that you are. I was amazed with all you crammed into a week and all the loved ones in your life. Thank you and congratulations on your photography award.

  24. you are a total imp. I-M-P!

    yeah but: xoxo

  25. "Desire and time to practice", I'm going to have that written down and placed on my desk, God willing.

    I have something for you on mine (blog that is, not desk). Peace and love, xxx.

  26. Congratulations on your award! This should be strong encouragement for you to keep shooting. You obviously have a great eye.


xoxo lori