Monday, November 30, 2009

hello december

but first, some novemberly things...

thanksgiving olive fingers

crafts fairs and flea market finds...

one, two, three, four, five happy guys...

tiny santa's, tiny snowmen, trees, some with feathers...

a sweet autumn wedding...

a challenging trail run for my husband...

christmas projects slowly coming together....

goodbye november. i can say it was a great month for our family, delivering the most beautiful weather here on the california coast, maybe one of the prettiest novembers i can remember. it was perfect training weather for my husband, he ran in a 40 mile trail run last saturday. although he did great and i'm proud of him, i think he's glad novembers over. while he was running through the foothills and backcountry, my sister and i walked through the flea markets and crafts fair in town. after i found the cute things above, we passed by a country wedding, so simple and serene, november winds were gently blowing leaves like confetti for the happy bride and groom. i do love this time of year.

welcome december!

♥ lori


  1. Yes, welcome December! I am now going to write a blog post about Advent! In Southern Germany the first snow has arrived, and all the Christmas markets are opening. I like December a lot better than November, which is rainy and sad here. Now ALL the leaves are gone, and it is getting dark at four p.m. Your November sights were so much friendlier. Have a lovely Christmas Season now, Lori and family!
    (veri word is hopap. That sound just right!)

  2. We had the wettest November ever. December comes today very frosty. Lovely pictures as always.

  3. Hi Lori...
    I love this time of the year too.
    Those little egg cups are wonderful.
    Your month by pictures communicates the good time vibes.

    Hello December and here's wishing for more wonderful good time vibes.

    My partner is currently training for a Dec triathlon.

    Love to you and your family for this magical time of year.

    xoxo Ribbon :)

    PS.. Lori thank you for your valuable comment on my HIV post... much appreciated x

  4. Well said, well lived! Sounds like an utterly lovely month! Thank you, as always, for the kind comments on my blog!

  5. Lovely photos Lori, and I love your beautiful November moments.. very special, as ever. So glad it was a great month for your family! x

  6. ... and I hope December is even more special

  7. Lori~ That sounds so lovely! It is hard to believe December is here already. Where has this year gone? Our weather has been pretty nice as well. It kindof scares me wondering what is to come.
    Welcome December!
    Get those Christmas projects done!
    Love to You~

  8. Yay for December! Your photos always brighten my day :)

    And...olive fingers! Gotta love that! (I used to do that! Come to think of it...I might still do it...)

  9. Welcome December indeed! Glad you had such a nice November. I'm also so glad that you're finally well.

    And you're so good, sending gifts to Botswana. Thank you!!

  10. 40 mile run sounds a long run!

    Glad you had a nice November :-)


  11. Yes, November weather was gorgeous up in Oregon too. Drier than usual.

  12. Lovely little finds at the flea market Lori. How much fun is that?
    Our November has been a shocker, but the first of December and this morning, the weather is PERFECT.Love to you, sweetie.xx♥

  13. Beautiful flea market finds, the embroidery is so pretty. Sounds like November was busy but fun filled too. I hope your December is just as lovely.

  14. Dear Geli,
    we do need rain, so I would welcome it, but I know too much can be well, too much! Someday i'd love to go to one of those Christmas Markets, the photos look so beautiful.
    i hope your staying cozy and warm, having lots of tea and hot cocoa!
    indeed, magical is the word. already lights are up in the neighborhoods, which makes the early dark something to look forward to!
    Triathlons are or used to be a passion of mine. then i tore my knee on a trail run, it's still not back after surgery... :(
    i hope your love has a great race and his own personal best!
    and thank you for doing that very important post dear.
    thank you my friend, and i hope your feeling better, no more cold or flu? enjoy your days with your little one.
    Thanks Karen,
    something about getting older makes me appreciate this time of year so much more, when i was younger it was all about the beach weather! i like getting older.
    for you too Janet ♥
    we're thinking the same thing, weather is going to come, i hope anyway! does it snow where you live?
    right? one is never too old for olive fingers ;) (and thank you)
    Thank you Reya,
    your such a sweet person. I am probably 80% there. It was never diagosed, a real mystery.
    Dear Shepherd,
    it IS a long run. and twice as challenging because it's on a trail and not pavement. i think you would love it though, i often see lovely dogs up there.
    we're all due for rain, hopefully soon.
    Love to you too Natsy,
    i've not had a day like that in a long time, it was SO much fun, espically with my sister. you come here and we'll do it too!

  15. Oops, just missed you Sally! thank you, i'm sure it will be for our family, we've got several birthdays in December and of course Christmas. Good times!

  16. 40 miles? i kept re-reading that over and over again to make sure i wasn't imaginging that. wow. that's amazing. an amazing november too!

  17. your treasures that you found are lovely, they look so relaxing and welcoming, If I lived nearby I do believe I would just have to drop by for a cup of tea, just to relax and not think and just look at your pretty surroundings :) I hope you have an equally superb december. I hope you are really feeling better now, I think you of you often, but then why wouldnt I? you own a little piece of my heart :)

  18. I love your November pictures. The wedding sounds beautiful and the race your husband was in makes me jealous. I keeping praying and dreaming that I will get to run a race again some day. And yes, welcome December! XX Lori

  19. I woke up this morning, looked out my bedroom window to see the branches covered in the seasons first snow. It definitely made me rub my eyes. All I can say is, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Being as privy to your past November, I wholeheartedly concur that you enjoyed a marvelous November. Starting out with your fourth Wedding anniversary, the rest of it must have felt like icing on the cake! And seeing how much love, time and effort you have put into your Christmas knitting, I am certain there will be some very smiley faces in your December. I love those little wooden Egg Cup thingy's. (At least that's what they look like to me.) they are so cool! Hope your December is just as memorable.

  20. Dear Mrs. Kavita,
    i know! i cannot imagine. once upon a time not too long ago i was training for this same race (luckily it was only 38 miles at that time). unluckily (or maybe not) i fell on a trail run, tore my knee, had surgery and things haven't been quite the same. maybe someday. i doubt 40 miles though.
    dear sweetm,
    almost there, almost. yes, we would have tea and dream and walk on the beach and talk about everything i imagine. we would never run out of things to say.
    Lori! you are a runner?! have you suffered an injury too? oh, i hope you can again, i know just how you feel. thank you for your always kind words.
    you said snow??!! oh, you have no idea how exciting that is to me. i'd love to wake up to snow out the window. Wow! will you post some photos? i hope? thank you always for the kindness you show me. and oh, yes they are egg cups!

  21. lori, i'm getting in the habit of coming by to be calmed by your photographs. they are so GENTLE!

    did you know i have a crush on sweet mango? would you mind if i snuck up from behind while you two were walking on the beach and gave you both a hug?

    i LOVE this blog. LOVE it!



  22. Never really loved November til this year...

    Tee hee.

    You make everything sound so poetic and soothing, mermaid.

    Happy December to you too, my friend.

    Lola xx

  23. Your photos are darling, as always. It is such a pleasure to visit your site.

    We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, aren't we?

  24. Lori you really have the most beautiful soul.

    Love Renee xoxo

  25. Thank you for your kind and lovely comments on my blog (and the one I guest posted on!)

    You are so awesome, Lori. I adore you :)

  26. Loved this post, Lori. You are always a sweet and serene stop in blog world.

    Those little santas are so cute!

  27. You keep the prayer shawl darling love.

    But when wearing it sometimes, think of me.

    Dear friend please send me your home mailing address and I will delete the comment.

    Love Renee xoxo

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xoxo lori