Thursday, December 3, 2009

like poetry

Our little town, here by the sea, is putting on it's finery,
twinkling lights and candles that grace,
in window's and mantle's on the fireplace.

Mother Nature's decked out too,
with every shade and color and hue.
Beauty in abundance
that's what I see,

and this dear friends is
my attempt at poetry.


♥ lori

p.s. did you see? the swan is back!


  1. Beautiful. The soothing images, the simple words... that's poetry alright. Thank you.

    Lola xx

  2. I love you Lori... :)

    You're a poet and I didn't know it... that's my attempt at poetry:)

    xx Ribbon

  3. ps... from what I understand about Swans it's unusual for one to be out and about on it's own. I wonder what is happening for it... I hope very much that a partner is yet to come and not long gone.

    :) Ribbon x

  4. You ARE poetry my friend...

    Beauty falls like soft petals where ever you go,

    Much love, M

  5. Oh I am all with Maithri on this one sister friend, you are poetry in motion of that I am certain. Love the shots, beautiful
    love you, beautiful :)

  6. I love it Lori (the photos and the poetry)!

  7. all gentle and calm
    love it

  8. PS - read tiara's blogpost about antartica ---- and she hasn't even left yet!!!
    (link on my page "Pole Dancing")


  9. Very lovely and festive. The birds and the flowing water, all poetry in motion! Great little poem you made too!

  10. Beautiful!

    Thank you for posting this.

    Osprey are always my sign that I am on the right path with things,and of course they've all headed south by now. So it was a happy-accident to stumble across one this morning.

    Blessings Lori!

  11. Thank you Lola, It's defintely a poetic time of year! It's so nice to see your pretty face again.
    I love you too.
    We are convinced something happened to it's partner. It's really sad, they pair for life. This beautiful one seems to like it here in our marsh, he/she has many duck friends.
    Thank you Maithri,
    I always feel the same about you. I like the new photo, it's really friendly.
    Thank you Sweetm,
    coming from such a lovely poet and photographer, i am happy. Thank you for the compliment.
    that's so nice, thank you!
    I saved that email you sent me, i'll go see her now.
    The marsh is full of wintering birds, you'd love it.
    Thank you Lorac,
    this is one of our favorite places, there's always something new to see here.
    Meagan dear,
    I love that, signs, especially in the animal world. It truely is a blessing. I'm so glad to see you smiling, have a great weekend okay?!

  12. Now that wasn't so hard was it. What a beautiful linkage of imagery and poetics. Doesn't get any better than that. I think I know where that Swan spends the summer! Sparkling lights in any town are grand at this time of the year. Now.....all I need to do is figure out how to send you a few metric tonnes of snow....wouldn't that be something. Oh...the weather outside is frightful and my dear you're so delightful....

  13. Such beauty in your pictures and them!!!! Now all your missing is some of our pretty white snow that is falling as I type...and I get to be home, drinking good hot coffee and reading lovely words...happy friday...I sure am happy that I found your place! XX Lori

  14. What lovely images.

    Very atmospheric. Thanks for sharing them.

    Wizz :-)

  15. Bogey! I wish that were possible! I suppose i'll have to make do with your photos (hint,hint). And thank you so much for your kind words, poetry is much easier to read (like your beautiful words) than write! for me anyway.
    Happy Friday to you too Lori,
    yes, snow! would i love that! it sounds so romantic, i know plenty would probably like to throw it at me for saying that, haha. Thank you for showing me so much kindness.
    Thank you Shepherd,
    you are the nicest puppy I know.

  16. what ever took me so long
    to find myself here, tagging along
    with the sweetest friend,
    i love so much,
    who picks up that camera
    with a magical touch.

    i could go on,
    but i will end
    as long as you know
    i love you're my friend!

    hello lori, you must be looking at the sky alot to see all this soaring and gliding. make sure you don't trip--got to take care of that knee!

    it's just about the weekend as i write this. i'm wishing you a wonderful couple of days.!


    these are super as usual.

  17. Bravo Lori! You're a poet - and now you know it! It's so fun to see how the warmer climates generate the Christmas feeling. Your town looks magical. Thanks for the beautiful images.

  18. My favorite kind of poetry! Thank you love for giving me a smile.

  19. Oh they are wonderful dear Lori.

    I cannot believe you don't know Bella. I had thought you were friends all along.

    Bella is just the kindest and most amazing friend. Lori you are going to love her and I know that you will become the best of friends.

    That is dear Bella's blog address.

    The picture, the little girl lying on top in yellow is me.

    It is such a pleasure to introduce to amazing women.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  20. very nice poetry! pictures and poetry...a nice way to start a Saturday.

  21. What outstanding photos and a beautiful location.

  22. What a lovely way to start my Saturday night, beautiful images and poetry!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend with much love,

  23. Looks like somewhere I would like to visit one day. :) xx♥♥ (one each!)

  24. "and this dear friends is
    my attempt at poetry."

    ......and a darn good one I have to say! :)

    You posted a very nice series of images too!

  25. your blog notes are like sinking into an old chair–so comforting. And, poetry in deed, without a doubt.

    x Romney.

  26. Hello, Lori. WOW, your photos are truly gorgeous! You have such a good eye for capturing nature and beauty. And a very cute poem, too. :) How on earth do you find time with FIVE kids?! Thank you so much for your visit and kind words. You are too generous, and Renee is biased. But there is always, always room for one more. You are always welcome.

    Have a wonderful day!

  27. welcome back,lori. i hope your weekend was super duper!

    love love love

  28. kj, ♥ for being so much fun and always making me smile.
    oh how i would love to have snow, i can't imagine what it would be like to live in it, it sounds great to me. but this is home and all i've ever known. palm trees and beach for christmas. :)
    Thank you Janis!

    i saw you on that leaf Renee, and i met bella and she is magical just like you said. thank you dear friend.
    Thank you Mrs. Kavita ;)
    And thank you Des...
    and lakeviewer...
    very much.
    Thank you Mina! i had a fun and BUSY weekend, how are you dear?
    you will Natsy! i'm sure of it. I can't wait for you and Mark to get here, i will be your official tour guide. xoxoxoxo
    Thank you so much HBFG, i really appreciate those kind words.
    Thank you Romney,
    i like that whole comparison, i definetly want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable, and loved.
    Oh Hi Bella! thank you for coming over, welcome! Renee is right you know. I am delighted to get to meet you and now get to look at your most gorgeous paintings in the world. You are too kind.
    thank you dearheart, it was superdedooper. now i'm tired. :)

  29. Poetry in motion..thank you Lori for all the beautiful images and imagery..fantastic !

  30. Your poem was not only adorable, but just the bright, cheerful thing I needed on this rainy SoCal Monday morning.

    And yes, I actually do like Cars...but when I watch Ratatouille or The Incredibles, how can I really compare?? :)

    Thanks for your kind comments, as always :)


xoxo lori