Saturday, December 19, 2009

the littlest angels

i am busy beyond the busiest busyperson, working, partying (5 nights in a row, a record for us!) shopping ( first present bought yesterday in a marathon session i finished all my list, FUN!), baking, cooking, birthday celebrating, my baby is 19 today!

i haven't had time to be a good blog friend (sorry) i'll be around soon! i've only just eeked out this post, because it was so important to me. because for me it is the real and true heart of christmas.

it began here, in my new room...

and then,
boxed up ever so carefully,
10,465 miles they flew,
Seventeen Christmas stockings,

arrived in Kasane, Botswana, to the littlest angels...

Merry Christmas Shima, Agri, Kago, Madala, Botu, Tumi, Baba, Sista,
Diti, Minto, Banjo, Nunu, Sandi, Kwena, Penyo, Thandi, Kay
and teacher Emeldah (one very lovely big angel).

From our family to all of yours,
however big or small, may all your dreams come true.
Merry Christmas and much love,

lori ♥

* you can read about the children (and see more of their beautiful smiles) at the Kazungula Children's Orphanage here.
photos of the children by Sharon Nel. Thank you Sharon.
I'd also very much like to thank Kathee and Jeannie for donating the felt for these stockings. Kathee is the owner of The Treasure Hunt in Carpinteria, a lovely Quilt shop (and so much more). If you are ever in the area, you will want to stop in. Thank you very much my friends.


  1. As if I didn't have enough reasons to love you already

  2. Never ever in their lives will they forget you, and this Christmas!! You did something so wonderful, Lori,I am really beyond words. And each one has got his PERSONAL stocking, with their NAMEs on it. What an incredible idea. Who was the angel here?!!!

  3. Dear Lori,
    May I add my very best holiday wishes to all seventeen of these precious little ones ....

  4. you are just *so* ridiculously LOVELY!!! the kids look so happy! you are one incredibly thoughtful lady Mrs. Lori!

  5. This is so cool! You are making those kids so happy, great job! You are a very special soul! I am glad to "know" you.
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  6. Oh, Lori, look at those beautiful smiles !!! Your love and kindness reflets from their eyes. And I love each of their names .
    You are a great inspiration and this is the real meaning of Christmas.
    Happy Holidays! We´re almost there in LA!!

  7. What a wonderful idea! Glad you shared!

  8. Beautiful Lori... I like what you have been busy with :) far more important than blogging I say.

    This is the gift we can give to ourselves... the gift of giving no matter how big or small it is a gift to be able to give.

    love to you
    Ho Ho Ho
    and all the best wishes for the year ahead too xoxo

  9. Oh Lori, this makes my day, no, this makes my perfectly wonderful. I did go back and read about the orphanage and these children. It is my dream to be involved in something like this. Doing all of this was far more important then coming to my blog.

    Bless you and your big heart and anyone else that helped with all of this. May all the things your busy with, fill you up with so much joy and peace. Happy birthday to your boy! Love and hugs to you. XX Lori

  10. So beautiful..... I love their little smiling faces. I was grinning here like a lunatic. Bless you, Lori.
    Lotsa love, Natsy.x♥x

  11. Lori - you are just amazing. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  12. So beautiful! Love you lots :)

    Happy weekend! and Happy holidays!

  13. Lori - you are a Christmas angel! What joy you have spread to little children a world away. YOu make the world better ... and smaller! Love to you and yours!

  14. Awww. You are an Angel. I love that people keep reenforcing my belief in the good of others.

    Thank You

  15. this IS what Christmas is about

    PS love that you're up to being the Social Christmas Butterfly :-)

  16. So glad the special gifts got there in good time! thanks for the email, and sorry i didn't manage to reply yet... I just love the photos, and I love the way Sharon told you their faces lit up like Christmas lights when they saw them.. Christmas blessings to you and your family, Lori xx

  17. What an Angel you are to spread such joy so far away. And I bet it doesn't stop there, you'll already be planning cherishing your family at home. If not the next project!
    With loads of love dear Lori. you put the love into having a Happy Christmas

  18. I know you are not trying to make me cry!! this is so beautiful - the stockings, you, the labour of love, the children at the Daycare Center - all makes for the real Christmas meaning. THANK YOU xxx

  19. Oh how fantastic Lori!

    Hope you're having an awesome holiday season

  20. You made my eyes leak. Damn! Somebody gets it....they really, really get it. Your heart is as bright as the star hovering over Jesus. You definitely put a smile in my heart. Not to mention those precious little faces. You are a Christmas Charm! May the true spirit of the Season stay with you always!

  21. Oh Lori, thank you! In all of this holiday mania, this reminder of what's really important is so poigniant! Happy holidays, I'm honored to know you as a cyber friend!

  22. The most important post of all dear Lori.

    I love you and your gentle heart.

    Merry Christmas darling.

    Love Renee xoxo

  23. You touch many hearts, dear Lori ann.
    Best wishes for a peaceful and joyful holiday season.

  24. Lori this is absolutely wonderful. Angels everyone! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year! Peace.

  25. Lori,

    What a beautiful gesture of Christmas spirit–I wish I had known, I would have sent something your way to add in. Next year! Love that you share in all the holidays goodness with those in need and then share it with us in return. What gorgeous children too!

    Blessings, Romney

  26. What a beautiful Christmas gesture! Truly the best I've read so far. Those tiny little children are so dear, and the thought they had their own little stocking is so sweet. Thanks for sharing, Lori. You made my day.

  27. Incredibly generous and what this season is truly all about !! Mrry Christmas Honks from Times Square NYC to you !!!

  28. This is surely Christmas! The beautiful children in Botswana clutching their special love filled stockings ...... yes you must be the Christmas angel Lori.
    You are an inspiration to all of us and thank you for your wonderful generous spirit.

  29. kj loves you too. she told me so.

    i however so far only like you because rabbits are slower to love instead of like even though it may not look that may because they multiply whatever that means but anyway my mother told me to only say 'love' to your family and best friends and so far my best friend is marianne do you know her? but maybe if you are very nice to me and don't mind if i have temper tantrums sometimes then i might become a best friend to you and then i would say i love you the same. how does that sound?

    emily v. v. rabbit

  30. lori, how come you don't still love me even if i don't love you yet? that is not fair because why can't you be very sweet to me even if i'm not but maybe i will be soon? right?

    i told you this on kj's blog too but i thought you'd want to know right away so i'm telling you twice. you shouldn't be a fair weather love friend because you aren't and besides maybe i will come around faster than you think and then i will be the most fun especially because we can get in trouble together and i will teach you how to get away with it.


    yours truly,

  31. Oh Lori, you kill me with your generous spirit. Kill isn't the right word, of course. You know what I mean. All those beautiful little stockings and the beautiful little people who received them. I'm touched and humbled.

    You have a beautiful and restful Christmas, dear, and don't for a minute worry about being behind on your blog reading. What you did this week was more important!

    xo Sallymandy

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    Merry X'mas !

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  33. Hi Lori. I've been very absent too, but not as busy as you, just silent. The stockings for the children are so sweet. I can see all your love that you've given to them. Have a very merry Christmas! Lots of love, Aden

  34. All I can say is WOW! You're amazing Lori ann!x

  35. Thank you lovely friends, it fills me with joy to know that you all believe in the power of the smallest gesture of love, it really can change lives. You are the best blog friends a girl could ever hope for.
    Happy, Merry, Peace and LOVE filled Christmas to each of you.
    ♥ Lori

  36. Hi Lori,
    Enjoyed going through your posts.Had missed quite a bit.Enjoy your Christmas!!!

  37. dear lori, i wish you such a happy holiday. i am thinking of you. i hope emily did not hurt your feelings. if she did i will cut off her supply of jelly beans.

    love you, later aligator

  38. Ah! Fantastic!! All those stockings. Truly you are an angel, Lori.

    Bravo!! And happiest Christmas!

  39. Hi Lori, thanks for visiting me and for your lovely comment.
    These stockings are beautiful, but the thought and kindness behind them are even more beautiful.
    I'm sure you've made Christmas for these little children.
    Have a very, very Happy Christmas.

  40. Merry merry Christmas to you Lori Anne - so lovely to have known you this year. Love and laughter xxx

  41. Lori, you are the Christmas Angel! What a wonderful thing you've done for these children!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you haven't exhausted yourself too much with all your activity! xxx

  42. Amazing and gratifying and full of are an angel!

  43. I don't even know-know you, but I love and admire you. You are a kind, giving person. I love that you are still connected to Africa, and these stockings will make a difference to these kids. Your example, and time and energy makes a difference in mine. You are a really great person.

  44. Oh Lori I received the most magical treasure chest. Oh darling. I love your gift so much.

    Thank you dear heart. What a magical surprise.

    Love Renee xoxo

  45. Did you get over here and measure my feet somehow.

    The slippers are perfect and cosy and blissful. I am wearing them right now with a pair of blue pajamas.

    After I shower before I go to Jacquies, I will again wear them with who knows what.

    Love Renee xoxo

  46. Lori! You are such a kick-ass woman I can barely stand it. How huge your heart must be to make adorable stockings for kids halfway around the world, just to see their beautiful smiles light up the world.

    I'm in awe. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas...just like you deserve :)


xoxo lori