Sunday, December 27, 2009

time for...

our christmas season was full of big and small moments, kids coming home, family and friends arriving too. there was time for secretive wrapping, hiding presents under the tree, surfing and volleyball and long walks on the beach, there was time for...

birthday celebrations...

handmade gifts...

cooking and baking in well loved (messy) kitchens :)

and plenty of time for hugs and kisses...

peace on earth goodwill towards men
this is what i wish for
in 2010
(may it begin in our own homes)


happy new year everyone,

♥ lori
p.s. the photo at the top (header) was taken by my husband, you can see more of his excellent photos here, at Chuck Graham photo dot com. the header photo was taken here, in Santa Barbara County. it's a perfect place for running and dancing :)


  1. aah that's so lovely
    and to you and all your family too

    love your new blog pic - where was that taken?

  2. your kitchen looks wonderful! mine definitely needs a makeover (bit like me! hehe) gorgeous pics of your lovely family warmth xx

  3. i love the new pic on your header too! full of life and energy :-) and a happy new year to you and your family too xxx

  4. Yep, ditto,ditto. I just feel like pulling up a chair, and having a chat in that kitchen. :D xx

  5. Happy New Year Lori! Your holiday looks like mine felt...warm, loving, peaceful....

    I love the new header photo!

  6. Sounds perfectly wonderful. Love the pictures of your beautiful those smiles and those your well loved kitchen... a messy loved kitchen is the best kind to have because it means there is food to cook and loved ones to cook for and with...hugs and kisses are the best aren't they? And YES peace, and goodwill towards men begins in our homes! XX Lori

  7. Love your kitchen, I could easily spend hours in that kitchen.
    Happy New Year to you & your family.

  8. Lori, we hare the love of a bright, sunny kitchen ... and mine is also messy and well used. I love the new header (where is that??) and the pic of those loving faces. So happy you had all the right ingredients for a special time together.

  9. There is a poet in that heart afterall. What a marvelous collection of new memories. Nothing beats a home full of people who just want to share the love of the season. Especially when some of the gifts were handcrafted from the heart. All the very best in the New Year.

  10. i dropped by here last night and soaked up the warmth and wonder of your home and family, but i wanted to see it all again in the morning light before i left this comment.

    sometimes you just know when someone is going be your friend. sometimes you know why and sometimes you don't.

    once you know, the best part is the discovering of so many treasures: family, home, visions, values, the way laughter sounds.

    so i look at this post, i see that coffee cup and minature christmas tree, your kitchen, those beautiful faces, and i know how lucky lucky i am that you are willing to be my friend.

  11. Lori~
    Beautifully written as usual. Looks like it was indeed a lovely Holiday season for you. We also had a couple of birthdays and our anniversary thrown into the week.
    Love & blessings your way too.
    Clink back at you :)

  12. Janet, thank you! the pic switch was impulsive(for me) yesterday i looked at the image on our wall, Chuck had it enlarged for me, and just decided it would be good for here. it's a place in S.B.county called Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes. An amazing place we love to visit.
    but look where your kitchen is! i'm sure it is lovely anyway, just like you.

    Natsy, me too ♥ (wish you could. someday?)
    i am so glad to hear your christmas was wonderful, i like what you had to say about next year. thank you for the kind words, i'll tell my husband!
    lori, you are right, there is more fun in a overflowing mess of a kitchen. and love too. love your littles and your christmas memories.
    thank you, same to you dear. i love that my kitchen is open and part of the family area, i'm never alone!
    thank you! i think we had similar christmas's, full of family, excitement, quiet moments, so special. i like how you put it into words. i added a link to the photo, if you get the chance to check it out!
    what is going on with me? i've never rhymed before, oh a little haiku, but not like you. thank you for noticing, and thank you for your always kind comment.
    kj,dear friend,
    that is how i felt as i read your post christmas post, such sweetness and joy. it's so much fun to get these little glimpses and learn more about our dear blogging friends. thank you for your friendship ♥

  13. oops, just missed you Janis! it's thrilling and exhausting to have everything happen all at once isn't it? now through May we have one birthday a month, which is much more manageable. Fun times and lots of cake baking!

  14. Wonderful photos, impressive kitchen (and not messy) and the lucky person who received your handiwork will look beautiful! Happy New Year.

  15. Beautiful post Lori Ann. Your grandchildren are just gorgeous.

    Love Renee xoxo

  16. How lovely to be part of your Christmas with these warm and family pictures.
    And loved the new header.

  17. Great new picture for your blog masthead.
    Your sweetness and pure heart shine through in everything you share.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  18. Hi Lori :)

    big love to you for all that you share.
    I always leave here with a singing heart.
    Your home and family are absolutely beautiful as you are.

    all the best wishes for the coming year and may all your dreams come true...

    xoxo Ribbon

  19. i'm convinced that you live in heaven. all the pictures that you take of the landscape around you is just so gorgeous. i love the sand picture. looks heavenly. see? you must live in heaven!! :)

  20. It´s a beautiful blog header that brings lots of inspiration and tranquility.
    I loved your photos, your Christmas celebration was really lovely and I see you could share your special moments with everyone you love.
    Happy New Year, Lori and family!

  21. Great pictures, very festive :-)

    Cool header picture, well hot picture ;-)


  22. Lovely family moments, Lori. Your little ones and their missing front teeth-precious-my favorite! May your 2010 be both magical and satisifying! xx

  23. Hi Lori,
    I read your post before and was sure I had written a comment, but maybe it was all in my mind. There is not enough space here anyway to say everything! Your kitchen is so pretty, and all your children are as beautiful as you. I want the recipe of those snails!
    I also love that new blog pic. Is that you, dancing there?

  24. Thank you Helen, and now that Christmas is over maybe I can knit for me!
    Dear Renee,
    grandchildren are gorgeous arent' they~ ALL of them (just ask any grandma!)
    Thanks Mandy, and now I am tired! but it was fun!
    Thank you Rosaria,

    my husband took that image 2 years ago and gave it to me, it hangs in his office, i love it. Happy New Year to you and your husband too.
    your words have the same effect on me, you have a heart of gold.
    Kavita (Mrs.) :)
    it is beautiful here. i am grateful to live in this area, it's always a blessing to come home after travel.
    to think you were SO close! well, i'll just have to come to Brazil to meet you. Have a wonderful time in California.
    you were right, it was cold! part of the reason i was jumping and dancing around! thank you very much.
    I agree, those teeth make me laugh, they are at such a sweet age those two. I wish the same to you too dear friend.
    I'll send the recipe! and yes,it's me! Chuck took the photo 2 years ago and gave it to me as a gift, it's so happy, we love to look at it. We had a good day that day.


xoxo lori