Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pancakes with ice cream

in another day a new decade will start. have you been wished a happy decade? that scares me somehow, to be wished a happy next ten years! that's a lot of time. it's much easier to live happy from day to day, moment to the very next moment, kind of like a to~ do list that's not got too much on it so when the day is done and you've actually ticked off each line there's that satisfying sense of accomplishment. or if your like me you cheat a little by adding what you didn't do to the next day, ha ha hee, so you can crumple up today's list. but back to my idea.

... instead of making new years resolutions, maybe this list i've found would work for you too. what do you want in your day, everyday? this is a question worth thinking about and then doing. these are some things you might include in your day. if you like. :)


~ long deep breathing.

~ a yoga asana (posture or stretch).

~ time for quiet introspection.

~ time to just "be".

~ meditation.

~ silence.

~ prayer.

~ connection with yourself, others and spirit.

~ enjoying nature.

~ being in gratitude.

~ writing in your journal.

~ hugging someone.

~ listening to music.

~ drinking champagne. heehee.

~ singing a song.

~ writing a poem.

~ creating artwork.

~ knitting.

~ gardening.

~ taking a walk, or a run or a swim or a bike...

~ doing a service.

~ visiting a friend.

~ communing with your pet.

~ embracing life.

see what you'd like to include in your day, every day. it doesn't have to be very many things, just whatever makes your heart sing, as my beautiful friend ribbon says.

happy new year everyone, here's to health, happiness, prosperity, family, friends, much love and lot's more blogging in 2010!

♥ lori


  1. I am following your blog because you have creative ideas. I am looking forward to read more next year. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy new year to you and to your whole family. More blessings for the year of the tiger!

  2. Love your ideas, Lori, and I fully intend to take your advice. Maybe I'll list them on my intention board. I'm really working on the meditation.

    Happy moment, Lori. The decade will take care of itself.

  3. You're simply the best, beautiful Lori... It's so easy to love you!

    Love your list and may all good things continue your way for the year ahead :)

    Did you get my card? I hope so... though the posties at my end were on strike for a time so maybe it's yet to land.

    Yes that's me in the photographs... and the last one laughing my little head off.
    I had fun and with that high came some lows... but mostly all is good.

    One of my highs this Christmas was seeing Renee and her family. Just awesome. She's another that's so easy to love.
    Wish we could all party together, but I guess we do in a round about way here in blogland.

    You make my heart sing... thank you

    xx Ribbon

  4. That is an inspired idea Lori, and one I'm happy to copy, even if my list isn't quite the same!
    I wish you a very Happy new Year to you and all your family.

  5. Year of the Tiger, huh? That sounds promising! Let`s just hop on, Lori, and do all the things you wrote down (skipping belongs to my list, and eating ice-cream), and enjoy each other`s company, even if only by blogs and mails. Oh, wouldn`t it be lovely though, if your circle of readers could all meet somewhere and party?! I`m sure the laughter would be heard up in space! Love you, my Bonnie Lori! Just be who you are and don`t plan much ahead. Every new day will look after itself, is also my motto. Can`t stop talking, must write a mail! Tschüß! Geli

  6. list works for me, thank you

    Ching-ching - here's to all your blogging in 2010 which usually reminds me to remember my calmer, more gentle side

  7. These are the right kind of resolutions to make! And a must follow. I'll try and include atleast a couple in my resolutions this year

  8. I love that list! Very do-able.
    Enjoy every moment to a whole new decade ahead.

  9. Very inspiring list...Thank you.

    As I write this, Mr. Rogers is singing in the background. It seems fitting.

    Have a beautiful New Year!

  10. Dear Lori,
    This is quite a thought-provoking list. And a list designed to bring happiness and contentment to us each day. I love this ~ and especially this year when I resolved NOT to make any resolutions for 2010(which I can't seem to keep.)

    Cheers! Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year to you Lori.

    A new friend and a good friend and how I love you.

    My toes have never been so warm.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. Exactly !! You have said it just the way I was thinking it...Happy New Year Lori, and I wish for you ALL of those wonderful things every day of this New Year.

  13. I loved your list Lori! And I definately will try to follow your ideas and then I will add : Read Lori times five blog wherever I go!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all your family!!!

  14. Oh my goodness, Lori, you have been one incredibly busy elf! Wow, all those beautiful stockings for some beautiful angels far away. And your family is ever so gorgeous, as is that INCREDIBLE view of the mountains. How blessed you are. I wish for you the most love filled and joyous year. May you and your family have good health and good fortune and enjoy lots of laughter and inspiration. And thank you so much for your sweet, sweet encouragement and support. I do not have prints for sale at this time, but if there is ever any image you like, let me know and I will send you a big jpeg file. Happy New Year!


  15. Lori Ann, your list reminds me kind of sorta like a menu. Where you can pick and choose, or mix and match to create new and fresh days as you need or as you see fit. Very creative and inspiring. I wish for you, your wish for me and extend it to the rest your family. Thanks for being a part of my journey this past year. Happy New Year.

  16. I love your list, Lori! And I wish for you, as we look ahead to the next moment or the next year or the next decade - all and only the very, very best of everything! xxx

  17. here i am for the third time, not ready to comment on this fine post, but always ready to tell you how wonderful you are and that i love you!

    you are a gift 2009 gave to me.

  18. I love your list. And I love the idea of eating more pancakes with ice cream! We should never give up the best stuff!
    And we gotta live day by day, all of us should!

    Great List!


  19. A very thoughtful list. May it be a wonderful day, year, decade.
    Happy New Year Lori!

  20. Lori~
    I like this idea very much!
    Thank you & have a Blessed New Year (and decade for that matter). I am gonna go eat some pancakes (actually waffles!)now. ~love janis

  21. Right back at you, Lori!
    And time with our loved ones.

  22. Happy New Year Lori - love your list - should follow it as well :)

  23. Great list! Happy New Year!

  24. okay, so here i am, ready to say that i will breathe, hug, care, write, share, laugh and love as deeply and as often i can can, every minute and every day of 2010.
    it can't be THAT hard...afterall, i have some awesome people in my life, front and center including the author artist of this here blog.

  25. How is my Californian blessing of a friend? Thank you for the prayer, it is so beautiful.

    Beautiful just like you darling Lori.

    I want you to know too how happy I am that you are now feeling well again.

    Love Renee xoxo

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xoxo lori