Wednesday, December 14, 2011

little ragg

 on the morning of my husbands birthday we met friends and one daughter for breakfast in summerland, a small town up the road from us. i brought my knitting hoping to finish a birthday present for one grandson, whose birthday was this day also. i was making a hat (with sock yarn) deciding to knit just the day before. this does seem to be the way things are going lately. last. minute. oh dear.
chuck's wearing his purple mountain's majesty' hat from last years birthday. big mistake and happy ending here and here. it was another last minute, and almost wasn't to be.
(i broke the rules on the nutrition diet and ate the cranberry orange scone featured above, my will power and resolve is wavering.)

later at the party...

(mesmerized by a new surfing dvd)

(travis's gift to granpa chuck, a rock painted with big waves)

i brought the hat, still on the needles, thinking i might finish it at my daughters. but you can imagine, it never left my basket. there were children to watch, babies to hold, presents to unwrap and candles to make wishes on. so when i kissed him 'happy birthday darling' and said goodnight, i told him i would have his hat ready when he got out of school the next day.

 it's a simple hat. a basic little hat. yet since i picked him up from school today, he hasn't taken it off. and guess what? he told me this friday is hat day at school. and he already knows which one he'll wear. i'm so glad to have it done and that travis is happy, now one more birthday and then i can think of christmas!

paton's basic beanie - version one (man size)
kroy socks ragg shades
rav notes (and travis, finally on ravelry) here.
joining with ginny and the yarnalong.


  1. Travis has got such a cool grandma! I bet he will show off his birthday gift from her on school`s hat day! (What a funny idea, such a day). I marvel at your getting knitted gifts done in only a day or two! They take me WEEKS, if they EVER get finished.
    Chuck also looks great in his (you both look so great and devoted to each other, a lovely sight!).
    Have a happy time, Lori, and not only xarn along, but also sin along (good food heals the soul and kicks stupid African bugs out!). Waving at you from here in cold, rainy Germany. Love, Geli

  2. Xarn? haha, that`s the ugly weather here, and the darkness. I meant yarn, but that`s so much like yawn, I probably did not want to get near that word! Chuckle.

  3. WOW :) I can hardly add anything to what Angela'd said. Those lovely hats on those boys of yours... Just awesome. I will definitely give a hint for my mother and my mother in law to check your blog :) Maybe they'll understand :D I want at least one knitting granny for my girls!
    Good luck and much undisturbed knitting time for all those projects you need finished in time.

  4. great hat!! and great pictures!
    I'm so glad we don't have birthdays after December 5th (sinterklaas), its soooo busy to get ready for christmas...

  5. You have such a beautiful family! The hat for your grandson fits perfectly and it seems like he likes it a lot. Love your husband's hat too :)

  6. What a beautiful photo of you and Chuck, a lovely couple.
    It looks very cold out there, it really feels like Christmas season. Your grandson must be so proud of his handmade gift!

  7. The photo of you and Chuck together Lori is one of the most beautiful I have seen. When a photo can show love like that it must be very powerful. Oh Love!

    Just how fast can you knit :)? Sock yarn to hat in lightening speed for sure. Travis looks so happy wearing it and you might want to be ready after he wears the hat to school on Friday, his classmate are going to be calling!

    I don't blame you one bit for eating that scone, it looks divine and that diet is so strict. I do hope it has made you feel better though for all you have been thru.

    I hope you enjoy your day and the yarn along!

  8. What a wonderful hat! I cannot help bringing my knitting everywhere with me; even when I am invited to friends for an evening.

    I LOVE the way you display your wares on the bunting like that. So happy and unique.

    I love the picture of you and I am not surprised your new diet resolutions waver from time to time. I often think on how healthy and zingy you must be feeling but surely a little sugar from time to time will not harm you.

    Happy, happy days.

  9. I love the deep ribbing on that hat! It fits so well--and Travis quite obviously loves it (and Grandma), too!!
    Such a beautiful family.

  10. Your blog is so delightful!

    I can't believe your a grandma....surely you're far too young!


  11. Your needles must move like lightening! A hat, with sock yarn, in just over a day, I am impressed!!

    So wonderful that he loves it too. Belated birthday wishes.

  12. The hat turned out great! You must have been knitting nonstop to get it done the next day. :-)

  13. Such beautiful pictures of you and your family!
    And the hat is fantastic, that yarn is just perfect.

  14. Wow great hat and you are such a gorgeous couple! Love all the photos. And I must make that little bunting you have hanging in your knitting room.

  15. Once again, Lori, you could tell this 'story' with just photos...okay, maybe include the Ravelry links! Looks like you had a wonderful wonderful time. Glad your grandson hasn't taken his hat off - that means lots to a knitter!

  16. good thing i have some time today (no work) because i've just stared at these photos multiple times. my favorite is travis and chuck and the birthday cake. i think it is a classic.

    i'm thinking it's going to be a very good holiday. are you thinking that too? :^)

    travis' hat is super cool, lori. seeing it on his head somehow announces how very proud and anchored he is with his grandmother and his family.

    love love

  17. I'm so glad I'm not the only one doing everything last minute! Ugh, I tell myself to do better every year.

    The hat is adorable! This is the second post I read today with sock yarn used for a hat...hmmmm...

  18. Love the hat, it really suits him.
    Sock yarn for a hat, what a good idea!

  19. Such a treat to see your beautiful family Lori. What a heartwarming post. Lots of love xxx

  20. oh my goodness. so many lovely hats. i am afraid to make a single one. i am glad he LOVED it! it looks amazing!


  21. Wow so many posts I have missed.....Just look at all the gorgeous pictures but I have to come back later to read your posts.

  22. I feel so happy to have some of your craftmanship in my house........
    That fireplace! What a cozy place to celebrate a birthday. Did you pass on the chocolate cake?
    Happy days

  23. If Travis's face is anything to go by it's a hat to be happy in :D Gorgeous colours too.

    Last minute knitting is in vogue here too, something to do with Christmas ;D

  24. I love the rock art! The stripy hat looks great too.

  25. What a beautiful day of celebration Lori...the hat turned out wonderful. Have I mentioned how beautiful your family is? Wow. And cranberry orange muffin won't ruin anything...

  26. What a wonderful day filled with celebrations. It must be pretty special to share your birthday for both of them. Love the hat and his response to it. You rock.

  27. What a wonderful hat! And a handsome boy too! I love the colourway!

  28. It suits him down to the ground. No wonder he's made up with it! Great photos again. It looked like a wonderful day xxx

  29. P.s. It's lovely to see photos of you and chuck together x

  30. Lori... how beautiful is that young boy? Wow he's grown heaps since I last saw him here.
    You are so awesome... your love for your family leaps out of these posts and makes me smile wide.

    It's a busy time for us all and a happy one too for most of us who have the pleasure of celebrating Christmas.

    big love to you and your family for the coming year too.

    Merry Christmas
    xx love from this corner of the globe

  31. PS... love the hats and yes I still having knitting skills envy
    :) x

  32. Your life and your family are always so full of love, dear Lori. I love coming here and witnessing the beauty of family. The painted rock is a treasure!!! And it's even shaped like a surfboard, how perfect is that. And Travis's hat is absolutely fantastic! It looks so warm, and the colors are super! PLUS, he's on ravelry. Bonus! He is beaming, and so is my heart.

  33. hello s (sweet) f. i'm back again just because i'm thinking of you. i love the colors of travis's hat. i love chuck's grin. i love seeing your family. and you!

    with love from your meatball rolling friend,

  34. beautiful images of an even more beautiful family - many happy birthday wishes to chuck and travis~

    (p.s. i enjoy all the revelry that surrounds your ravelry! ;-)

  35. I'm going to try that hat. So far all my hats are duds. And since I detest making socks but tried for so long I have some wonderful sock yarn.

    Lovely pics!

  36. This is such a lovely post, Lori, celebrating family love and knitting love and the way they go together! Both your boy's hats are great, they look cosy and stylish...and perfect timing for Travis' 'hat day' too!
    There is some last minute making going on over here this week too!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  37. Hi Lori! What a lovely post again! I love your photos and knittings! Now I want to knit hat, too!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! x Teje

  38. Happy holidays folks as I'm just visiting different blogs. Richard from Amish Stories

  39. Sweet Lori,Beautiful post friend...visit me when you get a chance.I know its a crazy time...I just wanted to tell you something.Big Hugs,Cat

  40. Lovely hats, Lori (and my gosh your husband has stunning blue eyes).

    Your grandson looks 100% pleased as punch!

  41. I needed these loving photos today. Your blog always lifts my spirits! I'm not down, just out of balance.

    I love the candlelight being shared by Travis and Chuck. And that last photo is priceless!

    I always love seeing you and your heart-melting smile.

    I'm glad you had the scone. Life is too short to be entirely rigid :)
    I do hope the diet has helped you in many ways though.


  42. Hey Lori, that hat looks so perfect on your gorgeous grandson, what a lucky boy! That photo of you and your husband is so touching x M

  43. What a cool family! You are so blessed. Beautiful kids and a beautiful hat. Who could ask for a better birthday?

  44. Happy birthday to your DH and grandson!
    Getting knitting done when there is so much going on is just an impossible wish to come true :)
    I am busy here as well and every day I don't reach my goals, which means all has to be pressed in the last days........
    Your knitting and pictures are gorgeous!


xoxo lori