Saturday, April 7, 2012

first class

dear friends, well, the hoped for wool has not arrived (yet), so a new sweater has been cast on. it's being made with wool from my stash, which is now officially quite low. (yipee!, knit shop here i come!) the pi shawl wool may not have been found in my mail box this week, but a few other surprises were (other non mailbox surprises too!)...

this book, 'my heart wanders' by pia jane bijkerk, arrived from england, after winning annie of knitsofactos giveaway. the lush, gorgeous, dreamy photography combined with pia's poetic style of writing, makes this a book to get lost in and treasure. thank you so much annie. i'm just thrilled. (i won the wool wooden block too, see photos below).

a red winged blackbird flew into our tree! i heard him first before seeing him (feeling a bit like jack black in the big year! hee hee, he could identify every bird just by it's sound!) but if you've heard the red winged blackbird you know the song it sings is very distinctive. it was the first time we've had one here. this blackbird sang just a few choruses and was off!

come back soon!


another package arrived. my helpers are holding up this adorable hand knit purse for you to see. made by my friend emily, this small, charming purse put a lump in my throat. i haven't had a gift of a handknit since i was a child.

and look! emily has cleverly sewn a tiny bit of fabric to the inside, to keep the hand made stitch markers she added from falling out. it's at home now in my knitting basket, i couldn't be more touched.

i read that she missed the beach, this is for you dear emily. thank you so much.


putting out woolly scraps each spring for our bird friends. i haven't spotted any yarn cozy nests yet,
but it's something to hope for.

maybe this is one bird's way of saying thank you. :)


this is owen. my well mannered puppy (hmmm). last week chuck was gone for work, so it was just owen and i. he apparently felt i wasn't giving him enough undivided attention, because one day, while i was chatting on the phone, i turned around to find bits of green fluff all over the place. his bed had been ransacked. when i sighed and said, oh owen. he gave me this look. (the i'm cute and you still love me look?) hee hee.

when chuck is gone it's easier to stay on my nutrition diet. here i made a small yam topped with avocado, they are falling off the trees by the hundreds right now! and lightly steamed broccoli. i've added a little dressing too, it has extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tamari, lemon juice, garlic and water , blended for a minute. with chuck gone there was also more time for knitting. (the reason the shawl in my previous post finished up so quickly!)


here is another giveaway win, from annie and fee. in the giveaway you were asked to say one word describing something you were passionate about. now i'm passionate about this block too, it's so sweet.

and very popular here already

thank you again annie and fee, i love it, it's perfect. for your own personalized block visit fee and her shop, chipper nelly here.


and then! another parcel! these little lambs, from my friend gesche, all the way from germany. hand knitted, made with hand spun wool. oh my goodness. gesche sent this mama and baby lamb along with other easter surprises.

i love my lambs. LOVE them. they are so beautifully made. and hand knit! did i already say that? for me! oh my goodness, twice in one week, i feel truly blessed. welcome to my home little lambs, i hope you'll be very happy here!


this is abby. abby is my youngest home schooled knitting student. at six years of age she learned to knit.

but knitting is only one of abby's many talents. she likes to draw and cut and create in three dimension. she can make anything, only limited by her imagination (which is limitless!). can you see what she made here? she made me!

she made me knitting! can you see the detail?  i love my pink polka dot dress and red shoes. and the big smile. but look closer. in my hands are two toothpicks, with knitting on them!! she made a bag, draped over my arm, with a ball of 'wool' in it.

this could be the cutest thing i've ever seen!

ah goodness gracious. thank you miss abby. i was recently invited to a tea party to abby's house, where i met abby's younger sister maddy, a future knitter, at five, she already can't wait to learn! abby and maddy's mama is a lovely student of mine too.


and this came too. yes, it's a good thing chuck wasn't home this week, he would have had a good time teasing me about all the packages on the doorstep. this was ordered though. i learned about the super salve company on camillas blog. it only arrived yesterday, but first impression, LOVE. i'm quite sure these will be new favorites. there is a wonderful giveaway here. and the supersalve company is here.

this isn't the red winged black bird again, it's teje's quilted bird! she sent this tiny quilt to live here with me. i think it's the sweetest little quilt i've ever seen. teje said she hoped it might inspire me to quilt too. i think she may be right, looking at her lovely stitches is incredibly inspiring.

looking at home already i think. love the way this little bird is standing in the trees, looking at the flowers, with the sky above.

and on the back, a whole new look. a shy bird, maybe there is a nest in the leafy green? not in the photo is the grecian sea glass she sent too. thank you teje for the lovely surprises that i love. i'm so happy to have this beautiful handmade treasure!

i receive so much, i want to give. so a giveaway is next! the only thing better than finding a surprise in the post box is sending one. to enter this giveaway (see below) you don't need to add me as a follower, or like me on face book. it's not necessary to tweet about it or come back here to tell me you did. what i would love is this: once, when i was young, a stranger gave me something i had admired, something she was wearing. it was a necklace with a tiny gold charm. it looked so pretty on her, i told her. she smiled so and thanked me, and then, she took the necklace off and put it in my palm. she held my hand in hers and said to me, she wanted me to have this now, but i must do one thing. i must pay it forward and give to others too. that was almost thirty years ago, but i can hear those words and remember how i felt. such joy and amazement at pure giving. what i would love is to hear your story of giving or receiving, was there one special moment that stands out for you?

 i'm giving away one teeny knitted necklace, with pieces of sea glass.

and a nested set of california abalone shells (they are so tiny and cute! the smallest measures one and a half inch and the largest three.)

the necklace slips over your head, and you can change the colors whenever you like, i'll make sure all the pieces fit just right. i'm making these to take to africa. for those i'm filling with buttons and sea glass and any other tiny treasures i can find. something like this is easy to fit in a carry on and is fun to share!

i have a lot of sea glass. here it is poured out, it's hard to tell how much there really is, but i measured this at a foot across and three and a half feet long. if you'd like a necklace with sea glass and the abalone shells, let me know. i'll choose a name on wednesday april eleven, this coming week!
thank you for bearing with me in this extra long post! and thank you again, annie, fee, emily, gesche, abby and teje. what a blessing. happy easter everyone.
 xox lori



  1. Dear Lori, Thank You for a very beautiful post! I'm so happy that you like my tiny quilt! I would like to say something for each photo because they are all so lovely! My favourite: yarn scrap on a rosemary! And the paper 'You' is the best! Wow what an idea and so well done! Your small knitted 'purse' to keep the treasure is a sweet thought and beautiful! Ah - so much beautiful sea glass!
    Have a wonderful time! xxx Teje

  2. dear lori, i am so glad you are being blessed by kind mother earth. it means that you have been a blessing to others and so shall receive in abundance. i find this is true, once i was told by a wise woman named serena, who was my neighbor, that it isnt always the case that the universe will give what you ask, but always what you need. i find this is true when i win a giveaway - its not what i would have picked for myself sometimes, but a blessing that i somehow needed. i think that people who 'win' things do not do so at a randomness - its destiny dahling ! ! love xxxxx !!!

  3. I am speechless by the generosity extended to you. What this says about the givers and you the recipient makes me over the moon to be part of this community.

    I will of course have to return here yet again to give each its due. So many packages: you lucky lucky worthy duck!!


  4. So wonderful---I wish I could express my self in your language :-)
    We all need a little gift sometimes,especially when we down,sad
    or worried.I´m a little down just at this time,as we have a loss in the
    family :-(
    Gifts from my grandchildren are wery special to me---simple and handmade,
    and given with great enthusiasm.:-)
    Simple gifts are so meaningful.
    I have never ever won a giveaway---but I hope for those wonderful seatreasures :-) Being selfish here ? :-)

  5. Dear sweet Bonnie Lori, I love everything you said and showed and made and got and gave away, and also Owen`s look, and especially what you told us about that gift you got by a stranger. I had such an experience once, too. My small daughters and I had lost our way, and it seemed that we had to take another long walk to reach our destiny, and I felt so downhearted and tired already. So I asked a woman who worked in her garden for the right way, and she just looked at us, took off her garden gloves, got her car out of the garage and DROVE us to the place, about ten minutes by car (which would have been a long walk). As we got out, I asked her how I could thank her, because I was SOO relieved and thankful, and she said, "Make it good on somebody else!"
    I have never forgotten to do so ever since.

  6. What a week - it's so heartwarming to hear such lovely stories. I'll have to muse on a gifted moment... at the moment I immediately think of ladybird buttons from a neighbour when I was four...

  7. Oh my goodness, such bounty Lori! I am so pleased the book and block arrived safely to such a warm welcome - and from the little critters too hehe - and clearly they are in perfect company there with all your other lovely things.

    I have always loved the idea of 'paying it forward', I don't think any gift should have strings attached. But sadly I have found some folk distrustful of pure altruism, too often there seems to be an unspoken 'what's in it for you' in there. Which is sad because I come from a family of givers and the most giving of all is my Dad. His generosity knows no bounds and he recently gave me a camera he had planned to sell in order to have the cash to buy a new one for himself, paying for his own new camera out of his savings. He is a total gentleman and growing up he was my guiding light when it comes to how to treat our fellows on this planet.

    Happy Easter dear Lori and enjoy all your goodies xxx

  8. What wonderful generosity and creative talents. I'd love a little something special in my mail box too. :)

  9. Lori, once again you have blessed us with a beautiful post, thank you for that this morning. I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter and your days bring nothing but happiness.
    Much love.

  10. Lori - this is so lovely! I love all the little gifts that you received, especially the lambs, those are so cute. Don't put me in the giveaway, I have your wonderful bottle of sea glass that I treasure - but it would be lovely to know the pattern for the little pouches.
    And that paper knitting you - that child is not only creative but observant. How adorable is she!

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday

  11. Miss Lori, it has been like Christmas at your house! Well deserved, I might add. :) Such lovely things. I am thankful every day for being able to make things, and I bet you are, too. :)) I have been fortunate to have many receiving moments, and I try to pay those forward. Nothing is sweeter than getting a thoughtful token from a friend. You, my dear, have many of both! lol! xoxo

  12. Wow. That is some serious mail love you have there! (:

    As my memory is not as sparkly as it used to be, I can recount to you a recent giving. I was at Panera (it's a family addiction), getting some coffee. One of the women who work there admired my crocheted coffee cozy. So I took it off my coffee and gave it to her. She was so reluctant to take it - but I insisted and her smile was like sunshine.

    I'm sure there are countless other acts of kindness I have experienced. My neighbor down the street is forever picking up small things for my boys to smile over, for example. Alas, it is early and there's nary a drop of coffee in sight! (:

  13. I love extra long posts!:) I could sit and read your blog and admire the images all day. But then your images of knitting always make me want to pick up the knitting.
    Owen's little face kills me dead. Send him over to me and I will let him rip my house apart.
    Now Abby's creation just melted my heart. What a creative little soul!
    Enjoy your knitting time while Chuck is away love.

  14. Your pictures are so beautiful, they just seem to glow! I love how you set up such lovely vignettes...dreamy! That is a very impressive collection of sea glass too.

  15. Wow, these are wonderful gifts. I too get the red winged blackbird and they are here in full force, I love their song. I miss the ocean so much I would love to win this giveaway.
    My story is that once a while ago I needed to get home to my mom and could not afford it, a blogger who I did not even know emailed me and told me she would send me a 100 dollars, another blogger who I did know also offered a 100 dollars. It touched me deeply. I painted them paintings in return even though they did not ask for anything. The blogger I did not know has become a very good friend and I love them both very much and "They" know who they are, but would not want me to name them.
    You have inspired me Lori to have a give away, it has been too long. Come to think of it I think you were the winner of my last one :-).
    Happy Easter! xoxo

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  17. i would love that necklace and abalone shells. sea glass is a weakness and the ability to carry it with you...sigh.

    the best story i have about giving is the sweet bloggers that got together and threw a virtual baby shower for my little bit. she was the fifth child and yet this was my first baby shower ;-) i cannot even begin to tell you how touched me, my husband, and children were that people i'd never even met, took time to make things for our baby and send them. it was a valuable reminder to us that there is still much grace and goodness in the world.

  18. Happy Easter my California friend!
    A lovely post once again. I love how you bring us on a journey. Your life is Blessed. I always feel so calm when I read your blog. Im so glad I stubbled onto you so long ago. You ALWAYS make me smile.
    Beautiful necklace with seaglass. And the nesting shells are so vivid with the colors! Both are wonderful give-aways! Very cool indeed.
    My favorite part of you post is sharing the bit about Abby. She has a wonderful love in her art. I can feel it. She must love you very much :)

  19. What a sweet trove of treasures you've received lately! Methinks your sweet giving heart is the reason for all the goodness coming your way these days ;).

  20. What a magical mail week. I do so love to get mail. I love all your goodies - probably the collage of you at the top. I was fortunate to win the little giveaway from Durangomom, but I think I may need to add to it ;) Have a wonder-filled day.

  21. Lori the picture of the feather. gulp.
    Once Kim and I lived in an old house which used to belong to his grandfather. Next door lived Loretta, an Italian lady who canned, made her own cordials and spent all day making homemade raviolis at Christmas time. She'd cover her kitchen table with a huge sheet of pasta and measure, mix and fill and cut. For Christmas dinner that year, Kim and I had both our parents for dinner. Just as we were sitting down to carve the roast the doorbell rang and there was Loretta carrying a huge platter of her homemade ravioli, covered in her special 'gravy'. She carried it to the dining room , placed it on the table and wouldn't even stay for a glass of wine. Poof, off she went. But our families talked about that dinner for years!

  22. Oh my goodness, so much loveliness! It's hard to know where to begin--I'm so in love with the idea of more avocados than a person knows what to do with, how I crave them. Your lunch is perfect, the "wool" wood block is perfect, the portrait of you, knitting, is beyond gorgeous, and I am so moved by your giving story and the sea many superlatives, so lovely. You're one of the good ones.

    Here is my story: I once heard about a knitter who made a beautiful shawl, soft and warm, and one day, a woman complimented her on her beautiful work. The knitter with a kind smile took off the shawl and gave it to her as a gift. And I was so moved by that story and thinking of all the unworn handknit lace scarves and shawls that fill my shelves, I resolved to do the same. I will pass them along. Thank you. :)

  23. Lovely Post Lori!
    Wonderful give away, I would love to win but I know a few stories I could tell but then again this seems wrong to tell them....... It would feel like bragging So I guess the necklace and shells are meant for someone else. I am already blessed with a few of these treasures from you :)
    The bird quilt is wonderful both sides and so are all the pictures I see.
    And Owen the picture of the shell on the beach and those lovely hands! I can imagine you stick them where you want to knit a special pattern?
    Anyhow all in all a pretty post and as always I am leaving here with a good feeling.

    Happy Easter :)

  24. What a wonderful mail week you've had! Your treasures are all so lovely. And sweet Owen ...what's not to love ♥ Avocados falling from the trees sounds like paradise ~ lucky you!! I could eat them everyday.
    I love your pay it forward story. One that sticks out in my mind was when our daughter was getting her Master's Degree and moving to a University a few hours drive away. We got her settled into her new apartment and then took her grocery shopping. The shopping cart required a 25 cent piece. As we all went through our change looking for a quarter, she was approached by a stranger who handed one to her. The gesture meant so much more, this new city seemed so much nicer and leaving her was just a little easier.
    Your handknitted necklace with sea glass giveaway is so sweet.
    Thank you Lori ♥

  25. I came back to see your photos on my big computer, not the ipad. What is the orange wool/shawl thing? or sweater?
    poor little owen, he was a bit lonely wasn't he? And he's cuter than any old redwinged blackbird isn't he? (i adore RWB - love their song, love them)

  26. Oh Lori! I don't even know where to start. Maybe where I feel most drawn to: Abbys knitted Lori. I am so in Love! I love childrens creativity and could cover all my walls with their art but this paper doll is brilliant, Abby is a real artist!
    Your home is so very pretty, I would love to get a tour one day ;-)
    And, to be honest, I never ever imagined the package to arrive in time for easter, my lambs could not have found a better home!!!

    The little necklace with sea glas is such a wonderful gift and such a great idea to take to Africa!
    All I can think of at the moment is a story of one of Aarons childrens books. A sheep called Wilma celebrates her birthday and recieves wonderful gifts (a sombrero, a trumpet and an umbrella) from her friends, duck, rabbit and pick. They have a great party together. When the friends finally say good bye, Wilma hands each of them a give-away, a knitted gift made from her own wool!
    Just imagine we could knit gifts with our own hair ;-)
    Take care dear Lori, you are a true gift yourself!

  27. Lori, no one deserves to be bestowed gifts more than you---such a generous spirit! And a bevy of beauties it was this week!!!!

    An unexpected gift I received recently...a dear friend's son (and only child) was killed in Afghanistan a couple months ago. I, of course, immediately went to her (with a knit shawl--what a petty gift, but she treasures it), spent time with her until she left for Dover, but was still feeling so helpless and sad. I had been emailing a friend I've only met through my blog and mentioned it had not been a good weekend, and within minutes of me hitting that send button (and thinking maybe I shouldn't have....I try to be upbeat with my posts...) my phone rang. That call was the most special, thoughtful gift I have received in years.

  28. How fun- I love that your little knitting student made YOU! ...and what a most excellent job at that too. I love your little display area- I am very inspired to do so...when home schooling the kids we had one to celebrate the seasons....and so happy you got your Super Salve order(me too) weeeee!
    Happy Easter Lori

  29. My goodness Lori, what a beautiful week you have had. So many loving delights coming your way to help with the 'aloneness' while your love is gone!
    I can't think of anything right now to do with giving and receiving, so don't put me in the draw - I just needed to say that your words and photos today are just so touching. Really heart touching. All the love and creativeness of yourself and those many artistic souls both near and far to you, are so beautifully expressed in this post.
    Sometimes a gift can be unknowingly bestowed through words, either in person or through this blogging world - Thank You. xx

  30. Lori, what a lovely post! I love that you put out scraps for the nesting birds! We have a pair of blue jays nesting just outside, I see them almost every day adding little twigs to their very big nest. I think I will follow your lead, make that nest just a bit more colorful.
    What can I say Lori, I think you have received all of these lovely gifts because you deserve them. Kind of a karma thing, would´t you say? From what I've seen of your blog you seem like a very gentle, kind-hearted person. Enjoy your treasures
    As for receiving gifts, I have to say that of material things I think what I have been in most awe of was a necklace with a crystal on it that my aunt (the one that did the painting) gave to me. I had been admiring it and she told me it would bring good things to its bearer. I love my aunt, she has always been a very spiritual person and not having much of that around me growing up I thought she was - cool. And she still is. When she took me to her studio when I was in Iceland she said she had decided to have her studio there because of the light of course and because just had such a good feeling to it.
    That wasn't the first gift received that came to mind though. I'd have to say I am most thankful for my kids. A bit cheesy, but true. They truly did feel like a gift the moment I had them in my arms. When I gave birth to my daughter I couldn't stop saying "thank you" over and over again - to myself, my husband, the midwife and whoever else was involved ;)
    Quite the essay this is. I think you and I would need to sit down over a cup of tea instead, I'd love to have a long chat with you. Oh - and while I remember to ask, what nutrition diet are you on?? Have a lovely week Lori!

  31. I enjoyed reading your post this morning. You are a very lucky winning person. But then I know you have a winning spirit too :) What fun to have a giveaway, I would love to win. I hope you have fun enjoying your gifts from near and far!

  32. That was such a sweet post Lori! You have so many lovely things in your home. Litte Abby's 3D portrait of you is sooo charming! what a clever little girl. I love your knitted necklace, my son likes to carry a tigers eye stone around with him I think I will try and make him something like this.

  33. Hi I just found your blog today and it is delightful and happy. Made me have memories of my friend that lives in Duluth,Mn. I have to be very carefuly when I compliment her on anything, because she will try to GIVE it to me..she is so generous, that I have many happy things of hers to make me think of her every day.
    I really like the idea of pass it on that has been mentioned in the comments. I think that I would give the sea glass to my friend from Duluth-because she loves and collects sea glass.

  34. Put my name in please and if I win please give to Joanne above who will pass it on to her pass it on friend in Duluth. doesn't that just sound perfect?

    Wishing you a good day lorisf.

    guess who

  35. I think the name of this post says it all. You are definitely first class. The gifts you received are wonderful! And I LOVE love love that portrait by Abby! Knitting on toothpicks, oh my! Owen's face made me giggle. And your charm necklace is like a pocket full of love!

    My story of paying it forward is very similar to yours. In college, I admired a brooch on a girl I barely knew, and she took it off an put it on my coat. I was very surprised and extremely touched. I remember that feeling of delight and have tried, when I can, to brighten someone's day with some small token of appreciation.

    Hugs to you!

  36. I'd love either one. Such a special giveaway!

  37. What a gifted girl you are! (smiling)
    This is a great post. I especially love little Abby's art,,,straight from the heart.My Jack loves to create,,kids are always so proud of their gifts, and his of course are my favorite.
    Too many wonderful things to mention in your post, but please know I enjoyed them all!

  38. Hi Lori..just found your blog and I'm going to be a regular visitor! Love the photos and tales. I too, am always giving things to people who fancy them. I even took my embroidered cardigan off and gave it to a missionary(who had admirsed it) at a conference....please this is not to make me seem big....I am just a giver...sorry..I'm making it even worse...I'll shut up!

    My story is when I was staying in USA about 6 years ago. We were having breakfast with a lot of friends. One said 'I like those ear rings, Joan' and I took them off and gave them to her...another further down the table immediately said 'I like your ring'!!! There were hoots of laughter as this was my engagement ring....needless to say...I couldn't give that away!!

  39. Oh Lori I always love coming here for inspiration~ You have such good taste in your home . Your eye for color and treasures. The one thing that has stolen my heart here is little 'Owen'...He looks like he would really get on with my little maltese poodle...named 'Noodle' nickenamed 'Poodie'. My heart melts with little dogs~

    Love to you
    have a happy day

  40. I love visiting your blog. It is always a happy place. Gifts come in so many packages and the best ones are unexpected. The ones I remember best are small, inexpensive and thoughtfilled. Like a single flower from a lady's garden when I was 4. It was more about being the only child in a group of adults and not being overlooked. I've never forgotten that one.

  41. The blue of the beach and the blue of the feather make my heart twirl

  42. Dear Lori...Karma is a beautiful thing, I'd say. It has a way of finding just the right way to deliver a message, and yours must be that you attract lovely and generous people because your spirit is so lovely and generous. I particularly love the quilted bird, too.
    As for a story, mine is similar to yours. I was at the bank, of all places for such a gift to be delivered, perhaps fifteen years ago. There was a young woman in front of me and I was admiring her knitted scarf. It was made of chunky, white wool and looked like it was knit straight off the back of the sheep. I just had to tell her how much I loved it, and this was before I became a knitter myself and could truly appreciate a well-made scarf. Well, wouldn't you know, she thanked me, then quickly took it off her neck and gave it to me, telling me she wasn't as fond of it as I was, and it seemed like it was meant for me. I still have this beautiful scarf and wear it every winter...I can't remember what she looks like, but I do sometimes wonder if she sees me around town in it.
    Thank you for your give-away...I would love love love to win, I admit.
    xo Jules

  43. Such a wonderful post, chock full of riches. Priceless gems. And I am referring here to not only all of the fabulous gifts you have received, but also your eye and heart.

    You have reminded me that I too must blog about some special gifts that arrived in the mail. One had me in tears, it tugged on my heartstrings so.

  44. I am just finding your blog. It is so lovely! Beautiful photos! Would love to be entered in your giveaway! It is such a sweet one at that!

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  46. Such a charming introduction to your blog. I am inspired to make small, sweet things (and a heart when I get back to my laptop). One of the sweetest things I have received is the gift of my Mom and my sisters returning to knitting to share scarves and baby clothes with my charity schemes.

  47. Lori, I love all your photos and your story - it's almost like I'm visiting you in person with this post. Funny, when I have a kindred spirit visit here, I like to 'show & tell' a lot too. What wonderful presents, generous and very uplifting. Maybe your husband should go on a trip more often? :)

  48. I love all the little gifts you've been showered with this in this post - and you deserve each and every one of them! That green purse is gorgeous, the block is adorable (it's so cute that you picked the word "wool") and the little sheep are beyond cute. I'm so happy that you have such wonderful blessings in your life!

    As for my story of giving or receiving - I will say that here in LA we encounter a fair amount of homeless people in the cities. For whatever reason, I've never been afraid of them like most people I know. If I don't have money, I lock eyes with them and tell them I have no cash to give, but that I wish them the best. I try to just treat them like human beings. But lately I've found that giving them food works great as well, so I give away my breakfast bars and fruit to people on the street. But I had the best experience of giving a few years ago when I was out with friends. A man was begging for money outside a Denny's that my friends and I were heading into. I told him that he could come in and order whatever he wanted off the menu and I'd pay for it. The look on his face... I'm not sure who felt more blessed, him or me.

    I hope things made a turn for the better for that guy after that. He ordered a burger and I hope it was the best burger he's ever had.

  49. Lori I have just found your blog and so enjoyed reading this post with all the wonderful stories of generosity. Love your photo of the beach, you live in a beautiful place.

  50. Such a beautiful giveaway! How lovely to have received so much goodness, and how kind to pass it on! Thank you, Lori!

  51. I love all that is in this post. Please tell your little student that from one artist to another, she is destined for greatness! What a clever girl at 6!

    My story...When I was 12, my family traveled for 30 days around the country pulling a big silver airstream trailer. During our stop in Wyoming, we met a cowboy in an old tavern and he had the most amazing handlebar mustache. We couldn't stop staring at him! Coming from the Jersey Shore, we didn't see many men that looked like him. He came over to our table and said hello. He was so kind. He noticed our state pins that we were collecting attached to our cowgirl hats. He quietly took out a Wyoming State, Cheyenne to Jackson Hole Wagon Train pin and gave it to me. I'll never forget that. I still have the pin.

  52. I am a little late to your sweet giveaway but I would love to be included, please Lori. Such a very sweet knitted necklace, and I adore seaglass! Some of the best gifts I have received have been handmade...or hand painted/printed as some of my friends are artists/designers...You have had some delightful treats in this post (and well deserved too) the wool block, and the sheep, and Teje's sweet quilted bird!
    Helen x

  53. OH! those delightful little abalone shells, only nature could offer a gift like that. And, the chance of an amulet made from sea glass in your lovely handwork, it definitely carries the Karma of friendship!

  54. Sweet Lori! Thank you for a picture of the beach. It brought tears to my eyes. I've never been to the Pacific Ocean before, but I imagine it is quite charming. I would hate to say "a beach is a beach is a beach" because each beach is quite unique! :)

    And I am so glad the little purse and stitch markers, along with the other gifts you received this past week, have brought you joy.

    I love your giveaway! If it's not too late to be entered, please enter me. I know a certain little boy who would love those shells in his collection.

  55. What a beautiful post. You received so many wonderful gifts and how kind of you to give away some of your treasures. So beautiful and inspiring.

  56. This is a delicious post. I love how you think. I nee to put more energy into making my house feel like the Spring that is here. Thank you again for stopping by my blog and guiding me here.

    First in Maine


xoxo lori