Thursday, February 14, 2013

riding my bike and a winner

we said we would not exchange valentines this year. oh but i should have known better. i rode my bike to summerland, the next town over, this morning. stopping in the market and seeing the cards, pink and red and with hearts and flowers, romance! too hard to resist. next thing i knew a card and chocolate, i mean, chocolove (a love poem is written inside the wrapper!) jumped in my basket (an adventure magazine too) came home with me. along the way i found flowering eucalyptus to also gift my love. he said 'oh no! i thought we said...' and then i received a tender valentine kiss. ah love.

i brought my vintage film camera, and small compact to take these photos while riding my bike, and wouldn't you know, i saw the hawk! neither camera was capable of taking the beautiful raptors picture so you will have to take my word for it.

xxx lori

p.s. the winner of the luna grey wool giveaway (thank you random number generator!) is
 frances of city views, country dreams. congratulations frances!  
thank you everyone


  1. Happy Valentines Day! It is hard to believe anywhere is so green and flowery today, we are so used to our super white snowscape. Thanks for sharing these--and sorry about the hawk.

  2. Oh your ride looks so lovely and beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. these pics are nice and full of light!!!I think that your bike ride has been quite nice!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  4. You live in the coolest place Lori! I love your bike, it looks so comfortable. I'm thinking of trading my mountain bike in for something a little more practical.
    Happy Valentines Day.(for yesterday)
    p.s. I think the hawk is playing games with you!!

    1. emma, i hesitated for a long time because i have a lovely mountain bike too. but i'm so glad to have this commuter type bike. it's now so easy to ride to work with a dress on. the best thing about it besides the basket is its low bar in the middle for climbing on. it has kind of hybrid type tires too, good for urges to ride off road! i do really love it, i'm sure you would too!

  5. that is so sweet. <3 and what a lovely way to spend the day. :)

  6. I love your bike basket (I have a huge wicker one!). And what sweetness. I am glad you two had a great day with one another - yes, love!

  7. What amazing looks like a wonderful day. Everything looks so exotic and how lucky Chuck is to have you. Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. I love your bike, it's awesome! What beautiful pictures...I love seeing all the pretty flowers when we are still blanketed with snow here. Your Valentine treat sounds just perfect.

  9. A perfect valentine! Much love to you!

  10. Love the bougainvilla and the sunshine- the light is amazing. Beautiful ride to town you have - sounds like a wonderful day spent.
    I hope you had a lovely Valentines day with your hubby.

  11. I love the flowers! I've just finished the samples for my next launch and bougainvilla is one of them. I wish we had the sunshine here, but actually, it's so foggy that I can't even see our lake.
    The bike ride made me feel like I was right along with you, Happy Valentine's Day, XOXO

  12. I am in love with every single one of those images Lori!!!
    Love your bike. You are such a wonderful soul.

  13. I love your wonderful bike with its basket filled with treats, flowers and camera! And your bike ride in the sunshine looks delightful too. Congratulations to Frances on winning the lovely wool. I hope you and your hb had a beautiful Valentine's Day, and I wish you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  14. Happy Valentine´s Day, I think it´s such a great , adorable day to celebrate but unfortunately we do not have it here : (

    I love all those flowers on your way and your bike is so gorgeous! Your bike ride was amazing, too!

    with much love,

  15. ohmygosh

    your bike is amazing. i want one!

  16. your bike ride looks like it follows a dreamy path. and that last photo - love!

  17. ♥ I thought those were mimosa blossoms at first...such pretty pink and watery background for your bike! Everyday love...

  18. Thank you for the lovely bike ride (your bike is gorgeous by the way)....
    Love the chocolate bar (so sweet, with the poem on the inside. We all have a poem on the inside).
    Much love to you.

  19. I will take your word for it--I bet the hawk was amazing.

    I love your bike. I need to get a basket for mine (in the spring; there is two feet of snow on the ground right now).

    Your blog is my happy place--truly. <3

  20. Chocolove is my favorite brand, the sea salt one!! Loved the photos of your outing. Everything looks green and cheerful!! It almost makes me yearn for spring...almost :)

  21. what a lovely bike ride & oh your bike is gorgeous ♥
    have a wonderful weekend Lori

  22. What an absolutely beautiful bike ride. So many love things to see along the way. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  23. Love your bike Lori and thanks for sharing your bike ride with us. I had no idea you had Eucalyptus trees and Wattles over there - some of those photos look like they come out of Australia and could have been taken just down the road here x

  24. Lori, I think if you have a sweet partner you should always celebrate it and not just on Valentine's Day. I did a fairly good job of ignoring the day because I have not had a valentine for at least 8 years. The V day makes me sad.
    I love your bike! Thank you for all your wonderful photos. xoxo

  25. Oh! beautiful beautiful photos! thanks for sharing! Have to say that the shawl/ blanket you made, is absolutely gorgeous! And your blog is just amazing!

  26. Hello Lori,

    What a beautiful collection of photos you've given us! Valentine's Day gives us all an opportunity to show some affection to those we care about. Could be children or adults, family or someone we've been fortunate to have had fate send us.'

    I've had some some very sweet Valentine's gifts way back when, and still love to send send out some myself.

    It's been a long time since I actually had a bike. I do remember a sort of metallic blue Raleigh 3-speed. Now you've got me yearning for a place to live that would allow safer bike riding than we usually sense here in NYC.

    And now...what a lovely surprise to be the winner of that beautiful yarn. I am delighted!

    I think that you might have my email address?


  27. Lovely pictures Lori.
    Love your bike and I would love to bike in that beautiful surrounding!
    Love the eucalyptus blossom.
    That is a lot of LOVE in one comment :)
    Well it was a Valentine's post so I guess it;s alright
    Have a lovely weekend♥

  28. I love that your photos often depict things that feel like home to me. Hmmm. I wonder why that is.
    ; )


  29. Well the color of that Eucalyptus blossom is just the pink dreams are made of.
    Really felt like Summerland seeing the pictures, Kim and I almost moved there instead of Cambria. You could of stopped in our house for a cup of chai!

  30. Oh my goodness, Lori...I can hardly believe the greenery and flowers blooming in your neck of the woods! Now I understand what you meant by visiting me and seeing all the snow! Your blue blue skies and the lovely Buddhist garden is so enticing! Maybe one day we'll stroll in there together :)
    xo Jules

  31. Gorgeous images ... it looks like summer there!

  32. i love your bike. sounds like a great way to have adventure.

  33. i felt like i went along on that bike ride. i could smell the smells of those flowers on those backcountry roads. brought a little sunshine into this chilly midwestern day.

  34. You live in a beautiful place. Already flowers are growing.....Love your bike :0)

  35. Your bike is awesome! I can't wait to get one with a basket.

  36. With that camera, chocolate, flowers, and bicycle ride, it's not surprising why your Valentine's Day was perfect. :) Thanks for sharing this inspiring read.


xoxo lori