Sunday, February 10, 2013

when not knitting

~  rain fell, i dreamed it was snow
~  this exquisite magazine by amanda arrived in the post (and sweetest bookmark i won!)
~  we looked and looked for the rare gray hawk, he was not to be found, but this red tailed hawk was! thanks to these nice folk, we learned it is a light morph juvenile (within an hour of typing in my question, there were twelve responses, thank you awesome birders!)
~  mornings at a favorite coffee house 
~  i got sick, but it was brief and i'm better now, thankful
~  visits to the salt marsh and this lake nearly in our back yard. we sometimes forget it's here, even if it
is so close you can ride your bike, but you have to like hills.
~  a day of shopping with my mil, i have a new long flowery dress a so soft poncho and pretty scarf!
~  it's been so cold (for here) even buddha needs a shawl
~  a quick trip to the mission for a photo assignment
~  new wool in the mail. don't believe i've not been knitting, this post would be better named, knitting while doing assorted other things! tee hee.

* if you haven't entered this giveaway for gorgeous luna grey wool, there is still time. one last link,
this very moving film, shared by trish, it's about bees, but so very much more.


  1. I'm so happy that your illness was brief! looking forward to seeing what you knit up :)

  2. Glad to read you're feeling better :)

    Beautiful images Lori :D And that yarn looks luscious!

  3. All beautiful photos, but I especially enjoyed seeing the magazine photo followed by the yarn one. Such similarities in colour; a beautiful flow.

    Yay for feeling better!

  4. I didn't believe for one second that you hadn't been knitting!!
    your 'assorted other things' look like a lot of fun. Love that last picture.
    buddha looks very pleased with his shawl!!

  5. Such gorgeous photos, Lori! I'm sorry you haven't been well, but very glad to hear you are better now. Love that delicious yarn....making me want to knit with it!
    Helen x

  6. It really does warm my heart to know you are feeling better and able to get out and about.
    I must be honest and tell you I am drooling over the clothes you purchased, each is so beautiful and I bet you make them even more lovely.
    That is a great photo of the hawk. We have hawks here, mostly red tail, that is why I can't let my chickens run all over the place [shudder].
    It is raining here this morning so I will pick my knitting up instead of heading out side. I am excited to hear what is on your needles, I never thought for a moment you weren't knitting!
    I hope this Monday is an awesome one for you Lori!

  7. Hi Lori! Glad you're feeling better. Can I just say that seeing your buddha all bundled up in that shawl has made my day? Beautiful pictures one and all. xox

  8. This looks like a great way to spend your time knitting or not. The mission reminds me of my high school which was build in that style. Such beauty.

  9. My fav here us seeing your new clothes . You do links proud!

    I enlarged Buddha and his bureau: or maybe I should say sanctuary, sacred space, that's for sure. Do you full well know you have a gift to create sacred spaces? Even at hot dog stands :-)

    Glad to know you are not sick and back to living a full life. You have that gift too. xo


  10. so glad the down-time was brief and you are feeling better!! The yarn looks simply yummy---what is its destiny??? Congrats on winning such a sweet bookmark.....I'm still waiting on my issue of Kindred......anticipation!

  11. Lori, Beautiful post and wonderful photos and it works the other way around too :-). I love the Buddha! xoxo

  12. dear

    thank you for the lovely comment you wrote me at my blog,
    made me so very happy to read your words : )

    that isager yarn is wonderful to knit with,

    your "leaves of grass" shawl is absolutely gorgeous
    it looks SO beautiful on you!!


  13. yes, yes,'s all about the knitting in between the other things, isn't it? it keeps the edge off the grind (buying groceries, paying bills, etc.) when you know that you can reward yourself with a few rows ;-)

  14. Gorgeous shots! And I'm so jealous that you won the bookmark. ;)

  15. Hello lovely lady,
    Oh my word... your photos are amazing.
    The Red tailed hawk, what a wonderful sight!
    What a beautiful part of the world you live in.
    A day spent shopping. I bet you look so lovely in that dress... and I want that scarf. It is gorgeous.
    I was really moved to see that you have put a link here to Bee fever... It really is a wonderful little film isn't it.
    Much love to you.x

  16. I enjoy the title of this post very much (as well as the post too). Your shots are incredible and so inspiring. A world does indeed exist outside.

  17. Glad to hear you are feeling better again Lori. Is that beautiful house the coffeeshop? It looks very chique. Such a beautiful shade of wool too! Enjoy your knitting!

    Madelief x

  18. Lori, it was fun to read this post with its beauty and wit. Glad that you are feeling better. Your well-wrapped Buddha made me smile, and I think he smiled back.

    Of course, the yarn will by now be in the midst of transformation into something amazing, loop by loop.


  19. beautiful photos lori. my heart jumped when i saw the one of the mission. every time i see it i am reminded of my mom, who loved to attend mass there.

  20. No matter how agitated I am, I find whenever I come here, my heartrate calms and I feel serenity. Gorgeousness all around you. And your warm Buddha made me giggle.

  21. What beautiful photos. Life seems full!

  22. Hi dear Lori Ann,

    Just checking in on you to catch up a bit.

    Stay well, keep knitting, keep on being a child-at-heart!



  23. Dear friend, thank you always for your lovely comments on my blog--I wish we lived closer and just have long chats--outside, of course. Love the plants with the dew drops, they're my favorites, XOXO

  24. How gorgeous is your little corner of the world! Your photo of the magestic hawk is stunning ~ fantastic angle. I love your meditation corner & buddha wrap ♥

  25. Sorry to hear you've been sick. I'm glad it was brief.

    What a joy to visit your beautiful world. Oh how I love that you've lovingly wrapped Buddha in a beautiful shawl.

  26. Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

  27. honestly? those are some of the best photos I've seen on a blog.
    SO good!


  28. Your photos are amazing. Love to look at them and thank you for sharing with us in blog land.

  29. Stunning. I love those shots of the birds! You are so talented! And I'm glad you're feeling better! :)

  30. OH. This is my current favorite blog post ever. I will be back to just stare at those photos again. Now that I'm learning some digital photography I appreciate amazing photos even more! Thank you for sharing!

  31. Beautiful images...the last one...swoon. You sure live in a lovely place Lori. I am sorry you were not feeling well Lori- no fun. I peaked at the lovely wow. wow!
    Sending you some snow and hugs from Montana

  32. Lori, I just found your blog through Amanda (kindred) and was so happy to see the bookmark being loved by someone in my home state! We lived in Ventura our last ten years in Cali your photos bring back wonderful memories.


xoxo lori