Thursday, August 22, 2013

to celebrate

today my blog turns five
it began for my mom. she loved seeing photos of her
grandchildren. i hoped to help her memory.
my stepdad would sit her in front of the computer and she would
be delighted, he'd tell me. since beginning this blog, my mom has passed from 
alzheimer's. when she couldn't sit at the computer anymore, i thought of stopping, but my 
stepdad said to go on, he was proud of me (he said). 

i am so glad, that i did. like most every blogger, i've made friends with
 people, the whole world over. and incredibly, met many too. from 
new york city to far continents, blogging has taken living and loving and adventuring to another level. 

at the beginning, my first blogging friends were in africa (and geli in germany, an auntie to her african nieces)
chuck and i were planning a trip to zimbabwe in 2008 (to be taken in 2009).
 by then i had made a connection to an orphanage because of this new dear friend in botswana,
 and in the midst of planning i came to chuck with the idea of
extending our trip to include botswana, meet my friend, and visit the orphanage. 
my husband did not understand blogging then and looked at me like i'd lost my mind. 
but he trusted me, and agreed, we would go.
it was a surreal experience to meet two good friends on the other side of the world, after only talking online.
one had traveled from south africa with her bewildered husband (he'd been persuaded too), just to meet.
i'll never forget sitting at a bar on the chobe river, the three couples,
husbands scratching their heads, what is a blog anyway? 
how did we get here?

because of this blog, because of you, i have
found friendship
found confidence
felt comfort
felt love
gained compassion
learned how incredibly giving you are (remember pockets for africa?)
been thrilled and delighted
and became a better person
because of you.

thank you beautiful friends
i'm having a giveaway to celebrate five years, but more to celebrate you
 if you've read and felt some connection here like i have, that pleases me to no end.


the giveaway:

 one skein of jade sapphire exotic fibres
silk cashmere
55% silk, 45% cashmere 2 ply
in color way   #158 seaglass
there are (approx.) 400 yards  55g in this hand-dyed skein
it's enough to make a small shawl this is what i used in 'flying home' and even had a bit left over
(it's so so lovely, and this color...SO pretty!)

one lantern moon handcrafted repair hook
this is the featherlight
(i have one and LOVE it)
'this environmentally friendly product is made from plantation grown wood
that is organically treated to add density and hardness. free of formaldehyde and resin'
 to protect this tiny hook it comes in its own little sleeve
a sample of the beautiful hand weaving done by the cham people of vietnam

and alternatively,
if you are not a knitter, i have filled a small abalone shell with seaglass to give away
collected by me, on beaches here in california and in mexico and hawaii

please leave a comment if you would prefer the wool or the glass
random number generator will choose two names, one for each, five days from now,
this giveaway is open to the whole world,
no exceptions.
(((thank you again)))
xxxxxx lori

today was also my mom's wedding anniversary. in celebration of her love (s)
this is for you mom...

(edited to add) song by simon lynge


  1. such a sweet reason to start a blog :) I found yours recently and enjoy it so :)
    What wonderful gifts you are offering :)
    I would love to win and the glass ~ oh my it would be a dream to have :) (really)
    happy blog birthday :)

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary, Lori! The video is priceless ... no gift necessary, you are gift enough.

  3. I had no idea that is why you started to blog, and am really happy you have continued to do so. I always love coming to your space Lori.

    Beautiful collection of photos in your video and I love that song.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and congratulations to you on five years.

    Oh, I would love to be entered in the yarn giveaway :)

  4. Happy birthday to your blog!!! I am so happy to have you as a blogger friend :) i would love a chance at the prizes. So nice of you!

  5. You !!! I can't give a coherent comment because you shot the arrow of life and love right through me. That video is going to cause a community of tears. Blog land may float off its rafters and we'll all just cry from how much is given and how much is gained

    You hold a special place in my heart and you always will. Congratulations on five years and here's to another five

    Great post, Lori. So genuine and grateful


  6. so moving....
    this giveaway is so sweet as you are!!!!
    I'm entering choosing the wool as my possible prize!!!!
    Thank you my dear, love xxxxx Ale

  7. Happy Blogday! Beautiful slideshow, the gift of family.
    Such a generous giveaway, too. I'm a knitter ;)
    all the best x

  8. I do love my my dear friend. This blogging world is amazingly wonderful and has expanded my world in so many wonderful ways too. Happy five years, that's amazing.
    I know your Mom is so proud of you as are Your Chuck and your babies.
    Thank you for your friendship and your lovely giveaway. You know I'm a knitter so please place my name there.

  9. I think you've given back as much, if not more, to the rest of us as you have received ~ I'm so glad to have found your blog, Lori

    your voice is soft, your soul is gentle and your words are always kind ~ your gift for gathering in and welcoming everyone equally is extraordinary

    I would love to win the yarn ~ it would become my own 'flying home' to be worn in moments when I'm not feeling quite so brave & I'll gather courage from it & remember our conversations :)

  10. What a lovely story! Congrats on your blog anniversary. While I am a knitter, I would love a chance to win the beach favorite.

  11. Happy blogiversary, Lori! Yours is the most inspiring reason for starting a blog I've ever read, and your blog itself constantly inspires me with your beautiful photography and knitted work. I'm so glad I discovered it, although a little late :-) I'd love to enter your giveaway for the knitterly prize.

  12. I'm in the yarn camp
    I've only been reading for a month or so and love your words and your photos and your knitting.
    Such beauty

  13. Wow. Your video blew me away. You have created an exceptional family and carved out a little space in the world filled with the love of family. I have loved following you Lori and even though we have never met in person, I call you my blogger friend. Sending you love across the miles...

  14. Oh my goodness that was the most beautiful video ever. You are an amazing person and I am so glad you have kept your blog going. I am so grateful that you take us on your journeys. You are a constant source of inspiration. Happy Birthday to your blog and of course I would cherish any of those giveaways.

  15. What a beautiful post, and video!! You are so very kind, and your blog is a joy to view. Your giveaway is lovely, and I am swooning over the yarn :)

  16. A beautiful post Lori. I know I've not been reading your blog a long time but I'm so glad to have discovered it... A breath of fresh air in the blogging world.

  17. love-ly Lori- what a beautiful very sweet and touching. I love your blog and I love you- because you shine thru. Your heart your soul is always present. I am so very happy to know you thru this inspiring space you have created and I am grateful to your step dad for encouraging you to carry on. Thank you Lori for inspiring us and sharing your love.
    May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.
    (you know where that came from)

  18. Such a beautiful post Lori. My mum also had alzheimers but no interest in computers so I made up an album of photos which I took when I visited to remind her of her grandchildren. She seemed to enjoy it. I get such pleasure visiting you here on your blog. Unfortunately I'm at the end of my down load for this month and will have to wait a few days to watch the video. Look forward to it. Blessings on you dear Lori

  19. Oh Lori! Thank you for this post. What a sweet gift you gave to your mom. I'm glad you've continued blogging because you inspire me in so many ways!

    Your flying home shawl is beautiful. I'd love to make one too.

  20. This post is very beautiful, it made me sad and then very happy for you. I am sorry to hear about your mother, but I am glad that among many other things I'm sure, she was an inspiration for you to start this blog. I enjoy reading your words and following your adventures as well :) You often remind me to take a moment to stop and enjoy the simple things.

  21. What a lovely video, great music. (who is that?)

    Congratulation on your five year anniversary! I've been a follower for a few years, I have enjoyed your travel adventures.
    I'm so sorry that your mother suffered from Alzheimer's. It's the most heartbreaking disease. Both of my in laws passed away from it.

    I would love to be included in your give away. Sea glass would make me happy.
    Thank you!

  22. Ah my sweet friend, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. How incredibly blessed she was to have you, and vise-versa.
    So glad you continued on with the journey of sharing your life, your kids, projects and talent with us.
    Here's to what I hope is many more years of your beautiful blog Lori.

    That yarn is incredible. I would love the opportunity to win it. Thank you love.

  23. wow. you are just an amazing soul. i am so glad i stumbled upon your blog (with the pockets for africa). i look forward to your beautiful words and stunning photos.
    thank you for making blogland a lovelier place. happy blog birthday. <3

  24. What an interesting story on the origin of your blog. Alzheimer's is such a heartbreaking disease. Your blog is inspiring, I love how you capture the beauty of nature in your photos. Your knitting projects are always so well done and I just know I would enjoy sharing a cup of tea with you. I would prefer the knitter's prize but the shell and sea glass would be wonderful too.

  25. i know my world is much richer since you've become a part of it! thank you for all you do!!!!

    given the opportunity---i'm as much a beach comber as a knitter, so you can plop me in any category you choose!!! the real gift here is your friendship and inspiration!

  26. Your blog is such a gorgeous place! Brings me great joy to read... Here's to five more!!!
    I'm a knitter HINT HINT ;)

  27. Happy 5th year on your lovely blog! Always a treat to find a new post...with your heartfelt words and stunning photography! Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  28. I have only discovered your blog a short while ago, but have enjoyed your writing style and beautiful pictures ever since. Congratulations on your Blogaversary and I'm a knitter.

  29. Oh what a beautiful purpose of a blog!
    I always enjoy coming here, reading your wonderful words and looking at your beautiful pictures!
    You are a constant inspiration to me and I am so happy you continued your blog, as I would nev gotten to "know" you if you hadn't. Happy 5 year anniversery!
    I would be proud to win the yarn and make a shawl in honour of your mother;)

    From sunny Vienna, now off to work I have five new little ones that are waiting for me in kindergarten this week!

  30. A happiest of blog birthdays! I enjoyed reading the background of how/why you started your blog, and I'm so glad you continued it--your gentle, kind, and peaceful words and images are always a delight.

    I'm a knitter, but I'd really like the shell and sea glass!

  31. Happy Five Years Lori, I just sat in a dream through your slideshow, so much gorgeousness in your life!
    You have such a gentle, kind and creative presence in Blogland, your words and images always bring pleasure and peace.
    With much love for the next half decade ♥
    ps goes without saying I would LOVE to win the seaglass, oh my heart skipped a beat when I saw that treasure :o)

  32. Amazing slideshow and happy 5 years. I'm so happy we 'met' through Anushka. You two truly are friends. Andrea xxx

  33. This is so lovely Lori. I'm really glad that you continued to write your blog, it never feels to be a safe and happy place for me to visit even when like today it may cause a gentle tear to trickle down my cheek. You are always so inspirational and positive. Thank you for continuing. A big happy blog birthday and thank you for sharing the lovely slide show to celebrate love for your mother. It feels like there is always a little part of our mothers with us even when no longer here.
    To the next fiver blogging years...may they be happy ones, oh and happy wedding celebrations too...everything you've made looks wonderful.
    Yours as much as her own

  34. Happy Blog Birthday Lori. Your blog is always such a peaceful beautiful spot to visit.
    Lovely tribute for your mother.

  35. Dear Lori, I have just read your blog and watched the film and it was beautiful. I love your outlook on life and reading your blog - thank you!

  36. What a beautiful post. I only started reading this last year and never knew the history behind your blog, its very touching. What a wonderful giveaway, if I was picked I would choose the yarn, it is perfect!

  37. Dearest Lori,

    You KNOW how I feel about the connection you make with us all not to mention the beautiful inspiration you share with your readers. I have cast on the 'Flying Home' shawl thanks to your beautiful one in the previous post.


    Thank you for offering this exquisite giveaway. I think I will take my chances on the knitter's version

    Hugs from France,


  38. Your blog is such a sweet celebration of life and love and the magic of nature and the wide world around us, dear Lori. Five years of blogging is a long time, and so many of us are glad that you continued and look forward to many more years of visiting you in this special place. Although I love yarn and knitting and crochet.....if I was lucky enough to win the giveaway I would absolutely love the abalone shell filled with sea glass......a magical treasure and keepsake from you. I loved the slideshow and the wonderful moving and life affirming x
    Wishing you many many more happy times.
    Helen xo

  39. What a lovely giveaway - your film is wonderful, I have often read your posts and sighed wistfully! If I was lucky enough to be picked, the hank of wool would make my heart skip with joy, my husband has banned me from bringing any more sea glass home .....!!

  40. Dear Lori, you are so inspiring for me, I really love to read your posts, thank you for sharing with us - I feel endowed. Katerina PS: wool, please:-)

  41. I have always enjoyed your blogs...the pictures are so beautiful and the words are so interesting to read. I always feel a sense of peace when reading your blog. I would love to win the yarn..thanks for the offer. Congratulations and keep on blogging please.

  42. Hello Lori

    Congratulations of turning 5. I so enjoy your blog. I agree with what others have said before me. You are a gentle presence is blogland. I am definitely a knitter and have been drooling over your flying home scarf and is now on my to make list. What a gorgeous give away. Carla

  43. Dear Lori, I'm smiling and tearing with your words! Someone who doesn't blog is just scratching her/his head! I am so happy and proud to be your blog friend and so happy for you that you have been able to meet some of your blog friends! Your posts are always most beautiful, exiting, fun, relaxing and inspiring - Thank You!
    Congratulations to your anniversary and I hope you continue many many years!
    I would absolutely love wool in seaglass colour! Silk-cashmere sounds amazing and I would make a small shawl because I love all the shalws you knit! with love Teje

  44. Dear Lori, I am so glad you keep your blog, thank you for sharing so much beautifulness with us all.
    You have been in my thoughts... embroidery thoughts... but also, and this is a funny one, avocado trees keep making me think of you! It may be an totally unfounded connection on my part, but I will tell you why soon (I have been wanting to write but of course lacking the moment...)
    Love to you and your family. Wedding congratulations!!!
    Oh, and if I should be so lucky to get chosen here then how lovely that yarn is! (I actually had to consider the choice though, the sea glass is so pretty...)
    And... I think you and I will have a chance to meet someday, wander those childhood beaches, maybe sit and knit, visit the avocado trees (I know again not making sense with the avocados trees!)
    With love, Renee

  45. happy anniversary! like you I started blogging and it added another dimension to my life for the good :) I love the sea glass and that's what I would choose. May you have many more happy years blogging and friending the whole world over :)

  46. Happy Blogiversary :)
    I've just been reading your blog the last year or so, but I love your photos!
    If I should be so lucky, I'd love the yarn.

    Have a great weekend.

  47. How lovely that you "talked" to your mom through this blog.

    I just recently had my 7th blogiversary, and can't believe the friends I've made that I've never actually met!

    I just found your blog recently, and am really enjoying it. I think any individual thing in your giveaway is lovely.

  48. what a sweet post. and a kind giveaway. your blog, and your photographs are amazing. I am a knitter and would love the yarn. thanks!

  49. Happy blogiversary! For the most part, I've nearly stopped following/commenting on blogs due to life/time constraints, but there are a few exceptions...I never miss a post from you, Lori. You bring so much beauty, peace and inspiration to my life. Thank you for blessing my days. xoxo

  50. Happy blogiversary! I've enjoyed glimpses into your life over the years. And the yarn is just gorgeous!

  51. Beautiful family, video, and blog. I always feel peaceful and inspired when I come here. Thank you.
    (Hard to decide, but I think the yarn would be so lovely...)

  52. May you be given all of God's best blessings Lori, you and your family. Such beautiful pictures and video of pictures. I am on nearly 8 years of blogging! how time flies. Would love to be counted in for the yarn give away.

  53. happy blogday ! I follow you from Italy and I love so much your blog.
    (I'm a knitter but I like the glass !)

  54. Congratulations!!! I only just found you here and on Ravelry and I look forward to your posts! I am dying to knit a "Flying Home" shawl like yours so if I am lucky enough to get chosen I pick yarn!!

  55. That brought tears to my eyes. Happy blog-iversary! Thank YOU for bringing warmth and beauty into my blogsphere...

  56. Thank you, for sharing your beautiful pictures and stories.
    If I count be added to the Yarn draw that would be fantastic!

  57. I'm so very glad you decided to keep blogging way-back-when. It's been amazing getting to know you. Happy Blogiversary! (:

  58. Lori....precious story of blog beginning! Blessings for your momma, has been a blessings for all of us! I would enjoy that beautiful yarn....but, the sea glass is beautiful! Blessings to you from Kansas!

  59. Wishing you a very Happy Blogging Anniversary, Lori!

    Learning what encouraged your initial posts adds to my appreciation of your very special soul. How lucky I am to have not only had the continuing pleasure of visiting hereabouts, but can also treasure our opportunity to actually meet in person.

    I could go on and on about the variety of ways in which your creativity and spirit inspires me, but will now gently slip some knitting. Hee hee, as you might say.


  60. Your blog has always made me feel so welcome, it's like a little home away from home. I treasure the stories you have shared and the support you have given.
    All the very best to you & your family ♥

  61. 5 years! The girls and I check everyday for an update. We love your pictures (and your words). The yarn is beautiful! Maddy told me the other day that she's "almost old enough for knitting lessons!"


  62. Happy blog anniversary!!! Just want to say that I am happy I found you. Hope we will be able to meet one day too.

    Sorry to hear about your mum. She must have been a special lady having you as her daughter!

    Both the yarn and the glass are beautiful! I used to collect glass like that as well. I must have it somewhere.......

    Happy weekend Lori!

    Madelief x

  63. Happy 5th Brithday to your blog Lori!
    From the first time I visited this space, I felt it was a warm and inviting place to be. Thank you for all you share with us as well as your friendship:)
    Your giveaway is very generous and beautiful.

  64. happy blog anniversary dearest lori!!
    having come across you/your blog is a
    precious and beautiful gift in itself....
    it is something that i am deeply happy and grateful for.

    i would just LOVE to enter this generous give away.
    my heart started to beat faster when i saw that heavenly colored yarn : ))
    so gorgeous..

    wishing you a wonderful weekend you beautiful,

  65. Happy Anniversary!! I love your blog and i'm so so glad you have stuck with it! I would love the sea glass......i've always loved sea glass. I hope someday we can meet.

  66. happy 5th blog anniversary lori
    I love that you started it for your mum ~ she sounds amazing.
    thank you for this beautiful giveaway to celebrate 5 years ~ I love the abalone shell & sea glass ♥
    have a wonderful weekend xo

  67. beautiful video and song - such a lovely end of Summer warmth to it. The first time i read you blog was not long after your Mother's passing - I had lost mine to the same insidious disease a year before. I felt such a connection to you even over an ocean and a continent. And we gave birth to our firstborn on the same day!
    I laughed at you talking about your husband not understanding blogging. Mine is the same, yet he has patiently gone along with me as I spend time online with my blogger friends, chat on the phone, visit them and meet up, or have them, or members of their families, to stay in our home. I think true friendship is a spiritual thing and it can be found out there in the ether as well as face to face.
    I would love to be included in your generous giveaway - the yarn appeals most to me. xxx

  68. What a wonderful story of your journey!
    I'd love to be entered in this generous giveaway of gorgeous wool.
    love your beautiful photos.

    tktl on Ravelry

  69. Lori, Congrats! I have meet many lovely friends (and count you as one) blogging. It seems most people are on FB now and it makes me sad because I am missing my friends (I hate FB), but some like you and I still blog, though not as often.
    I am so glad I met you here and hope that someday we can meet in person.
    Put me down for the sea glass please!
    Love and hugs. xoxo

  70. Congratulations on 5 years! I really enjoy your open nature and the beautiful photos that you post here. What a lovely giveaway! Being a knitter, I'm more partial to the yarn. :)

    katbetty on Ravelry

  71. I've never heard of a better reason to start blogging! I am sure your mom enjoyed looking at all your beautiful photographs!
    You chose beautiful things to be given away, very generous of you. :-)You know I'd go for the yarn, right? ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  72. god Lori - this is special.
    xoxo mim

  73. What a beautiful post, Lori. And, the video was great...I am sure your Mom loved it. It's so wonderful that you are documenting your lives through all of your amazing photographs! Oh, yes...And, for the giveaway...I would absolutely love to win the yarn - of course : )

  74. Your love of detail photography shows along with a call to the wild. I'm sure you mom loved this too.


    I would love to be in for the yarn.


  75. Lovely tribute to your Mom and your entire family. I never cease to be amazed by your many talents and you are an inspiration and treasure to all who know you and read your blog. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. Thanks!

    Love both the yarn and the sea glass but have to go with the beautiful sea glass.


  76. Happy 5th year blog anniversary! Enjoy you blog! Lovely tribute to your Mom.

    Thanks for chance in giveaway! Would choose yarn.
    LynnIL ravelry

  77. Okay one more comment I promise I'll stop.. or I'll try. I am not giving up hope on my boys meeting your grand children. Maybe just maybe they can have a future together. I'm not ruling it out at this point. That video is so powerful and amazing. I am so thankful that you do have a Blog and please tell you husband my husband thinks I am out of my mind too with my Blog. Every time I take picture of a new FO he asks if I'm updating my online dating site. Only us Bloggers really get it I guess.

  78. Congratulations on your 5th blogiversary! :) Your post is so touching. I'm glad to have found your blog, and thank you for holding this generous giveaway. If I were lucky enough to be picked, I'd request the yarn as I am a knitter.

  79. What a wonderful milestone! And, one which brings so much joy to so many people. I read and look over and over, I enjoy it all so very much...thank you for being you and sharing you with me. Tough choice you've given everyone for your prize!

  80. Congratulations Lori! I do love your blog - and I am so grateful that your stepfather encouraged you to go on! I hope you will do so for many years to come.
    Your gifts are amazing! I am a yarn person :)

  81. Dear Lori,
    your blog provides so many treasures to its visitors. You are giving us a unique invitation to your very own magic of life, it is a delight to follow. All your posts are so balanced and thoughtful. You know the difference between sharing and showing. Sometimes I can taste the sea from your pictures and since you so generously asked, of course yarn is my favorite vegetable…

    Congratulations and hugs
    to you and yours from the
    "scissorbird family" & Anja

  82. You're such a sweet girl and I'm happy you kept blogging!
    Your posts are such treasures and are so different from everyting else and I love this. And I think it's crazy goor that people connect this way. How good this is possible for all of us.
    Thank you so much!

  83. Happy Blogiversary to you and Happy Anniversary to your mom! I so enjoy reading your blog and get so much inspiration when I stop by!

    If I were to win, I would love the yarn! Thank you so much!

  84. Happy Blogiversary Lori! I've always loved your blog and I appreciate you always visiting mine :). If I were to win, I would love the glass, it's beautiful !

  85. Hi Lori!
    I have to tell you last night I started using that knitted sleeve you made me (for the bundle of flowers in the glass bottle) was used as a sleeve for my evening gin cocktail! Pretty funny and cute and I was really thinking of you.

    I would love either and I'm so glad we met this way and that we are in close physical proximity.


  86. Hello Lori
    Again, thank you for all these wonderful trips.
    Tears came to my eyes when I went to read up on the orphanage in Africa.
    You are what is called here in France, a nice person at heart.
    No matter if I do not win, I'm just happy to read you every day.
    Regine Castano

    PS: I knit forever. I do not have a blog.

  87. How exciting, Loritimesfive(years)! Congratulations! I'm so thankful to have found your blog. I enjoy it so much and always have a peaceful feeling when I read. Thank you for offering the giveaway. I love to knit!

  88. Happy blog anniversary! I love the colors of your items. Your knitting has inspired me so much, I'm just about to cast on for my own reindeer shawl, in your colors. Love your style!

  89. Happy Anniversary Lori, with hopes of many more years to come. You picked a perfect song to link-up with your beautiful pictures. I'm sure it brought a huge smile to your mother's face. Job well done!

  90. Happy blog anniversary, Lori. This space you've created is quite something. It is inspirational, educational and just a good, warm place to visit. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you continue to do so for a long time.

    A lovely giveaway as always, I'd love the yarn :)

  91. Congratulations!!
    What beautiful colours!
    I'm not a knitter but I love sea glass and I would love some from the other side of the world!

  92. Congrats! Happy blogversary! I love your blog....your wonderful trips and superb knitting. The silk cashmere looks so soft! A shawl, a cowl..hmmm what does it want to be?! Thanks!

  93. I found your blog about a year ago, and am so glad that you continue to share your thoughts and pictures, both of which I find inspirational and thought-provoking - thank you! I am a (very slow) knitter, so would appreciate the yarn if I win your generous gift. Ali.

  94. I agree, it's a magical thing: friendship, beauty, motivation, inspiration, connection... I could go on. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary. x

  95. I love you Lori! You are a gift! You are so wonderful.

  96. What a lovely reason to start your blog. I started mine shortly after my Mum passed away from cancer and though I don't have many followers and post mostly just for me, just getting a little piece of my life out there and having a distraction has really gotten me through some tough time. I'm in a really happy place again now and blogging and making connections with friends across the world has been a big part of that.

  97. Happy blog anniversary!! I found a lovely friendship via blogs and it's so special.
    If I were to win, I would love the yarn.
    Thanks you!!

  98. Oh Lori, now you got me bawling...that song (who is it by the way, divine!), those photos, your kind heart just shines everywhere. So so glad I found your blog.

  99. Dear Lori, I love your beautiful blog for many many things: your knitting, your pictures,your stories... You are so inspiring for me. Thank you for this generous give away. It is not easy to decide, but I would love the yarn. Happy blog anniversary!

  100. I'm new to your blog, but love it just the same. It has become one of the sites I check everyday for an update. Thank you for your lovely words and pictures! For the giveaway ... I would love the wool! Yours and Ginny's blogs are part of the reason that I keep challenging myself with my knitting! :-)

  101. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! I found you originally through knitting, but i always enjoy your posts, especially the picture-filled ones. Happy anniversary!

    Wil4ds on Ravelry

  102. Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of your beautiful inspiring blog. This post touched my heart!
    I would love to enter to win the sea glass...

  103. what a wonderful giveway you proposes us... you are so generous. The wool seems so beautiful, I'd love to win it! I discovered your blog some months ago only, through Vibeke's one, and both are so peaceful...

  104. Happiest of anniversaries, dear Lori. I know your mother is with you both then and now. Thank you for sharing a little slice of your life.

  105. Happy 5th Anniversary Lori!
    I am a new reader of your blog...I found you through Ginny's Yarn Along series.
    Your beautiful handknits caught my eye...but your charming blog with it's breathtaking photos have kept me coming back for more. I am delighted to know that I have 5 years worth of blogging entries to peruse through when I need a spot of California sunshine to brighten my day here in the Pacific Northwest.
    I am both a knitter and a beach comber so if I am lucky enough to be chosen in your giveaway either gift would be delightful...thank you

  106. So happy to learn the story behind this special little place you have created.

    All the best to you and your beautiful family.

  107. Hello

    Congratulations with your 5 years of blogging.

    I keep following your blog,
    It's been a while since the little pockets for Africa :)

    But reading your blog makes me as if i know you
    Very kind, very natureloving, very crafty
    You often make my day when i see a beautiful picture on your blog

    So once again

    I'd like to play with you for the give a way
    I love it all, I have no preference if I would win something, it's all so nice!!

    I hope you keep on blogging for at least another 5 years!!!

    Hilde from Belgium

  108. Look how many people have responded! That's what happens when you touch hearts!
    [the yarn]

    hope to be reading you far into the future.


  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Oh Lori! This brought sweet tears to my eyes. I feel privileged to have met you via Ravelry and your blog. I only hope to become good friends over time! Your hookey friend, Sheri aka vikingcrocheter.... (yarn)

  111. Wow 5 years! I love your blog, its always so real while still being uplifting. I'm sorry your Mum isn't here with you anymore, but what a legacy - I love the photo montage.

    Yarn for me :D

  112. Hello
    I give it a try on your blog
    It's a wonderful montage you made for your mom
    it's a honour to your family, with lots of love everywhere
    be proud of it!!

  113. Happy Bloggiversary!!!
    You have such a warm & lovely space here.

  114. Lori your blog and your video are delightful and always fills me with joy. You have created a warm and beautiful space here, and a community world wide. I really like the beach glass and shell.
    best Lucette

  115. What a beautiful post. Your Mother would be proud. And of course the yarn since that is how I found your blog.

  116. Oh Lori,
    You made me cry sweet tears at how beautiful life is with our precious families.

    What a gorgeous song .

    Love from Susan xxxxx

  117. I tried leaving a comment on my phone but it didn't seem to work...if I have now left two, please forgive me and get rid of the one you like least! I was so inspired by your "flying home" shawl and would love to win the yarn to make one of my own (that colour is so beautiful too). Congratulations on five years blogging, such great reasons for doing it and lots of reasons to keep at it still - I look forward to reading for many more years xx

  118. Happy 5 years Lori! I am so glad to have found you! It's always such a pleasure visiting you here - you have such a very special way of connecting with others and your words and images are so inspiring. And what a beautiful film celebrating your Mother.
    Love Mel xxx

  119. Happy 5 years! Your blog is such an inspiring place.

  120. Wool in "seaglass",sounds Lovely,
    wonderful colour.......
    And Happy 5 years !
    Ingela R

  121. I'm certainly glad that you kept blogging and to have met you in this online neighborhood of ours!

  122. Happy Five Years! I'm so glad to have found you here--you brighten my day. :)

  123. Coming here is such an inspiring way to start the day! Happy blog b-day:)and fingers crossed for the knitter's giveaway;)


xoxo lori