Saturday, October 5, 2013

in the blink of an eye

hellooo! one week ago i wrote a post that has caused tears everyday since. your words of comfort,
and understanding, your wishes of hope and so incredible, your donations. travis's post raised nearly eight hundred dollars (and even some euros!) for jdrf, and something we are so excited for, the artificial pancreas project, one of the research projects being funded by your generosity.

next week we will do the walk and you'll be with us. please PLEASE, if you would be so kind to email your address if you contributed, it doesn't matter whether it was by donation or wishes or even good thoughts, it's so important for travis and i to send out thank you's. many came anonymously and i don't know who to thank. i am here:,  for those that wish to remain anonymous, thank you from the bottom of my heart, forever and ever. amen.

* * * 

~  it's been a week of heart touching and heart stopping happenings. one morning my son, the one who lives in tokyo called, it was one am his time. he was returning home from dining out and was switching trains, actually he said he was being pushed out of a super crowded one at shinagawa station and was rushing to catch the next when he described hearing a loud sound behind him, a sort of thud. when he turned around, he saw, passed out and lying on the tracks below, a man perhaps in his 50's. two men immediately jumped down and were struggling to lift him. kyle saw they were not able and before he knew it, he had jumped down on the tracks too and in his words, shoulder pressed the man up to the platform as he saw the lights from the oncoming train. everyone climbed out in time. kyle ran to his train as people were patting him on the back. (later, at his home he couldn't get to sleep thinking of all the what if's and for all the adrenaline running through him!)  just thinking about this makes me feel faint. it's one of my greatest fears with three of my kids living in towns with trains they take everyday. kyle told me all this happened in a blink of an eye, and that he was aware the next train was coming in under a minute, and it's japan, they are never late. he said the timing of it was just as crazy as actually pulling the man to safety. ai yi yi.
(eta; there was no security around that my son saw, this being the last train of the night. in nyc, where two of my other kids live, it is never advised to do this, but to always call mta for help).
to my son, there are no words to describe how proud i am of you. 

* * * 

~  then one early evening there came a knock at the door. standing on the step was my husband. unexpectedly home from his job on the islands. his used to be job. all guides and rangers were ordered to leave because of government shutdowns. to be continued...

* * * 

~  and on a much lesser scale, but heart stopping none the less...i am knitting a pattern that is taking every bit of concentration. it's made with the slightest strand of fiber, almost thread like. and very sharp needles, that have been utterly helpful, night i saw, three rows below, one of the k3tog (knit three together) strands, was broken. 

broken. accidentally cut by super sharp needles.

a strand interrupted. no way to repair  (feeling panic rise, irrationally, i thought, i'll tie a knot!) but to go back. and i can only thank my guardian angel because it was the angel that insisted i put in a lifeline that morning. i had been knitting true lace for three weeks without one. and i know better! 

hope you are enjoying your weekend! i am hoping for uneventful :)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lori


  1. thank heavens for all these different lifelines!!...whether they are volunteers doing what they can for a fund raiser.. ..rescuing fallen strangers....or keeping your sanity on a lace rescue. what a week!

  2. I am glad of this life we have ~ with all of it's ups and downs ~ and happy to be here during the good and the bad times

    may we weather the bad, be thankful for the time with loved ones and truly appreciate the times that are joyous

    I'm glad your son is safe (and brave), your husband is home and well and happy for you that you listened to your angel

    and I'm so glad for unexpected friends that have come from unexpected places, Lori :)

  3. WOW! so pleased that your son is ok, and managed to help someone in the process - that lucky man being rescued by 3 strangers in such a dangerous situation!
    Pleased your lace isn't going to be a nightmare to tink (whew) and ARGH to the DH job, and the shutdown. I hope it doesn't go on much longer xxx

    So pleased you have had lots of support for the walk and fundraising too - That is so heartening to hear.

  4. Wow what a week...deep breath and exhale.

  5. Gosh Lori, what a stressful week!!!! Sorry for your husband and relieved for your son (such a great guy!)!!!!
    and the didn't need to happen!
    a big hug, xxxxx Ale

  6. oh my! lions and tigers and bears - its that type of week! A hero for a son, and a husband home. and a lifeline (and someday I will find out really what that is).
    hug the family from an anonymous friend,
    xo mim

  7. Oh my goodnes, Lori, that was a scary week! I'm so glad that your son is fine! Sorry for your hb, but I know he will be soon busy with some other way. Your knitting looks like a dream! Hugs! Teje

  8. What a week, and how brave you son was.
    Your lace looks so fine and light, it really must take some concentration.

  9. Wow...
    A lot has happened this week... You are one strong lady to be functioning with all these happening around you...
    May your weekend and this next week be a little less eventful.
    Lots if love !

  10. I bet you're hoping for uneventful!

    You have an incredible, strong, and loving family Lori, what a blessing.

    I missed your last post Lori so I'm only now sending Travis, and all those who walk to raise money every good wish. Diabetes is a disease that is rife in my family and I am grateful every day that I and my children have been spared it's demands. My father and sister have been less lucky.

  11. Oh my goodness so many things packed into one post. Hooray for the money raised. I'll be sending mine as soon as I have money right now I have zero. Your son is a hero and my heart was racing reading this post! I hope your husband being home will have a bright side. Oh dear about your broken yarn! I too am working on a very involved scarf which has found it's way into my puppy's teeth twice! Can you imagine my reaction when my kids put her on couch each time and said "Mommy the puppy has your yarn!" Thankful for guardian angels it is perfectly fine.

  12. What is that lifeline that allows repair without consequence? I want one :-)

    The subway rescue took my breath away. Courage. It runs in your family.

    That lace is so delicate I honestly never thought of it being knit. Wow.

    Thinking of you alot. Hopefully you know xoxo


  13. My goodness Lori, what a week, so full of ups and downs. Wonderful news about Travis and I do wish I could be there to walk, but I'm there in spirit all the way.

    I'm sorry about Your Chuck's job and I pray this will be over soon, it's all such a sad, disgusting mess.

    Kyle sounds like a wonderful young man, must take after his mama ;)

    I love your knit and I held my breath when you wrote of broken stitches. Can I ask, what needles are you using? When I knit my Edisto Wrap the yarn was a thread, but at least it was a fuzzy thread that I knit with addi lace, but I really wanted something sharper.

  14. Oh my. I like what Steph said about all of your lifelines. Such an apt metaphor. We all need them. Gosh, I sure do hope you get your uneventful weekend! And now I must go and read your last post. (I am so behind in Blogland.)


  15. Wail! Dear Lori,

    Like Annie above I did not receive news of your post about Travis either! And what a week you have had! It never rains but it pours :-( I am sending you all healing and positive wishes for a successful walk.



  16. Thinking of you during such a hard week and during such a hopeful time as you walk with Travis and your family.

  17. Your lace is beautiful! The courage of your son as well, it says a lot about his self esteem as well and believe me, you are a part of that! it is built up in the first precious months of a childs life and I bet he spent "some" of that time close to you!
    I am sorry about your husbands situation and pray it will be over soon! We are a bit worried about the US situation over here as well!
    Didn't really understand the solution on the knitting problem but as long as you are happy it must be fine!
    I will think of you on the day of your walk!
    take care!

  18. How proud you must be of your son! And how lucky that he escaped - I've never been to Tokyo, but I believe that to travel by train there is really hectic.

    To bad about your husband's job - I do hope that this problem will be solved quickly!

    I've never used a lifeline myself while knitting, but then I do not knit such beautiful lace as you do - glad that it worked for you!

  19. What beautiful photos always inspiring! You must be so proud of your son! Thank you for always blessing us and inspiring us with your wonderful posts. :)

  20. Oh my that story about your son had me in fear! So brave and you should be a very proud mom and tell him to be careful. I believe he has a guardian angel on his shoulder! Knitting mistakes are never ever fun, but glad you caught it in time!

  21. Oh my, oh mercy me--the train, your son, your grandson, your husband, your lace knitting--all I can do in my amazement is send you a hug. What a lot, all in one week.

  22. oh wow lori! kyle saved a life. that is life changing. he is a real live hero. i bet you're thinking about your two in nyc now with the tornado warnings. stay safe i'm sure you're telling them. how awesome that you helped raise so much money for a great cause. i'm sorry i can't do anything like that right now or be there to walk with you. i will keep your family in my prayers. your knitting is beautiful. i started my 'flying home' shawl and shoulda put in a lifeline as i've made a mistake and it's not repairing itself by me adding stitches to get the right stitch count. sigh...

  23. Oh my goodness, Lori! Thanks to your son's guardian angel, what a magnanimous act to risk himself in the blink of an eye, and to then just dash onto a train! I can see why he had to call his mum to debrief, how surreal!
    And for your own knitting guardian angel (bless 'em all!!), three weeks of lace! gracious! can't wait to see the finished piece!
    So exciting to hear the great sum raised for Travis' cause.

  24. HI Lori,

    Wow your son is so brave , hope your husband gets to go back to his work, Glad Travis's cause raised a good sum and that your lifeline worked.
    Take care love sue xxx

  25. I'm so glad your son is safe! What an amazing deed, too, to save a life. And I'm glad to hear that you have raised so much money for Travis!

  26. Lori, I could have sworn I commented on your Post about Travis and I'm so sorry you didn't receive my thoughts. One of my dearest friends has just had her 13 year old Son diagnosed with Diabetes and my Mother-In-Law has Type 2 Diabetes too. It seems to touch many people indirectly if not directly. All the very best for the 12th. And, oh my goodness, so much going on in your neck of the woods. The courageous act of your Son gives me goosebumps. And I hope things settle down in the States and your Husband can head back to work. Sheesh. What a week. Thinking of you. Mel x

  27. Ai yi yi is right!! I couldn't breathe reading about Kyle. And I'm still choked up about Travis. You have amazing children and small surprise :)
    I hope Chuck's work can continue soon. Strange happenings these days.

    I'm glad you were able to rescue the broken parts both in your knitting and in life ;)


  28. Oh Lori, my heart nearly stopped just READING about your son! Thank heaven that everyone is alright!

    Wishing you (and Chuck) calm waters ahead. I can't believe this whole government shut-down thing! Hard to grasp how this could happen in the most powerful democracy in the world. This Canadian girl sure is perplexed!

    About your yarn, is it animal fibres? you could spit-splice the broken ends...

  29. Well that was a week and a might need a whole lot of garter stitch to get over the week that was. I wish you calm, the knowledge that your children and their children are safe, a swift resolution for governance and uneventful knitting!


xoxo lori