Tuesday, October 29, 2013

october twenty ninth

Our greatest good fortune
in lives of
brilliant experiances...
was to find each other

Boy am I lucky. sigh.
I don't know what I did to deserve so much in my life,
my kids, family, friends, my husband...

Our wedding day, won't you please join us?
*four eight years ago today...

 mrs. lori ann

* this is a repost (hopefully it works), away celebrating, be back soon!     :)


  1. i remember seeing this lovely video a few years ago when you posted it, and you haven't changed - you are every bit as beautiful today as you were then. happy anniversary wishes to you and chuck! xoxo

  2. Definitely meant to be. Happy anniversary! Tammy

  3. Happy anniversary Lori! Short but so much more touching post! I love your video - I got cold shivers with the cuteness and the perfect music! I'm so happy to hear that you are so happy! x Teje

  4. Happy anniversary, with many more to come!

  5. Happy anniversary! You are such a blessed lady!! And I am so happy to meet you and your blog. Oct 29 is also my birthday~~

  6. Dear Lori,

    Such a beautiful, beautiful post! Many congratulations to you and your husband! I hope many more happy ones will come! What a beautiful video. It was my first time viewing it. The love oozes from my screen :-)

    Wanted to thank you too for your sweet words on my blog. They helped to ease the pain a little.

    Have fun celebrating! Love,

    Madelief x

  7. Happy anniversary!
    My friend Frances (city views) sent me over here to look at your wonderful images of Alaska. And you knit too! I'll be popping back soon.
    Enjoy your celebrations

  8. Happy happy happy anniversary!

  9. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the love shines through! Congratulations, and enjoy loving each other up.


  10. Hi Lori and Chuck
    Happy Anniversary - we share the same wedding date 29th October! We just celebrated our 18 married years. We marked the day by going off to a plant auction here in sussex and buying 4,000 daffodils. Just in from the garden having planted them with the help of friends and family and a trencher!
    sending our best wishes to you both
    Claire and Andrew Pengelly, England.

    1. how wonderful! happy anniversary to you Claire and Andrew! I love how you celebrated, and would love to see all those daffodils in bloom!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you all, Lori and Chuck. There is just joy in this post, and seems to me that much more joy to come in future years.

    (I did get to Loop and will write more about that...and a photo, too. It was great to let Celia know about your fabulous Alaska posts. Knew she'd like your knitting, too.!) xo

  12. Happy anniversary Lori, what a wonderful wedding, like in a film! Have a fantastic celebration!
    Jess x x

  13. Happy Anniversary to you both and many more happy years. And thanks for mentioning me on KJ's post and loving my African art- it comes from my soul.

  14. thank you very much for such kind comments, we had a wonderful getaway to celebrate, sorting through photos to share!

  15. Happy Anniversary!
    We share the same Anniversary date ~ celebrated our 30th on the 29th with a week in Montreal, Quebec ♥

  16. Cngratulations! What a happy day!
    Beautiful images, getting married on the beach, incredible!
    Important too to recognize once good fortune in life.
    Blessed with good people around us!

  17. Happy anniversary. You were such a stunning bride.

  18. happy happy 8th! <3 beautiful beautiful wedding photos

  19. I do not know you in real life - but you seem such a truly lovely person, so you deserve every good thing in life! Happy anniversary!

  20. Happy Anniversary to you both, dear Lori! You deserve every happiness. And what a beautiful bride you made, I so loved seeing the pictures.
    Helen x

  21. What a gorgeous couple. You deserve every bit of that happiness and many more years to come.

  22. Well isn't this just beautiful!!!! Made my day Lori. You guys make the sweetest couple. Thank you for sharing :-) Mel xxx


xoxo lori