Saturday, November 2, 2013

finding moonstones

it was a surprise. he had a plan.
"can you get three days off work?" my husband slyly smiled when he asked...
we celebrated our anniversary last week (thank you for the sweet comments on our wedding post! and a very happy anniversary to all those with october twenty ninth weddings!) with a getaway on the central coast of california, in cambria, on moonstone beach...

rain fell as we drove up the coast, and was falling still when we arrived. so we donned waterproofs and went looking for rainbows, for romance...

our cozy room had a fireplace and whirlpool tub :)


it's cool enough to wear my sweater :)

we visited elephant seals

elephant seals are endlessly watchable

an elephant seal nursery

they fled when chuck climbed down

only to reappear, curious creatures they are

they came close

they looked

and then they posed

hee hee

we found a snake. chuck always has to touch the tail (non poisonous ones). when he reached out to this beauty, it turned and slithered towards us. in all these photos, chuck stood still as a statue. the snake slipped around his shoe while we watched fascinated. for a moment we thought it might go up his pants (hee hee), but instead it surprised us by going down a hole we hadn't even seen

william randolph hearsts castle is just visible on the faraway hill

at sebastian's, the store/ restaurant was closed for the day, but the winery was open, so when in san simeon...

hearsts zebras

killdeer, sweet shorebirds

a first, seeing this majestic buck

well we never did see that rainbow, but the romance and the so much more, yes and yes! it was so much fun to be surprised, moonstone beach is so lovely (and it was where we spent our first anniversary, thank you so much honey!!) we wildlife watched, on the ocean and on trails. we beach combed, hand in hand, we clinked glasses (even in the afternoon!) and counted down as the setting sun slipped into the pacific. we tide pooled and then briefly, we tucked into town, he to the sports store, me the wool. we dined on shrimp crostini, new england clam chowder, and macadamia crusted wild alaskan halibut. and each morning continental breakfast. and the desserts... they were almost more delicious than the time we spent, sharing, planning, dreaming, just being, together   :)
thank you for coming along, it is always such a pleasure to share! 
love, lori and chuck


  1. Love, love, love all the photos!!!
    The little squirrel (?) is adorable.
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip :)

  2. Must have been such incredible few days, me and my youngest boy, so much enjoyed the pictures of the elephant seals and the squirrels!
    Bless you Lori and Chuck!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful get away. Looks very romantic, and how cool that you even managed to buy some yarn. Fantastic pictures, I think my very favorite was the first one. Your sweater looks beautiful.
    We've just come back from Italy and the boys brought back a big collection of sea glass which they donated to their goldfish.

  4. Such beautiful photo's Lori! The wildlife along the Californian coast is amazing: the seals, the birds, your stones & glass....Happy to hear you and your love had a good time!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

    Love the cardigan!!

  5. Oooo Ooooo! I know just how utterly marvelous that trip was.... look where we were 2 years ago!

    And I have a little pile of moonstones on the bedroom window sill to remind me :-)

    What a perfect anniversary treat xx

  6. What a wonderful anniversary surprise and trip! As always, your photos are stunningly beautiful. The snake ones did creep me out a bit though... ;-)

  7. gee this place looks awfully familiar )) its wonderful to see it through your lens, and looks like you went to all the best spots. Once I was walking home (on a dirt road) and nearly stepped on the hugest snake I've ever seen.
    I froze alright, but not like the good naturalist Chuck is; more like the frozen in fright woman who then let out a little scream and RAN all the way home. I see those little holes a lot at the Fiscalini Ranch. I'm sticking to the boardwalks! Did you find any moonstones?

  8. love all your photos ... smiled when I saw your little squirrel - one of the first photos I took walking through old montreal was of a sweet squirrel who approached us :-) and then, of sparrows :-)
    looks like you brought home beautiful memories & moonstones ♥ xo

  9. Happy anniversary and thank you for all the lovely photos, just beautiful!

  10. You guys take the BEST photos! What a gorgeous anniversary getaway. The snake going into his hole is so cool!

  11. What a great trip. The landscapes are extraordinary. Since kids our anniversaries have been a little swamped by family life...thanks for sharing yours.

  12. It looks like a magical getaway, lucky you being surprised!! xxx

  13. I LOVED reading this, happy happy anniversary! I can't wait until my husband and I can take overnight trips alone again, without the kids. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  14. Can I be your adopted daughter and go on your next vacation. Please :) I loved those elephant seals. Your anniversary get-a-way looked perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Wow, such beauty. Thank you for taking us along.

  16. Just plain....PERFECT!!!

  17. You caught the Green Flash!!!! I'm so so impressed with that and with all your pics. Since I was just hiking there a few weeks (months?) ago it all looks familiar and lovely and wonderful. and of course, the Lori pics and amazing. Happy anniversary to you both

  18. I'm speechless Lori, with goose bumps all over my arms…….!!!!
    lucky girl, xxxxxx Ale

  19. what a lovely surprise. <3 beautiful photos as always

  20. What a fantastic trip - and the photos are stunning! You do seem to have had the most wonderful time! And those elephant seals, well they do look as if they know the art of enjoying life, don't they? :-)

  21. Such a wonderful anniversary get away.....just perfect for the two of you! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time together, and I loved all the wonderful wildlife photos......and the sun going down so romantically......and your beautiful knitted cardigan too. Happy anniversary!
    Helen x

  22. I love when you take "us" along for one of your's just like being there. The seals are adorable and made me miss living on the west coast; I especially liked the sun bathing. XOXO

  23. I can see you had a lovely time, photos are just beautiful, thank you!

  24. Dear Lori, My goodness, your photographs are so so wonderful. I hope to be able to share that central coast beauty with our girls someday.
    Happy anniversary!!! A bit belated, as is the email I have been hoping to send, so I will try to do that now....
    Love to you!
    Renee <3

  25. Amazing photos! Congrats to you and Chuck on your anniversary.

  26. dear lori,
    your previous post and this one
    made me smile from ear to ear
    what a beauty, outside and in!
    the magical places you visit
    thank you for sharing


  27. Once again Lori, your photography mesmerized me and took my breath away. Nicely done, thank you. Oh yes, happy anniversary!

  28. ahhhhhhhhh. . .i fell better. . .thanks for going on a trip just so i can see you pictures!!!! i always love what you choose to photograph.

  29. Ohh, and, oooohh, and, ahhhh......

    My goodness, Lori, you have outdone yourselves here photography-wise! So much beauty, and love too! I love the his and her breakfasts and computers ;-)

    Hugs from France,


  30. Lovely!! I so love it when you post up millions of photos, Lori. The Elelphant seals! How comical they are!
    Happy Anniversary you two!

  31. I had my little ones on my lap when I scrolled through this post. They loved all of the wildlife photos. My two year old has declared that she "wants to go there!" I think we have our next family road trip destination. What a wonderful looking trip! Thank you for sharing.

  32. It's so very clear from this post that, as the song goes, your "love is here to stay." How generous you are, Lori, to share this fabulous time and place with us.

    Nature is also so very generous with its gifts.

    I even liked the slithering snake and its hiding place. Chuck certainly is a brave man to remain so still during that particular photo sequence.

    Continued best wishes to you all. xo

  33. Goodness Lori, you two get the most magnificent photos. It's as if you are in the Sahara, not CA, with all the wildlife. Thanks for sharing such beauty. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  34. y'all are just the sweetest most in love couple ever. warms my heart. xo

  35. Wow! The beauty is amazing and stunning! No wonder people talk about loving CA!!!! So glad you had such a special anniversary!!

  36. Ahhh, sweet Lori Ann, Yes! You were in one of my favorite spots on earth. I still miss living there and walking the boardwalk, seeing the coastal ranges, walking Moonstone Beach and the Fiscalini Ranch hiking trails. Cambria is still home to me.

    I enjoyed (and spent time on) every photo, every word. Your photography is stunning and is somehow getting better and better, though I thought it was great a year ago.

    Saturday will be a short talk and book signing because I am giving (along with my friend Susie Bassetti) a book party for Sue and Joe. It will be at the ranch. Are you coming for Remnants of the Past?

    Happy anniversary to you both.



  37. What a beautiful way to celebrate shared years. Happy Anniversary, Lori!

  38. It is always such a pleasure to tag along on your adventures. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. Chuck vs. the Snake gave me the chills...

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  39. Happy anniversary!!! May you have many decades more together happily :)

  40. what a lovely getaway on OH! those elephant seals. Love them. Happy anniversary!

  41. Oh my word, such WONDERFUL photos, I feel like I was on that trip with you. How amazing to get so close to the sea lions. Congratulations on your anniversary, what a special way to spend it. Thank you for your comment on my blog, my goodness you can pop by any time hehe. Thank you! xx
    Ooh and before I go, thanks also for the shawl recommendation, funnily enough it is already in my Ravelry favourites!

  42. what a wonderful trip you give us with your pictures... Happy anniversary then! You bring so much light with you (inside and outside, I can see it!) Your pictures are really amazing!!! (oh the snake... I would have run away...)

  43. moonstone beach is where my parents have gone for little getaways for years and a few years ago we joined- all four of us! It's so fantastic, isn't it? When our girls get a little older, we will maybe go just the two of us. But I think I would miss them WAY too much. It's such a great place for kiddos to explore.
    BEAUTIFUL picture journey. You caught that area of CA. better than anyone could have. You capture the love.

  44. i just booked the four of us up there for a few nights in december...
    where did you stay??? i booked at moonstone landing....XO

    1. we stayed at the white water inn, moonstone landing looks awesome cory! next time we plan to reserve one of those cute little moonstone cottages by the sea!

    2. yay! you got me to spend a bunch of money just to go back up there. THAT'S how moving and good this blog entry was!

  45. thank you so much for the kind sweet comments, we so appreciate everyone!!

  46. Happy belated Anniversary.......loving your seaside and nature photos. Beautiful!
    Greetings from Michigan,

  47. Just amazing Lori!!! The boys are with me and completely enthralled with the animal shots, as am I :-) Happy Anniversary, what a perfect way to celebrate. Mel xxx

  48. wow wow wow! what a sweet spot! gorgeous photographs. and you're lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful husband.

  49. Hello and happy anniversary! All your photos are so beautifull and i little magic because the seaside really look like where we live, in Portugal, south west Algarve. ( Sorry for my bad english, i'm french).


xoxo lori