Sunday, November 24, 2013

the proposal

there was an ad, it read: photographer needed. i did not see it, but my daughter, the ad answerer, did. she signed us up and said 'a job for you mom!' this job actually needed two people, one to photograph and one to video (my daughters job). what we would be shooting:  a surprise proposal.

we met the couple at the agreed upon (gorgeous) place, on the pretense of taking a christmas card photo. my daughter was worried we would accidentally say congratulations! but that was quickly forgotten when we saw how flustered (nervous, excited...) the groom to be was.

we took photos and did our best to help him relax. inside though, i was a little nervous waiting for the agreed upon word, which would mean the moment was here.

finally, he said it, the secret, get your cameras ready, word. i watched him reach down and from his pocket out came a small black box. at the same moment he went to one knee.

oh sigh. oh my goodness. i took photos and i cried. it was all so romantic, the setting, the beautiful couple so in love, the surprise he had planned. it was an honor to be a part of, it's something i'll always remember.

once upon a time you met
and shared much love and laughter
may your engagement continue the fairy tale
happy ever after

congratulations sarah and david!

p.s. writing this post is helping to take my mind off worrying, at this moment chuck is running in a fifty mile ultra trail run, the santa barbara red rock 50 mile endurance run, and the sun set over three hours ago.
this is a post made year before last on the race, everything was the same today (except i didn't bring a camera) only his time might be a little faster, and the makers mark replaced jack daniels. i hope he finishes soon. it is sometimes a challenge being married to adventure.


  1. wow lori! this is so sweet. you and kim are the perfect witnesses to this act of love. great shots. look how her chest is so red - her heart is just glowing! hoping chuck is home in your arms by now. xox anushka

  2. Us passionate ones are gluttons for romance, aren't we, dear Lori? I bet your heart was beating mighty fast when THE MOMENT arose!

    Please, if you have a second, do let me/us know that your wonderful daredevil husband is doing well.

    Hugs from France, Lori, and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. It always brings me joy to see you there.


  3. How sweet! With this start, I am sure that their marriage will be a success.

    I hope that Chuck is home now, safe and sound (and probably tired)!

  4. so sweet and emotional……I'm crying with you Lori!!!!!! May I say congratulations to you all???? ;oD
    I'm sure Chuck is with you right now!!!!
    love, xxxxx Ale

  5. What a great job!!
    I take it she said yes!
    Go Chuck!!

  6. aww how romantic that he had organised to get it photographed/videoed!! I hope you hear that your adventurer has finished soon (or did so hours ago by now possibly!)

  7. Oh I love this - what a sweet man! Hope your man is back with you now xxx

  8. Ah so romantic!! Lovely that the happy couple now have a phtotgraphic and video record of their special moment. Hope Chuck is home safely with you again now. xx

  9. Beautiful, and so romantic, I hope all goes well for Chuck, I know the feeling, my husband, an adventurer though in a smaller scale as chuck, makes me worry sometimes to...

  10. I pray your Chuck is home safe and sound. Lovely post, for a second I thought this was one of your daughter's but I didn't recognize her (amazing about that!!). I love "love" and you captured it beautifully.

  11. Now that is a job I'd love to have. You captured the excitement so well! What a fun thing for you and your daughter to be a part of. I hope Chuck does well with his race!

  12. So darn sweet. Great photos. All the best to Chuck!

  13. Wow, what an opportunity - I'm glad both you and the couple were able to get such a special memory from of the event!

    And I am also (soon to me) married to adventure :) My fiance is a marathoner and likely will be an ultra marathoner by the time he is 30. You're right, it certainly is worrisome while they're on the harder trails!

  14. What a lovely thing that you were there to capture their love.

    Hopefully Chuck is safe and sound and back home now. He's quite the adventurer!

  15. 50 miles? Holy Crap! Really! That's all I can say!

  16. I know by now that your Chuck must be home, safe and sound. What an amazing adventure indeed.

  17. that is so wonderful, how sweet was that guy. <3
    i hope chuck is home and resting by now. ((hugs))

  18. so sweet, your photos capture the moment so beautifully. and hope chuck is home with you now, safe and sound.

  19. hope hubby is home safe and resting!!! 50 miles???? YIKES! (He's going to be able to guiltlessly indulge in all that turkey!!!!!)

  20. Such a special moment and I couldn't imagine a more perfect person to capture it--wish you lived closer! Happy Thanksgiving dear friend, XOXO

    and how special that must have been, both for them and for you : )

    hopefully your adventurer is safely back home with you again!


  22. so sweet ♥ how lovely to have been a part of it.
    50 miles - wow - although along Santa Barbara sounds amazing :-}

  23. Dear Lori

    I hope Chuck arrived back home safe and sound. Fifty miles is quite a distance! Well done to him. You must be so proud. My husband Jan was very sporty as well. He loved running, skating and skiing :-) I enjoyed accompanying him!

    Your photo shoot looks so romantic. I can imagine how special it must have been taking part in it all and see the love between them. I think I would have cried as well. Especially now :-)

    You asked me about my new crochet project.....Oh, such a difficult question. I really have no idea. At the moment I am making a a pillow case (ripple stitch) for my youngest daughter Annebelle, after that....I don't really know. Hope I will get some inspiration soon. I still have a granny square blanket to finish too, but I would like to make something else in between :-)

    Wishing you a Happy day!

    Madelief x

  24. Oh my, your photos are so beautiful.
    Good luck to Chuck! xxx

  25. How lovely to be able to record someones special day and to share it with your daughter, too. You made a great job.I hope that Chuck is home safe and sound from his adventure.

  26. I am the bride to be and am extremely lucky to have been given such a romantic, special, thoughtful proposal.

    I am honored that the kindest, funniest, wisest, most determined, truly good man I have ever met wants to spend his life with me. David, I love you!

    Lori and Kimberly - thank you for playing such a great role in our day and leaving us with such amazing memories, photographs and video. Whenever I look at the images and video I cry, just as I do every time I read this wonderful blog post.

    Thank you all for your kind comments. Our wedding will be the coming summer and we are deeply excited about our future married life.

    1. oh sarah! you are so welcome, but i want to thank you and your david, it was one of the most memorable moments of my life, and a complete honor to have been there with both of you. you make a beautiful couple (i love how he looks at you). i'm wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love together. summer!!

  27. How wonderful! And what a lovely comment above, something she'll never forget. Good for you Lori! this is great

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xoxo lori