Saturday, May 9, 2009

being prepared

This morning the first bit of good news has scrolled across our television screens, but even before the news went on we could already hear and feel the change in the air. A blessed marine layer has covered us finally and the winds have died down allowing the above DC-10 to aid in the fight. Almost 9,000 acres have burned now more than 30,500 people, about a third of Santa Barbara's population have evacuated from their homes. Today's headlines said 'everybody's affected now'.

yes. If anything good can be said about this devastating fire, or any natural disaster, it is that it has the potential to bring people together. The feeling here is that no one is a stranger, everyone is our neighbor, our friend. I hug people I don't know, offer our house, our help. Last night the nearby college was ordered to evacuate, my daughter posted on facebook to contact her, we could take a few more. I want to volunteer at the Red Cross, but we've decided to leave on our trip as planned. We have struggled with this as any parent or homeowner could imagine. But the support we've gotten from family, friends and dear neighbors helped us to decide. I spent most of this morning sitting at the breakfast table of our two close neighbors. They have been so sweet and reassuring (even though this morning we all received a paper in our mailboxes reminding us to gather what we will need in the event we have to evacuate) telling us to go and they would keep both sets of eyes on my kids. I should say they are 18 and 23, and have good heads. Sorry I am jumping all around, it is such an emotional time. I cry unexpectedly. Yesterday my daughter stepped on a bee and I cried, I hear the helicopters, i cry, oh and when i overheard my son having a conversation with one of his friends a "hotshot" who's fighting the fire, i really cried. I pictured him when he was a little boy, now he's fighting deadly fires.

I am really hating these last few posts, my hearts hurts all the time, all the sadness and fear. But i have two bits to share that really made me smile through the tears! First, my lovely in laws have a home to return to! Here is an amazing story that my F.I.L. told to us on the phone (their still safely away 2 hours north). The gated community they live in is mostly all retired citizens. It seems they all got out safely except for 2. These elderly gentlemen stayed (reason unknown) saw the fire coming and hid! Until morning. When they stepped out they saw that the landscape had burned around them, black. But the condominiums stood untouched. They are made of stucco and mortar, probably bricks too. I think some windows blew out from the heat. But home and memories inside still intact. Breathing now....

and then this!

This 3-day-old mule deer fawn and a baby bobcat displaced by the fire are being held in the Santa Barbara County dispatch center, as flames continue to rage through their natural habitat. This photo was in the local paper yesterday! Hello little ones! Ah, I hope they'll be ok.
Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all your good wishes,prayers and thoughts. We are not out of the woods yet so if I can be so bold to ask, please continue to send them out to all the firefighters, people and animals that need it. Bless your hearts.
love, lori


  1. And I am so bold to speak for all of us, Lori dear, We will continue to send our prayers, our love, and our bubbles of safety for you and your family, your neighbours and friends - and that includes everyone affected - and the fire fighters and all the helpers! We send you energy and trust and hopefully rain clouds. May the winds die down and the healing begin. We are all thinking of you, people of Santa Barbara - and of Carpinteria! Love from Geli

  2. Ditto Geli, so well put. I'm coreographing a rain dance tonight. Neighbors invited, doorman conducts.

    Ciao beautiful mama Lori, happy mother's day. I suggest you book a massage and treat yourself to a pamper supreme on this day. You have many reasons beyond the evident FIVE to celebrate.


  3. It is so weird that only a few months ago, this was happening here.I completely understand the feelings, Lori.
    It is o.k. to share whatever you need to share, when you need to share it. You might be surprised to realise that people love you through good stories and bad, which translates in real terms as unconditional love.Could we give any other sort to a shining light such as you, Lori?

    Enjoy your trip,darling, your neighbours sound like wonderful people.xxoo♥♥

  4. Oh I definately agree with all that Angela said.
    Go and enjoy your dream trip.

  5. I ditto everything else said so far. Our thoughts, prayers and rain dance coming your way.

  6. And i love you Lola, and you Natsy and you Mandy and you Lover. Thank you so much. ☺. Happy tears.

  7. Lori ann, everyone has been watching out for that fire over the passes of Santa Barbara. California seems to be in the news for so many disasters. Our love and prayers are with you and your neighbors.

  8. Lori Ann,
    Such wonderful news that the cold mists are decending and the fires are dying down.

    May love surround everyone affected by the fire...and may your tears release all of your stress, fear, and empathy leaving you and all those around you healed.

    Excellent decision to go forward with you in a positive outcome is a blessing and gives you the push to move on.

    Love to you <3

  9. Thinking of you with love and wishing you a safe journey too.

    xxx Ribbon

  10. Thank you Rosaria, love to you too. Did you hear we had an earthquake too? yesterday, a 4.5 centered in Ventura.

    Cynthia, I love how you put things, having faith in the positive. Yes. Thank you, much love to you.

    Thank you so much Ribbon, you are a lovely lovely person I am so glad to know. Sending love to you.

    Thanks to you all, your words help more than you know.

  11. God bless you, Lori - your posts have made a news story from the other side of the world a frightening, immediate reality. Such is the power of the internet and the blogging world. I wept while I read them. Will keep praying that the worst is over now, and that your kids and the animals and people there will be safe. Good Luck with your travels over here to our side of the world; I cannot wait to see photos and hear reports of all the marvellous things you will be seeing and doing!

  12. I can't really add to what Angela has already said.
    And like Lola, I will dance for rain to fall.
    It's not surprising that you are so emotional, there is something about fires that really stirs up the emotions - perhaps its the fact that it flares uncontrollably and wreaks such utter devastation.
    Be safe and I hope you have a wonderful mother's day. xxx

  13. everyone has said it all already Lori
    Lots of love to you all

    the photo of the bobcat/deer says it all - we can live together when we have to. Sad that it takes disasters to show us this.


xoxo lori