Monday, May 4, 2009

...counting down...

I knew it would be too hard to stay away from here! I remembered there were a couple last things to say/share, before I go away for 3 weeks. The giraffe photo above was to entice you to come by for a visit, you'll understand why when you see the next 2 photos...a laptop! not exciting. Giraffes, great!

But I have a good reason for showing you my computer! This is your "Learn to make a Heart ♥ " tutorial. Yay!! Well, i'm sure there are some that couldn't care less, but for the friends that have sent me emails asking to please tell them how, this is for you (there's something for the rest of you at the end of this post!). Since I am not so good with words, I am going to simply show you in these 2 photos. Above photo looks like your normal laptop. Okay? Now see below. Here some little monkeys are demonstrating where you will place your fingers to make the heart First you will place a finger on the far left key, the one marked Fn (see, I am showing my total computer ignorance because i have no idea what this stands for). And at the same time put a finger on the Alt key (where the monkey is laying). Now, with your right hand touch the L key, which is also the number 3 key on a laptop, if you are on a desk top you will touch the #3 key. So, left hand presses down first on the two keys and then press the 3, lift your fingers all together, and ta ~ da!! ♥♥♥ .
I hope my monkeys and I have explained it well and I really hope that when I get back there will be little hearts floating all around the blogcommunity.
Spreading the love, what could be better than that? :)
~ ~

Here is a certain 7 year old (today) that I am going to miss, Sorry baby, you cannot come to Africa with us. She asks me regularly. It's hard to say no to this face, those freckles. But sorry doodlydoo girl. No. But Happy Happy Birthday! Love you forever, Grammy.
Below is a present for you, if you like puzzles this is a fabulous website. When you click on the giraffes (obsessed much? my kids say YES) you will be taken to Jig Zone, where you just might forget about solitaire forever! I just found out that if you turn up the volume the pieces make a satisfying clink when they match up. Hmmm..the simple things, heh?Click to Mix and Solve

Have fun playing!
Now I really am going,
my suitcase is packed, clothes (a little) film (alot), kindness, grace and compassion (never enough).
I'm ready.
love, Lori


  1. Ahaha! SO COOL heart lesson!
    I love Giraffes so much, they are just so elegant and well, tall! I am sure they are the supermodels of the animal kingdom.
    Doodledoo is a little precious - what a face..... Just so sweet. Happy Birthday little sweet princess from Australia.
    Ah, Lori/Lorry, I have said it all - you know the rest.xx♥♥♥♥♥♥♥xx
    (from the genius with love.)

  2. Great post!
    Thank you for the giraffe game, that will keep us busy as long as you are gone... ;-)
    I was wondering how I could put a *heart* on the screen with my Mac... and looked it up.
    There seems no real keyboard short cut but...
    the first option is through the character map, which will pop up with pressing the keys
    Then look for the heart and insert.
    Option two is writing
    & hearts ;
    without the spaces, so type the and symbol followed by the word hearts and the semicolon...
    hope it works

    Enjoy Africa Lori!!! ♡♥❤

  3. What a charming post, Lori Ann. I love your sweet grandaughter's little smile and soft eyes. I so like your heart better that the other one... I do. Thanks for the lesson!

    I left you an award at Oasis Writing Link for when you return. If you're still on a computer, check it out.

    Have a lovely time in Africa. I will send you all the positive energy I can this morning in my meditation. ♥

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  5. Oh ja, forgot to mention that we MAC users have a shortcut that windows users don't have.. hihi..

    We can make 


  6. ♥♥♥
        thank you!

    By the time you get back I will have a post ready about the Japanese keyboard for my PC, I promise!

  7. Happy birthday, little princess! And don`t be sad, there will be a time when you can see the giraffes and monkeys yourself!
    Your monkeys don`t work with my computer, Lori. Maybe because I have no fn key? I do have strg, though, and tried that, but no heart! Hmmm.
    I just sent you an envelope, hoping it will reach you in five days so you can take it along. If not, give the contents to your sweet doodlydoos!
    Lots of love, but I`ll mail you before you leave anyway!

  8. ♥♥
    have an awesome time and hope we get to meet

  9. I can't make the little hearts. Drat! Imagine that I am sending you loads of them for you journey. Have tons of fun.

  10. Oh dear god!!I cant thank you enough for the tutorial.I thought everyone knows how to do that except me and if i ask I'll stand out for being dumb.I know I think a lot :D.♥♥♥.Love you so much dear Lori :D♥♥.


    p.s;And oh,I forgot,Have a safe and happy journey.♥♥♥(I am getting addicted to this :D

  11. Oh! Doodlydoo's name is the same as my middle child! We are at it again!!! :D

  12. Lori you are way too cool!!

    Great post as always.
    I love the monkeys :-0 sooo cute and what an awesome teacher you are.

    I'm gonna get hearting!!

    and how cute is your grandaughter!

    best wishes Ribbon

  13. Happy Birthday, adorable toto!

    I can't make the heart, but I send you mine anyway, Lori! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwgh, I'm going to miss you. Kiss that African earth for me, girl!

  14. I am SO excited for you! Can't wait to hear the stories ... Val says you should never get into a staring contest with a giraffe. Good advice, eh?

    LOVE the monkey lesson on making hearts. Just looks like a long straight line on my computer, but now I know how to make them.


    Thinking of you with love |||||

  15. Natsy sweetie, could you have a bigger, more generous heart? thank you again for the lesson and for not minding that I share it, I knew you wouldn't! And thank you for the birthday wishes, I shall pass them on to my little wonder girl, now we'll have to have a lesson on "Where is Australia?" because she'll be wanting to know! love you.

    Dear Michi, aggg! I'm so sorry, I forgot about the Mac! Of course! Sorry sorry. I know that keyboards differ around the world, so I knew this lesson wouldn't work for all. You sound much more computer literate than me, I think you should give the Mac tutorial!? oh, and I fixed the link on the giraffe puzzle.

    Dear Cynthia, thank you so much, I'll be over this afternoon! I can't concentrate too much at work, besides I would much rather come for a visit to the OWL. love to you.

    Dear Tulsa, oh good, I have been so curious! See there, you've given me something to look forward to when I return! much love.

    Dearest Geli, I'll give miss Bella a hug from you today, she wants me to come see the pony she got for her birthday(toy one). I'll look for the mail, we still have 6 days, it should be here.

    Thanks Janet, i'll mail you. Did I tell you I finally got a new pair of binocs? I'll be thinking of you while birding and walking!!

    Dear Jennifer,(i love that name) you probably have a Mac which I completely neglected. :(
    but no worries, I know your hearts there, Thank you dear.

    Chaitra, not dumb, no no no. thats the beauty of this, we get to share and learn and support each other, and the best part (i think)in a completely safe way. I am so glad you are having fun. Makes me smile. love to you sweetie!

    Dear Ribbon, those monkeys have been multiplying all around our house! they sell them in these little vending machines, something like 25 cents buys 3, my kids keep bringing them home! So funny, i always laugh when they show up in random places! have fun making hearts!

    Tessa, you can be sure I will. You know I'll have you in my heart the whole way. I've got the small grammy and baby painting you sent me in my bag, it'll take the trip with me, so you see? a part of you will be there too. Much love my friend.

    Reya, no gazing into giraffes eyes? there's no way around it. Big chocolatly brown pools surrounded by thick fringes of feathery lashes, impossibly hypnotic. Must ask Val about this...long straight line you back.

    ♥ my friends, thank you so much ♥ lori

  16. Your granddaughter is so precious!! And I love how you were thinking of all us and giving us a puzzle to do in your absence. You will be sorely missed but it will be worth it to hear about your adventures when you return. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Aden

  17. Have fun and be safe.♥

    You are a great teacher, I got to give you a ♥♥♥

    It is easy and funnnn! Thanks Natalie, thanks Lori.

  18. Happy birthday to your cute little granddaughter! She's about my little girls age, who turns 7 in July!

    Lori, I'm so excited for your journey! What an amazing experience that will be for you! I also think it is awesome what you are doing for those little kids at the day care. I'm sure they will LOVE those cute little hats! How fun will that be to see them wearing them?!

    (For anyone out there interested in helping out kids in Africa and elsewhere, I'm doing a fundraiser along with my Ironman for Against Malaria. Please come check out my page there and help me buy some mosquito nets! Thanks!)

    God be with you on your trip, Lori and have fun! I will miss your sweet comments on my blog! ♥

  19. Thank you Lori, you are really lovely!

    Enjoy your trip!! And please, send us some photos from time to time...

  20. Great game,

    Thanks & Good luck

    Wiz :-)

  21. 333333... not working... perhaps because I have a MacBook and not a pc. Mhm...33333333... nope.

    Anyway, first things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweet freckled princess. She is adorable! Well done, mamma.

    Are you ready and sleepless? I bet you are! Have you changed your ticket in order to stop in Rome and swing by to get me? ...No? Oh, well maybe next time. I have Mt Kili plans for me and Mr E. once he gets a little older. In the meantime, we'll revel at the sight of your photos and the joy of your poetry posted on your blog. I can't wait, just like you.

    Did you get my text reply?
    I will miss you horribly and bite my fingernails until your return. I don't do envy, but I do feel a smidge when I think of the smell you'll be inhaling shortly. The red soil... the flat clouds, laying on an imaginary glass sheet overhead... the wildlife... the noisy bush nights in the tent... the starry sky... The giraffes... lions... the acacias...

    I loved the little caps you knitted, what a compassionate, wonderful, caring human being you are.

    With all my love, buon viaggio sweet sweet Lori.

  22. lol, my goodness, what a pleasant blog entry. : - ) You know what, I've ALWAYS wondered about how to make a heart and had no idea where to look. So thank you for revealing that long-standing mystery for me!!! Have a wonderful time in Africa. Be safe!

  23. Thanks for the training session. Spreading the love - nothing is better. Take our love to Africa with you. Be safe. Enjoy!

  24. I just want to wish you a safe journey and hope you bring back a lot of pics. What you are doing is fantastic and Spiritually uplifing! I'm sure the children will love your presence and presents!

  25. Lovely, lovely blog and writing you have here. I've read several of your posts. Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a brilliant trip away in Africa. The hats you made for the babies are priceless and so thoughtful.

  26. Oh dear it doesn't work on mine :-(

    I did exactly what you said. Could it be an english keyboard thing perhaps?

    Wishing you a truly wonderful trip. We all look foward to hearing all about it on your return. Safe journey xxx

  27. Hmm well, my desktop doesn't have an FN key (thought my laptop does...) so I will have to find another way to make hearts!
    And no, no, no, how could you point me to a jigsaw site - there go the last remaining hours of my day! ;-)

    Lori, hope you have a totally fabulous time and that you get to take some wonderful photos. Travel safely! xxx

  28. Thank you for the ♥ lesson! I've wondered about that!

  29. Giving it a try ♥ for those of you who had difficult....I did, too. I couldn't make a heart by pressing the "L" but had to press that "3" only the one on the far right works. ♥♥♥

  30. Wow, thanks for teaching about the extra keyboard! There are so many options here!
    ☀ ♥ ♡


xoxo lori