Saturday, May 2, 2009

into Africa

Kenya 2001

We're leaving in a few days time!

I won't be blogging for a while,

not too very long,

but long enough to miss it here...

I know I really will be taking you all with me in a way, because you'll all be in my thoughts and heart every step of the way. I'll be keeping a journal, but the book and pen type, my old familiar friend.

I'll have to think on how I can share that...

Our itinerary will take us to Paris, Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, Botswana, Kasane, Chobe, Hwange, Matusadona and Mana Pools in Zimbabwe.

This will be my third trip to Africa, but it will be a new experience, I've not been to most of these places. It doesn't matter where I get to go though, every time, everyplace, it's like the first time. A thrill always.

If all goes to plan we will meet three blog friends (!!!)

Karen, Val and Janet ...

I still can't believe the effort they are making for me, I hope they know that if it doesn't work out, it's OK, I just love them them for thinking about it.


We'll be visiting the Kazungula Day Care Centre and meeting Sharon, who runs the Centre, the teacher, assistants and the children. Karen will graciously meet us there. I'll be sure to take lots of photos to share here later! I've been in email contact with Sharon, the past several months, learning a little about the children, and their needs. My sister (who is coming with us) and I have gathered supplies that they can use and hopefully will like. And then, because they are so small, ages 2 and a half to 6, I wanted to bring something personal. Something from a Mum. So here is my idea, the project I've been working on for the last few months....

I've knitted 35 (a few still awaiting appliques) little hats, made out of the softest yarns, cotton, bamboo and silk. Just like what I would make for my own babies. I found the cutest material too and each hat has an appliqued African animal on it, giraffes, monkeys, hippos and lions... I learned that Botswana can get cold now in the winter.

I hope the babies like them.

I can't wait to meet them.

a letter from Sharon:

"The children are 2.5 yrs to 6 yrs of age, all from Kazungula Village/Newstands area near the lodge. Needy, destitute, HIV children. They learn English, to read, draw, colour, numbers etc from our teacher and her 2 assistants, and then of course they spend a lot of time playing and learning to interact with each. They are with us mon – fri and have 3 meals a day at the day care centre. Of course our big expense is food, but we also try give the kids new or good condition 2nd hand clothing and shoe’s as often as possible, jerseys in winter, hats in summer etc. Anything and everything from a piece of paper to draw on to whatever is put to good use."

I'm going to want to stay.

And then. This book ,
On Safari by David Anderson
is the reason(well, one)that we will be taking this journey.

We will be submitting photos for the second edition of David's next book. In 2004 Chuck and I and approximately 140 other photographer's from around the country went on safari to ten countries in East and Southern Africa.

This book is a result of that year.

Chuck and I went from Cape Town to the Limpopo Province at the Botswana border. Doing much of the driving ourselves the dilemma was who would drive and who would navigate. He decided that I should drive while he figured out the maps. Either way it was going to be a problem because I am the world's worst navigator and not too good with driving in foreign countries with everything reversed, the side of the road you drive on, the steering wheel, indicators, baboons in the road, things like that!...oh but that's part of the adventure and another story!

The assignment again is simple, use the art of photography to visually capture the special magic of the safari experience. Well, simple in theory! Luckily they were happy with our submissions and on one of the most exciting days of my life I got an email saying several of my images would be used.(Chuck too, of course!) I am really, really honored and do believe it's a beautiful book not only because of the images ,but to be part of a project that promotes responsible and sustainable ecotourism in East and Southern Africa.

For more info and a peek into the book you can go to

Focus on Africa Publications


I think that's it. Hopefully i'll get one more post up before we go, but if not, I want to wish everyone a wonderful month...

I'll miss all your brilliant blogs...

See you my friends at the end of May :)



  1. Dear Lori,
    you will be missed.But do have a great trip with wonderful experiences and beautiful memories and then share it with all of us.We will be waiting eagerly for your return.Have a safe and fun journey.

    With lots of love

  2. Wow! I will miss your lovely little face on my computer too. I am so excited for you both, it sounds absolutely wonderful.
    What about how clever you both are??? Yay! about the Photos, sob, sniff about the little hats - brought a little tear to my eye to see all those beautiful hats made with such love and care.
    Have a wonderful,wonderful time - a SAFE time, and know that we will be right alongside you both as you said. :D

    Love to you as always, Natsy.xx♥

  3. I am so impressed with you and what you are about to do ... the handmade gifts you are taking will be adored by the children ... what a life altering experience you are about to embark on ... could you just pack me in one of your suitcases? Be safe and enjoy this.

  4. Cheers Lori Ann to a safe and happy trip.

    Love the hats.

    Renee xoxox

  5. Have a wonderful adventure Lori!
    I can't wait to hear all about it when you return.

    Blessings and Love from Canada.

    - Meagan

  6. Lori, have a great trip. We're happy and excited for you. Enjoy.

  7. We wish you good health, good roads, good jeeps, good weather and lots and lots of hugs from those sweet children. They will adore those little hats, so lovingly made! We eagerly await stories...

  8. i can't wait to live vicariously through you when you post about your journey upon your return! have oodles of fun. :) i'll miss reading your blog.

  9. My Bonnie Lori, you are the most amazing and caring and loving woman! I wish everyone who took out on a journey would give so many thoughts to it before! You let us take part in your preparations, and now we will all be going with you, hoping for adventures and encounters and monkeys and sunsets. We all will accompany you with our love and our gasps, so please try to keep everything in mind and tell us about every detail! We can`t wait to have you back, but you enjoy your trip now in no hurry! Give my hugs to all the children, and to Sharon, and to Karen, and to Janet, and of course to my dearest friend Val! Take good care! Love from Geli

  10. my mouth is watering at the thought of your blogs when you get back!!
    Take gazillions of pics

  11. Dear Lori!
    I wish you the best trip ever! You will meet some wonderful people there and I am looking forward to read your "report"...
    Happy trails in Africa!!!

  12. Dear beautiful Lori, wishing you your friends and family a wonderful journey filled with all the fun and love that such an experience can bring.

    How wonderful for the children that you have made those absolutely adorable hats.
    Please cuddle some babes for me.

    Smiles and tears of joy
    best wishes of course...
    Ribbon x

    PS thanks for being you and caring for others.... it contributes to making life beautiful for us all.

    PPS I have no doubt that you will take great photos. Look forward to the book :-)

  13. Have a lovely time, good luck and look forward to hear about your adventures.

    Wizz :-)

  14. Oh, have a wonderful and safe trip! I look forward to hearing about it and seeing it when you return!

  15. You will greatly be missed, but we know there will be loads of visual treats for waiting at the end of your trip. I love the cute litle hats that you knitted - you are so talentd.
    Be safe and have fun

  16. Lori Ann, I can't believe it's already time for you to leave for Africa! It went so fast and I was mentally counting down the days until you left. Someday, too I hope that I can experience Africa first hand with my family.

    I love that you take all the time to knit the little hats for the children at the day care centre. That you invest so much love and kindness in all that you say and do.

    I will miss you and will be wondering what you are doing and I will be full of anticipation of what you will share with us when you return. Have a wonderful and safe journey and give all of our love to our African sisters and brothers!

    Also, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my little blog while you were so busy getting ready for your trip!

    Lots of love, Aden

  17. Lori! Have fun! and I'm sure the children will love the beautiful hats!
    I will be waiting for your posts!

    lots and lots of love,

  18. take me with you...

    ...can't say more, tears of happiness flood my eyes.

    ...take me with you...


  19. oh have a magical trip lori...and WELL DONE for making those cute hats. wow. safari njema and wish i was closer...! XXX j

  20. Lori, I hope you, your sister and husband have a wonderful time in Africa. Your hat project brought tears to my eyes. How exciting that you can make a contribution and see the impact. I'm guessing that 35 hats will not be enough and you will be wishing you had more but every gesture to lift others makes a huge difference.

    The energy is shifted in a move to uplift and those who read your blog will also be moved to help someone. That's how Maithri (the young doctor's blog who helps in Africa, too.

    I continue to evaluate my life, how am I doing? Am I doing all that I should? What else is possible? You inspire me, Lori.

    I hope you have a wonderful time. Be safe. I anticipate your future posts with excitement and contentment in the knowledge that change is possible.

    May you all be surrounded in love- infused light. <3

  21. Thank you so much everyone, I am more moved than you know by your kindness you show to me everytime you come here. And all these lovely amazing comments! I am blushing and weeping and laughing. I know I've been feeling on the verge of tears alot lately, with so much coming, Africa, that I love so much, but this time with a personal touch I never could have imagined. These babies are in my heart everyday, every moment and the months of knitting were never an effort because I could see their little faces. Oh, and the centre only holds 30 children(last time I heard from Sharon there were 19). I made 35 so there would be extras, at least a few new babies won't feel left out.
    Much LOVE to all of you,

  22. What a great opportunity you have and a very creative way of bringing comfort to the small children. Have a wonderful journey and I will look forward to future posts on your return.

    But, I really wanted to say a personal thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving condolences. I really appreciate the gesture.

  23. Those hats are really adorable! You sure are talented!

  24. Lori you will be in Africa soon sitting under a tree drinking some tea, but I don't think you will be looking at tulips, unless those tulips have a horn in th middle of their head.

    Love Renee xoxo

  25. Have an absolutely wonderful time. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since you announced you were going. We will miss you and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    Stay safe,
    CJ xx

  26. Oh Lori, I'll miss you SO much but I'm thrilled that you are going back to the Africa you love - and which you write about with such understanding and clarity of vision!

    Those little hats are just perfection! The children will be completely over the moon with them - I can see their happy smiles already! You are such a loving, generous, wonderful person, Lori, you really, really are golden in every possible way.

    How fun that you're going to meet up with those fantastic bloggy friends - oh, I am envious! Be sure to tell us all about it and to post photos, too, please. (Hope my parcel arrives in time for the visit to the Kazungula Day Care Centre - it seems it has taken eons to make its way to Val!)

    I'm definitely going to get a copy of David's book. I'll treasure it and proudly show my friends the photographs that you and Chuck have taken!

    Kwaheri sasa, safari njema!

  27. Waow!! This is an amazing post! I can see you really enjoy Africa! Well I live in Tanzania, maybe one day you should drop by! I'm sure you will love it. I have lived there for now 8 years and I just can't get enough of it! I really love your blog, it BEAUTIFUL.




xoxo lori