Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hello december

last night on the mother nature channel...

here's how we said goodbye to november...
and now...hello december!

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post, Anne will be delighted and Chuck will be pleased too, I'll be sure to tell him when he gets home. He's off on another adventure this week (without me this time) :(

Wishing you spectacular winter (or summer) skies where ever you are!

♥ lori


  1. Wow! They are truly beautiful pictures.

    Happy December.

    CJ xx

  2. i noticed that beautiful sky last night....

    loved it too...

    happy december !!!
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  3. We are having icy cold winds and expect LOTS more snow tomorrow. Wish we had your spectacular skies instead.
    I`m glad for my internet, in case I get snowed in.

  4. Lori, my husband was cooking in the kitchen and I was standing at the deck looking at the sunset, I said "Baby, look at that sunset."
    He glanced up, (he was chopping)
    "uh huh". "Come on over here and really look. Its sorta like the sunset of the year." so he did
    and we watched.....and forgot all about dinner. for awhile!
    ps . gorgeous photos

  5. Beautiful pictures sweet Lori!!Happy December friend,Cat

  6. That is an amazingly beautiful sky, Lori! You have captured it so well for us too, thank you darling.
    Our first day of summer was miserable.....flogging down rain, low visibility on the roads etc.xx♥

  7. some of your pics deserve to be on walls with pretty frames around them..

  8. ooooooh, aaaaah!!!
    Lucky you, lucky us for getting to see these.

    rain and strong winds here today, but in the 50's.

    Kinda matches my mood today :(

    Thanks for making it brighter ;)♥

  9. Lori -- these are spectacular!! What a simply marvellous way to usher in December.

  10. there IS something special about peachy orangey red heavenly sunrises and sunsets

    Love these pics

  11. Wow! Stunning, stunning pictures. We are having some lovely sunsets, but NOTHING like that!

  12. What beautiful pictures! Happy December to you, Lori! I just got back from the bus stop, where there was an amazing pink sunrise. Ain't nature grand? :) xox! Pam

  13. Beautiful! Happy Happy December and Happy Thursday! xoxo

  14. happy december to you too, dear lori!! such gorgeous fotos ----- i love how you both appreciate and celebrate your breathtaking surroundings♡

  15. Something must be wrong with my tv set. My nature channel isn't nearly as gorgeous as yours!

  16. What a brilliant sky to see November out and December in - still grey here although I did see a touch of pink sunrise a few mornings ago*!*

  17. is this a calendar?

    can i walk into barnes and noble and buy this calendar?

    so i can remember in even dark days that the world is brilliant in all its colors.

    that certain people capture lightning bugs in glass jars and share them with their awe-struck friends.



  18. wow what a parting gift November gave!! and a big HELLO to December with all its fun and glory xxx

  19. Oh, I like your channels ;-) Just GORGEOUS!!

  20. WOW!!! Lori they are amazing captures!

    We are off on vacation so wish you amd your family a Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year!!!


  21. Stunning!! Summer welcoming here, though you wouldnt know it with the cold, too close to antarctica I think!

  22. Wow what gorgeous skies!!
    That first two would make wonderful paintings!
    Happy December dear♥


xoxo lori