Tuesday, December 21, 2010


i found a (free) pattern for the smallest knits ever! they are called minutia, teeny little sweater ornaments that make up fairly quickly. wouldn't they look cute tied on a package? last night i made these two and gave them to a sweet friend today. i think i need to make some more. if you'd like your own, go here for directions. they even share how to make the adorable hangers (my wire gauge was too big and not as bendy as my fingers would have liked).

and i had my first custom green sleeves orders, adding names instead of leaves. i've got so many ideas for the new year. that mostly, but not all, involve wool. :)

three more days till santa!

♥ lori


  1. awesome tiny little sweaters - I love them, yes...3 more days - woohoo!

  2. 3 more days Yippeee!

    love the little knitted ornaments
    and congratulations on your orders too.

    xxx Robyn

  3. Lori - how sweet are these tiny little sweaters? Perfect ornaments for the tree and packages. Do you ever stop? Can't wait to see what else you have in store for 2011. Take care Lori and happy holidays.
    Lyn XXOO

  4. they are really cute. I have taken your idea of the cloth bags for wrapping - such fun. But as for knitting...probably not - no skills there :)

  5. They are the cutest things ever!!! And a custom sleeve order...woot woot!! I like the idea of the person's name.

    Santa's coming to my house on the 26th. He told me he was going to run a bit late this year!


  6. Lori, those sweaters are darling and the hangers and I love the idea of personal names on the sleeves! Happy Christmas!xoxo

  7. Those are adorable! Little elf sweaters. :) And I love the name on the sleeve - brilliant! xox

  8. I am starting my diet today so that I can squeeze into one of your sweaters!

  9. these sweaters are simply precious, but i am entranced by the greensleeves with luna......what a fantastic idea! if we can have custom wineglass nametags, then why not the same for coffee?

    love to you, dear lori, and may your holidays be joyous



  10. Ooooooh how I love the teeny weeney!!I love love love these sweater Ornies...I'm thinking you need to make a whole bunch for next year to put in your store!!
    How wonderful to have your custom orders too...and you have to know I love that name on your new Green Sleeves!!Come on..Luna..Moon....!!Lovin it!!

    Big Hugs to your and your family sweet Lori!!Merry Christmas Friend!!Cat

  11. do you think this will fit me? i have kj's checkbook.

    sincerely with love
    emily rabbit

  12. Lori,
    Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

  13. Cute little sweater! And that hanger what a cool idea!
    Glad your are getting custom orders ;)
    Where I live we don't have any Starbucks or so. Maybe in the big cities........... I know we have a Starbucks at the airport , but I know soon they will be popping up here as well just like McDonalds etc. We follow in everything but are always a bit behind :)

    I know you will have a wonderful Christmas♥

  14. Joys to you and yours sweet friend.

    With love,


  15. hehe sweet little jumpers. Merry Christmas Lori*!*


xoxo lori