Friday, December 10, 2010

knitting mountains

my dear husband,
fourteen days ago he ran forty miles of this back country wilderness
nine days ago he paddled one hundred (and ten) miles of this desert lake
and today he'll be climbing this extinct volcano
he is amazing to me.

i've been very busy too,
knitting. haha, oh dear.

i made two more hats (for christmas gifts) from my new Hat Head book. the first is the pattern on page 90 (if you have the book~ sorry non knitter friends you must be tiring of this subject!)

i like it because it features the eight leaf rose, a traditional norwegian knitting motif. and the second one is the manhattan skyline, page 89, it really looks like it i think! i have one more which i can't show, i'd better wait till after christmas.

shortly after chuck left for mexico city wednesday, i cast on for this one, his birthday surprise hat. this pattern i made up, i'm naming it 'purple mountains majesty' for my mountain climbing husband. i was having so much fun seeing the picture develop (and trying to hurry since he'll be back home on sunday, which is also his birthday, that i failed to check for size. when i binded off and ran to try it on ( i had another back of my head photo planned, haha) it wouldn't go down over my ears. it didn't fit!! i think my heart sank all the way to argentina. i tried several times, but this hat wanted to stay small. i had no choice. i took a deep breath (more of a gulp) and...

began unraveling...

i'm going to get it right this time. i've got two days. although i don't have much time for blogging, i still love to visit all of you. even if you don't see me commenting, i can read and knit, but i haven't figured out how to knit and type!

i forgot, here is a beautiful photo of a beautiful place (i'm the tiny person in it) that just came out, the december issue, it might seem familiar. (i'm very proud of you dear husband, for everything you are and do).and Happy Birthday love.

♥ lori


  1. Hi Lori
    Ha, I am the first to comment...hurray.
    Happy hat knitting to you, they are all beautiful, and I hope you knit up the purple mountain one again, that was my favourite !
    Your Chuck must be super fit and what wonderful times he's having. Does he have his camera with him ?

  2. oh Lori, my heart sank when you said the beanie didnt fit :( How disappointing! I hope you get it done for your dear husband. What an amazing person he must be.

  3. I love how much love and passion you pour into all you do. Lori,I have to tell you that yours is my favourite blog of all. Not blogging much myself these days but I love keeping up with you. I'm sure you'll be able to knit up Chuck's Surprise in time. Xx Aden

  4. What amazing beanies! We're having a rainy cold night here in Western Victoria and I know a few people who're out a music festival nearby who'd probably sell their grandmothers for one of you beautiful hats. Hey did I ever mention that I live with a Swede? As in someone from Sweden as opposed to the vegetable. Tonight when I came home he was listening to music and one of the songs was in Swedish and he translated it (about a man who is about to make love until the woman tells him he's like a teddy bear. Hee hee.)

    You know, your love makes me feel the tiniest bit of hope where before I felt no hope at all.


    (word verification today is 'bawke' !!!)

  5. Haha, I can see the veri word: It says ikery me, but that sounds not right at all! You should be so proud of yourself. When I knit, it takes me ages and never looks so PRETTY! That small hat - who will get it? Maybe it fits my teddybear?
    Happy birthday, Chuck, and lots of more love to both of you! Geli

  6. Lori...such beautiful hats! I am not (as you know) a knitter....but, I am a wearer of hats - so I appreciate your talent and love looking at your creations!

    A beautiful tribute to your DH! You are such a wonderful couple! I know you must have gasped with shock when the "Purple Mountain" hat didn't fit.....BUT......I know you well enough to know that when Chuck returns tomorrow.... the hat will fit - and he will love it!

    Sending you many, many warm Winter hugs!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. You and your husband are both awesome! I love the hats, I am a non knitter, but you and Robyn make me wish there were more hours in a day to learn yet another craft :-). xoxo

  8. My dear Lori,

    YAHHHHHOOOO! I saw the Journal and loved that photo. It is so joyful, the same joy you bring to all of us.

    It took courage to start Chuck's hat all over, but it HAD to be done and you did it! Good girl.

    Sending love, love, love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  9. lori, you're a mini celebrity. ♥

    "my heart sank all the way to argentina"

    this made me laugh outloud, which was not appropriate since i have total sympathy and awe for you having to deconstruct something so beautiful and start all over. but the phrase is so CUTE! and it is so you, sf.

    happy happy weekend ♥

  10. I think you are so awesome! And your hubby, too! I feel like a gigantic slug compared to the two of you. :) I know the new beanie will be amazing since you had all that practice on the first one. ;) xox!

  11. beautiful hats...and awwwww, Chuck's hat being unraveled :(

    I know you'll bang it out just as he pulls in the driveway.
    I'm so impressed and amazed at his athleticism! And his photography!

    I always, always feel the love here.♥


  12. Dear Lori, everything you make turns out to something unique and your personal touch is always so beautiful!
    Lovely hats, also, I loved your picture ( with the hat and at the sand!)

    best regards from Japan!

  13. I've been hat knitting too but plain ones - but even then I can totally relate to the unraveling. As for knitting and blogging....well I just heard about voice recognition software that types for you....

  14. You have an AMAZING husband! Lots of wives have trouble getting their husbands off the couch. I think you might have trouble keeping yours on one. :D

    What fantastic hats, too. I definitely wouldn't mind having hat head with those. Beautiful patterns. Awwww, I can feel your heartbreak when the cap would not fit. :( It's an excellent pattern, though. I'm sure he will love it.

    And I love your photo on that cover!

    Happy Birthday, Chuck! And welcome home.

  15. I forgive myself
    As I forgive myself. I leave behind all feelings of not being good enough, and I am free to love myself.

  16. hi lori..i LOVE your knitting...i was taking classes when Buddy died..threw it in the closet and there it has sat. i did take it out the other was pair of fingerless gloves. i can't make them on my own...i need to go to the class...which is over :-{

    but i could try a scarf. i'm with you...i need it a little cooler to knit...oh..that heat yesterday...ugh...

    and YES!!! i have the journal magazine here on the farm table. i have been wanting to come by and ask if that was you. i thought it might be. i saw chuck's article and photos....VERY NICE. you should be very is wonderful...

    that is so cute that little owen has a friend named that.
    we just got back from taking teddy for a long walk...he loved it. now he is laying in the sun...

    it is a little cooler some baking could be in order :-)

    happy to visit with you today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  17. Darling hats.
    He is going to love his
    hat twice as much now!

  18. lori -- i hope chuck's birthday was fabulous and can't wait to see how the hat turned out (unraveled yarn and all - you are one amazing knitter!!)


    p.s. love the foto of you on your favorite dunes!!

  19. Lori, I love that you share your creative projects with us. That hat looks so cosy and warm. Chuck will love it when his finally rolls off the needles. I hope you are enjoying the season - which - as you already know - doesn't really hinge on the shopping and gifts. Will your baby be home for Christmas?

  20. Lori, I love that you share your creative projects with us. That hat looks so cosy and warm. Chuck will love it when his finally rolls off the needles. I hope you are enjoying the season - which - as you already know - doesn't really hinge on the shopping and gifts. Will your baby be home for Christmas?


xoxo lori