Monday, May 23, 2011

happy to report

how does the saying go? begin where you are?
i wanted to try to catch up on this blog~journal of mine (good times, good times!), but the thought of that was too daunting...

i did go to FIT, fashion institute of technology in nyc, and received a teachers certificate for knitting. i learned so much, met lovely new friends and best, gained a bit more confidence (maybe being on my own in the city helped with that!)

oh, i wasn't completely alone...there was time with my girl hannah (who lives there) and a blogging friend who took the train in from connecticut to meet for dinner one night, and wee olive...

preparing for class

dear student  :)

7th avenue, manhattan

 east village

happy hour chocolate covered potato chips

a vintage desk for hannah, found at vortex in williamsburg

street art

 MoMA art

hotel pennsylvania

kiehl's soho

walking home from class

hannah's origami tips (left by a clever customer)

dear blogging friend kj, bryant park and wee....


olive accompanied me in taxi's

and subway's

and nearly everywhere we went

she made friends

 she spent nearly as much time in the dressing room as hannah...


 she waited patiently for elevators

and she hardly cried when it was time to say goodbye

i love new york and i miss my girl. but i'm happy to be home (hello sky) and i really am very excited to see where my new teaching certificate leads me. this weekend i got a brand new computer (thank you dear husband) so i will be able to resume proper blog visits. see you soon!


  1. thats wierd was busy tapping out a comment and it went and saved it anyhow... err now where was i? congrats and welcome back Lori - looking forward to more busy blogs.
    Your house always looks so clean and full of light xx

  2. Fantastic! So glad your back with your new computer...

  3. Lori- You are SO brave. I like to think I would go on an adventure like this, but then I start clucking. LOL! And OLIVE!! So sweet! She had a ball, I can tell. I love the pictures of her. She is one well-traveled little kitty. Hannah is so beautiful, just like her mama. :)) Congrats on the certificate, I know good thing are in store. xoxo Pam

    PS And KJ came to visit! And chocolate covered potato chips! All good things! :)

  4. Lori, it looks and sounds so wonderful, yay you!

  5. Hi Lori! WOW - you have been busy!
    I loved NYC (shame we didn't manage to be there at the same time last year) and it looks like you had an amazing time. It's such a crazy, chaotic, creative and curious city - daunting and exciting all at once. Amazing. How nice to meet up with KJ too. And Bryant Park is such a beautiful place to stop for a bit. I loved all your photos.
    Congrats on the teaching certificate. Such a talent - I can see you with a group of students all gathered together and being guided by you. How lovely.

  6. I wish you all the best with teaching & It's so wonderful you were able to spend time with your beautiful daughter.

  7. Loved the tour of NYC-I"ve never been. Olive is a great guide. Looks like you had a great time getting your knitting certificate, eating, drinking and shopping. Look forward to hearing of your tales as a teacher.

  8. Lori - welcome back - both to CA and to your blog! I know you missed having that computer!

    Love this post! I know right where you and KJ were! How wonderful she came to visit - especially to share some of your NY adventures!

    And Olive.......looks like she and Marianne's Frida are real travelin' girls these days! They need to meet up!

    Hannah seems to be settling in beautifully.... she will never regret studying there.....and you will never regret letting her live there....

    Congrats on the teaching certificate! Knitting is certainly a passion for you - and I am sure you will be able to pass some of your enthusiasm on to your students!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. The pictures of you and Hannah together are the best!!
    Congratulations to your certificate and the new self-assurance! Now stride forward from here, Olive will protect you.
    Lots of love from

  10. yay lori!!! you got to see your girl, the big city (as well as kj --woo hoo what fun!! and bryant park my favorite spot in nyc!) and to top it off thanks to wonderful chuck you got a new computer!! gold star week for sure!!

    am heading back for round 2 of looking at all these amazing fotos..........and looking forward to seeing where all this newfound knowledge will lead to -- more amazing original creations by lori for sure!!

    glad you're home safe and sound~


  11. it looks like you had a beautiful time in the city. i am thrilled you are a certified teacher for knitting.. will you be able to teach classes in california with it?

  12. Oh, Lori! The pictures are so beautiful and your daughter is so beautiful! As a fellow tattooed girl, I LOVE her body art. And my city. I am going home for the whole summer and I needed to see those pics as I am waiting (impatiently) to board my plane to take me there. What a great trip you had. And now to teach...

  13. wow! awesome return post lori! i'm so inspired by your wonderfulness. love the shots of you and hannah - the desk one is a classic - and olive all over town is great. what a fun adventure you had! aren't cities so fun to shoot? i was in san francisco over the weekend and thought i could spend a lifetime taking pictures there. glad you are back safe and am excited to see where your certificate takes you!

  14. Welcome back!!!
    Wow what a wonderful week that must have been!
    Meeting your girl and KJ. She looks fantastic in that picture. But so do you and your daughter.
    Got your diploma! Congrats!!!!!
    Now Olive can be teachers pet ;)
    It would be wonderful indeed just like robin suggested when one day the travel girls could meet.....

    Well you rest now enjoy all the memories and your new PC!!!

    have a nice week♥

  15. Lori, What a lucky duck! I love New York and you got to see your daughter and KJ! I love all the photos, but the ones of Olive are priceless :-). So happy you got our certificate and a new computer!
    I have missed you so.

  16. Lori, as much as I love every single photo and word, I actually choked back tears when I saw Olive looking out from the airplane window :(
    That really got to me!

    Hannah Rose is as beautiful as ever, but the "rose" doesn't fall far from the tree/rosebush :)

    Congrats on the knitting creds! I loved seeing your homework all laid out~wow, you are so so talented.

    Look at Ms. KJ who braved the train ride to meet a dear friend. Awesome! Next time I may be on that train :)

    Chuck, you doll, having Lori walk in to a new computer!♥

    Honestly, every single time I come here I feel the love. And I mean BIG BIG love ;)


  17. PHEW, so, so, so much going on here and so much joy. Olive, Hannah, KJ, on and on with exciting views, I loved it all. Isn't NYC great? And yes, it will give you more confidence and now you are an accredited instructor. Hurrah!!!

    All (more) joy to you,


  18. Welcome HOME! Oh WOW! Looks like the sky tied a yellow ribbon around itself, waiting for your return. What a sweet present that is!

    And congratulations on your certificate! Yay you!!!! Your knit squares look so pretty and professional. Your girl is beautiful. And say what? Chocolate covered potato chips? Get out! Were they good???

    OLIVE! Hahahahahahahaha! She is delightful! She painted NYC red, clever kitty. I LOVE love love that one with her in the striped room. FABULOUS!

    I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband who gifted you with a new computer. And so happy to hear that you had a great adventure and a new certification under your belt. Can't wait to see what's next!


  19. Good to see you Lori, It looks like you did it ALL and Olive is one adorable and agreeable traveling companion, congrats on your certificate and welcome home!


  20. i am awash with creative giggles :^)

    lori! your photographs ASTONISH me. i don't know how you see what you see and then you know how to capture and share it all.

    my favorites: hannah carrying that desk (darling!), wee olive in that big bed (adorable), wee olive in the dressing room, wee olive in everything else, you in front of kiehl's, me looking punchy pleased to be with my friend....hmmm, what else? oh city life like no other,
    i can still see us chasing down those cabs...

    thank you for so much,

  21. Lori, I think you will be an inspiration to your students. You see the beauty in things, the best of them. Your pictures show it and your words too.

  22. Honestly, this post was so adorable, and it was like a love letter to NYC - totally made me miss everything about the city!

    You seem to be doing so well and just THRIVING and I love it and I love seeing you with your daughter (and Olive!)and isn't it FUN to be a student again? With homework and everything?! I love it.

    Glad to see things are so great with you. Your posts always make me smile. :)

  23. What an inspiring post, Lori. Wow. Happy for you. :) And look at all of those divine knitting photos...oohh la la. LOVE them...and Olive!! :)

  24. Welcome back! So glad you have a new computer, too. Olive is adorable, and NYC is amazing. Great that you had time with Hannah! (I really love those orgiami tips!!)

  25. Missed you Lori. Wonderful pics, you can't beat a trip to NY! You captured it so well. Wonderful abou the teaching I have a feeling you will be fabulous! xxx

  26. This was all so lovely, but you know me... I got sidetracked with Sweet Olive♥ tee hee

  27. Hi dear student Lori,
    Congratulations, I am so proud of you and i wish I was one of your (future) student, who knows...

    The picture of you and Hannah is really adorable, you two are so beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


xoxo lori