Saturday, May 14, 2011

(live) from nyc

hello friends!

i'm tucked into a tiny internet cafe somewhere on 7th avenue, here in manhattan.
on my way to day two of the certified knitting program at FIT.
it's fun being a student again (i hope my future students feel the same!)

although there have been many terrifying moments
i took the subway, two trains!, to brooklyn, alone
hailed my first cab, after a quick tutorial from hannah.

we've had time together, more than i thought we would
and i think we've made the best of it, eating, drinking and shopping
our way around this amazing city, oh! and walking!
(hopefully that will take care of all the eating).

taking a lot of photos too, even if they have no where to go at the moment
when i get home i guess i'll need to go computer shopping.
well, i have to finish my homework now
(it's very distracting with millions of people, taxis and cars blurring by)

see you soon!
xo lori


  1. oh must be having a great time... can't wait to see all of your pictures...

    have FUN and safe travels. my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. I imagine you, sitting there in the hustle and noise of New York City, knitting your task, smiling at passing people, then packing up, hailing a yellow cab, chatting with the driver, walking into campus, greeting new friends (I bet you made many in two days) and then being tutored in class. Oh, how much fun just to THINK of it! Hannah must be thrilled to have you there! Please take masses of photos!
    Love from Geli, from the quiet fairy island Usedom

  3. Oh Lori, how wonderful!!!Have fun and get that computer fast, we miss you. xoxo

  4. What a neat adventure! I love rich for my blood all of the time, but it's great to visit!

  5. You're turning into a real New Yawker you are! Sbways and brooklyn - wow. Have fun in the class it sounds wonderful

  6. so exciting! i've been thinking of you. can't wait to see pictures and get more stories of your adventure.

  7. Can't wait to hear what went on in that classroom. And of course love to hear about the fooooood
    especially the bakeries!


  8. Oh, I miss it, I miss it, I miss it! Kiss my city for me.

  9. Oh man...I wish I was sitting in a cafe in Manhattan!

  10. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Adventure!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

  11. How exciting! Have a great time and keep us posted.

  12. I too took some classes there..but I dont miss taking that train home at night..Sorry to hear about your computer going to harddrive heaven..cant wait to see some of your pictures.Hugs,Cat

  13. Lori - I think you are so brave doing this! You are my hero. :)) And what a lovely infusion of energy you are getting from NYC...not to mention your lovely daughter. Have fun! xox Pam

  14. Lori - so happy you are on a little personal journey of your very own. ENJOY! I can't wait for the pictorial posts to follow ... oh the places you will go ... the treasures you will knit ... the lives you will enrichen!

  15. Sounds like you are having an awesome time in the Big Apple! Can't wait to see your beautiful pictures. Glad you and your daughter are getting to spend much time together lots of love xxx

  16. I'm glad you're exploring new trails, subway, taxi, tall buildings and lots of people something foreign indeed! I love being a student too!
    Looking forward to your pictures, have fun! xoxo

  17. It sounds great. Very jealous! Can't wait to see your photos. xo

  18. sounds like a wonderfully exciting trip -- can't wait to read all about it (and hopefully see your fotos!!!)

    safe travels, lori dear♡


  19. You'll be a wonderful teacher. The best lessons you've taught to us already. How to embrace life with love, laughter, curiosity and an unjaded eye. Happy studying!

  20. did you have fun with our buddy????

    And are you now a master knitter?

  21. You've painted such delightful pictures in my brain.


  22. ahahahahello!

    where are you? are you having fun?

    is wee olive eating tuna fish?

    did you catch the star i sent your way? did it fall from the sky just right?

    guess who

  23. What a fantastic set of photos! You look like you had a great time and with your daughter there too (who looks super cool by the way). Congratulations on getting your certificate. I wish you could come and teach me how to knit! xo


xoxo lori