Tuesday, May 31, 2011

young heart

there are many ways to stay young at heart...
going without an umbrella in pouring rain, walking barefoot,
drawing smiley faces on everything... :)
these are just some of the things that popped into my head
but those pictures are not in my camera (right now)
here then are some photos that are,
things to keep young at heart...




everyday miracles

a supply list to give to the students that i hope to have someday...all this planning must be keeping me young at heart   :)

 a new vintage yellow stool, found at saturdays flea market,  for my someday students to sit at (reminder to self, make a soft seat cushion)...


birthdays are still fun

when your young at heart
today i'm fifty five

how do you stay young at heart?


  1. Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful and absolutely young at heart people that I know.
    May you be blessed with love everyday in every way.

  2. Happy birthday Lori! What a beautiful post and photos too. I hope you have a great day. Bella sends a virtual sloppy kiss xo


    What a beautiful post. Yes, we can stay young at heart, while wise in mind. It's the perfect combination.

    May your day be filled with smiles :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  4. perfect advice for a birthday or any other day - thanks Lori; I hope you are having the most wonderful day xx

  5. Happy Birthday, Lori! You are one of the youngest people I know. :) I stay young at heart by being naturally immature - lol!! I like to laugh. I think that keeps you youngish. The pictures are just stunning. xox Pam

  6. Hi Lori,
    I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
    Loved this post...
    a favorite quote by Emily Dickinson comes to mind:
    "We turn not older with years, but newer every day."
    May every day feel like a birthday!

  7. Love your list of happy things. I'd like to add snuggling with puppies and hot cuppas. :)

    Happy Birthday!!

  8. Oh, wow, that was the most fun and inspiring birthday post ever!!! EVER!! You are young at heart and an inspiration to me!!! Happy Birthday! Love, Silke

  9. I wish the most wonderful day & Happy Birthday!

  10. you are the youngest 55 year old i have ever met — seriously you look 20 years younger - you need to model for oil of olay - they would love to have your gorgeous face in their ads!

    happy birthday dear lori - i know chuck (and your kids) have something lovely planned for you beautiful california girl♡

    p.s. love that baby foto!!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!(again)We are the same age! I think I like 55. I love your photos and the one of you as a little one is percious.
    Art keeps me young and learning new things, always learning new things :-). Have a wonderful day!

  12. Happy Happy birthday to you my dear beautiful friend Lori. Wishing you all the fun and love that birthdays can bring xoxoxoxox

    and in answer to your question 'how do you stay young at heart'..... Play, Skip, Dream and attempt to learn something new everyday.

    You are an inspiring soul Lori and I am very grateful to have met you x

  13. PS... love that little child in you ~ the beautiful photo you have shared x

  14. Happy day!
    One way is to love what you do, have a passion for it.
    Then the rest seems to fall into place.
    Amazing pictures. That bird!

  15. Happy Birthday!!
    I think we keep our hearts young in very similar ways. To keep wandering, wondering and learning, to use each day as a special gift.

    You are the gift and a very special lady.

    xo Rochelle

  16. Breathtaking yet calming photos. I love the list for your students who'll soon be lining up :)

    Your birthday cupcake is perfect. Just enough.

    The sparrow will be in a painting ;) Thank you!

    I try to stay young at heart by looking at things with new eyes.
    Walks in nature keeps me young at heart, and always, always making art brings out the kid in me.
    Now if only my decrepid body would keep up with my spirit!

    55 is a wonderful number Lori! Double numbers are usually very good years ;)

    As I said in my other card, may you get back ten fold what you provide to others. Compassion, love, abundance and sweet grace.

    Love to you on your special day, and always~


  17. Lori - I hope you have a simply wonderful birthday filled with all the child-like splendours you desire. When I want to feel young at heart, I bake something, and like the spoons and bowl all myself! Takes me right back ... : ) YOU are a treasure my friend and your photos are truly inspiring.

  18. Happy happy birthday dear♥
    Wish I looked like you 20 years ago!
    You really must have a heart of a 18 year old!

    I love LOVE that first picture, I can stare at it forever. You are an amazing photographer!

    Hope you will have a wonderful birthday!!!! Well I think you will....

    LOVE and HUGS
    and 3 Dutch kisses

  19. oh my gosh you are so cute! you look the same! just longer hair! : ) love your pictures lori. what a yummy little cake? is that specially made for you from crush cakes? don't tell me it's vegan too! mmm.... i love your supply list and new yellow chair. i hope you have a wonderful birthday and that all your dreams come true!

  20. I sing in the shower, eat chocolate cake while hiking, stock up on coloring books, sit on the floor with kids and dogs, smile in the mirror, AND

    astonish myself with the company I keep xo

    happy birthday my dear sf, it's been a good year for sf's, don't you think so?

    And hold on to your seat for the year ahead. You'll be FLYING


  21. ♫ ♪ ♫ Happy ♫ Birthday ♪ to you! Yay!

  22. Oh happiness and joy for the day you were born! May you have a year full of love and wonder, and may your table always be full of eager knitters, and your camera always full of gorgeous nature, and your heart full of song. Happy Birthday to a beautiful, young soul!

    Gosh, that's an incredible tablecloth! I wish you could teach knitting online!

  23. thank you so much! today was made all the more special because of each and every one of you. i read and loved all your ways to stay young at heart. bless all your beautiful hearts and thank you so much again.


    Today you are you!
    That is truer than true!
    There is no one alive...
    ...who is you-er than you!
    Shout loud, “I am lucky
    to be what I am!
    Thank goodness I’m not
    just a clam or a ham
    Or a dusty old jar of
    sour gooseberry jam!
    I am what I am! That’s a
    great thing to be!
    If I say so myself,
    Dr Seuss


  25. lori, this makes me think of one of my favorite songs by my friend and writing coach, nerissa nields:

    'give me a clean heart,
    give me a brand new start,
    give me a clean heart
    so I may start anew"

    glad to be on the trails with you
    in your 55th year....


  26. Dear Lori
    Happy Happy birthday to you! Hope you have had a lovely day and it is a fitting beginning to a magical and exciting new year. So many wonderful things are waiting just around the corner.
    hugs & big love to you,

  27. Can I have a little LoRi cake too? I turned 55 on ApRiL 4...
    Happy Belated Birthday My Friend.


xoxo lori