Thursday, June 2, 2011

early summer

my eldest daughter is working on completing her emt and lifeguard certification, that will make six lifeguards in our family now! ( my kids were junior lifeguards, chuck and hannah are certified now) my eldest son is working on his down in fiercly competitive los angeles county. what this means is even if you pass everything, the only thing that counts is the thousand meter open ocean swim. in my girl's case she has to finish in twenty minutes.

right now, although the days are warming up nicely, the pacific ocean temperature is around 59 degrees. horribly cold. so we have been swimming in the pool. i've been coaching her since i have a bit of experience and she's out of practice . it's been a lot of fun, however, since the swim is in two weeks we need to make the switch to the beach. this is something i'm beyond dreading (we both are) but i've promised to stay with her through the training and the actual swim.  if your listening weather gods, please warm up the ocean a wee bit, and while your at it stop those dreadful tornado's. thank you.

(i hope it's not like this)

( but more like this)

(with dolphins to help her along)


one nice thing about being nearly out of a job is that i can go to our local farm stand during the day. i love being there with only a few people, discussing recipes and uses for all the lovely vegetables and fruits and even beans. yesterday though, it was the bouquet of sweet peas i brought home, that made my day.

here, i picked some for you!

have a wonderful weekend everyone!
xo lori


  1. your family is awesome! i'm muy impressed... love that you're helping your girl train. you're such a good mama! good luck!

  2. Wonderful photos! The goat, oh my god how I love goats! :-). Thank you for that. Good luck with the training, wishing you warm waters...xoxo

  3. You must be so proud. And how much fun to help her with this.
    I hope the weather will improve and warm water will come your way.
    When I was in La a few weeks ago (with Robin) it was so much colder than usual and even than in Holland.

    What does nearly without a job mean.......? Will you loose your job or just work less?
    Hope it is not against your will Lori.

    Wonderful pictures they always make me feel good

    Have a nice day♥

  4. Lori, Your posts have such a feeling of calm and serenity. Hope your daughter does well with her training, and I think it is a wonderful opportunity for you both to spend some neat bonding time together. bbbrrrrr Hope the ocean warms up! Love your gorgeous images Lori. You are my creative idol! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Best of luck to your daughter, I hope you both don't freeze in the ocean-it will help you swim fast. I love sweet peas, that is what I buy every week at the farmers market. Have a great week-end.

  6. Prayers for your daughter to have a perfect swim! How proud I am sure you are of all your family.
    Thank you for picking the flowers for us♥
    I especially love the precious goat!

  7. You!

    How could I ever keep up with you? And yet you make it so beautiful who wouldn't want to tag (swim) along?!

    It's a beautiful time of year, so rich and lush. What shape the two of you will be (are!) in.

    Oh your photographs. I don't know how you do it.

    Meet me for breakfast! At the long table!!


  8. dolphins sweet peas - heavenly
    I can smell the sea and the flower fragrance


  9. Lori - you are such a good mama. I know firsthand how cold that water can get, and I'm not sure I would be very eager to jump in it. :)) Here's wishing you warm, calm waters for the entire summer. You have a family of water babies! :) And I love sweet peas, so thank you for the loverly bunch. xox Pam

  10. I'm feelin' the love again here Lori!

    I tried several times to leave a comment. It looks like Blogger likes me again :)

    I think it's wonderful that so many of you are certified in CPR.
    And your daughter will do 'swimmingly', I'm sure of it! Will she get to wear a wetsuit? I can't imagine the Pacific without one. Well, at least there.

    Almost no job??? No more Whimseys?

    And I love sweet peas! There's nothing like their fragrance and sweet little, ruffled blooms. So lovely, just like you and your family.


  11. Brrr! I hope the oceans warm up. I'm petrified of swimming in anything where I can't touch the bottom with my feet. And the thought of having to fight off waves is daunting. I have such respect and admiration for lifeguards! I don't know how you do it. Good luck!

    And the farm stand is LOVELY! I'd hang out there every day, too, if I could.

  12. best of luck! i really hope you have calm seas and dolphins x thanks for the sweet peas x

  13. rooting for your girl, lori — she has the strength of her momma and will pass with flying colors!


  14. Congrats on that many lifeguards - that's wonderful! And my fingers are crossed for your daughter, but I'm sure she doesn't need my luck - I think, if she's anything like her mother, she makes her own luck. :)

  15. Give me those sweet peas right now! ;-) xoxo Swimmy Kimmy

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xoxo lori