Monday, June 27, 2011

no pressure

so lucky indeed
finishing up the 'green sleeves' for my first ever order
felt extremely good, delivering them was even better

i took them up to santa barbara today and was just a little bit worried,
would they still be happy to recieve three dozen sleeves? would they be happy with
my effort? they were and they were. yes!

tonight i'm looking forward to catching up, getting to the unread magazines that arrived in the mail days ago. i'm looking forward to journaling, drinking wine, working a few more rows on my neglected shawl. no deadlines, no pressure.  for a little anyway. i think i heard in the shop today there may be another order soon. oh mercy me.

happy monday, happy week everyone,
xox lori


  1. Well done! They look fantastic. I bet they're glad they found you. Have a nice time relaxing while you can :) xo

  2. congratulations Lori!! they look really great. I think you will have a whole production line before long!!

  3. How did you manage to do them ALL on your own?! You sure must soon employ some helpers! But great, they look so pretty and unique, I bet they were happy, your clients!

    Now do it, relax and drink some wine, and we will all try to entertain you! Love from Geli in sunny Germany

  4. plum goods is a wise shop indeed to invest in lori graham original designs. yay!!! love that image of all the greensleeves.......they are so attractive♡

    enjoy that red wine and down time, dear girl.

    big hugs,


  5. Congratulations Lori - they look amazing. What a huge effort! No doubt you will be getting lots of orders for more.

  6. Very exciting!
    What a beautiful collection of green sleeves for your first the shades and design. That looks like so much work.
    Congratulations and I hope you have many orders in the near future but can rest a little in between!

  7. Lori - you have me giggling with Olive peering over the edge of the box! hee hee! Your sleeves are GORGEOUS. The look like some exotic candies in that box. Beautiful presentation. The store in SB looks so interesting - I miss SB!! Sniffle, sniffle. haha. You done good. Congrats on the order. Enjoy the wine and magazines!! xoxo Pam

  8. Oh Lori they were ALL BEAUTIFUL!!! (of course they were NORO....drool! slurp!)
    And I knew that had to be one of Pam delightful creations giving the box the official send-off blessing!
    The store looks like a wonderful place to roam and get lost in....for hours.
    Congrats on the order, filling it, and a lovely-lovely shoot of the final product!


  9. Wonderful Lori!!!Everything is beautiful. Yes, soon you will need helpers. I look forward to the day when I have an order for bowls and a deadline! Happy relaxing (for a little while :-).

  10. awesome lori! looks like that store may open more opportunities for you. very cool. enjoy your week! we're moving to key biscayne tomorrow. : )

  11. Your sleeves looked so pretty all boxed and ready to go. The gallery is quite lovely. They will fit in nicely. Hope you enjoyed your leisure time.

  12. Congratulations! I like the title of this post :-) Enjoy the bit of down time.

  13. They look gorgeous all together, I love things in bulk, just beautiful. The store looks wonderful but I know those feelings of doubt when you present your handmade items. "Here is a piece of *me, I hope you like it"

    I'm glad you're relaxing and basking in the glory but I think you'll be knitting more "Green Sleeves" soon.

    congratulations! xoxo

  14. They are presented so beautifully, and the colors are delicious as french macaroons. Looks like perfect place for them and I will try and get there next time I'm in Santa Barbara. 909 State is easy to remember.
    THEY are so lucky!

  15. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!!!
    well done Lori

    more orders. . . . . go girl!

  16. Love your rainbow of orders! And Olive obviously approves! BRAVA!


    Hugs from *rainy* San Francisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  17. You relax now after all your hard work!
    The sleeves look wonderful, but so does the presentation.
    Thanks for your comments on my latest

  18. Wow! Congratulations, Lori! So happy for you and those green sleeves look FAB!! I want one! :D hee hee And about a few sips of wine while we're at it. Hugs!

  19. Lori, the sleeves look great. It must feel satisfying to get the first ever order.

    It's been cool being "with you" since the beginning -- that very first sleeve. Awesome my friend!

  20. They look gorgeous but you are going to have to start a tiny little kind and gentle sweat shop! or else a little machine that can make them (remember spool knitting?)
    but really - wonderful news about the order and more to come.

  21. teehee...Olive makes a sweet supervisor :)

    Lori, the sleeves look amazing, and I agree about the presentation! Wow, so professional. I'm not surprised there will be future orders.

    I want to go to that wonderful shop! I love boutiques, and I love the green concept they carry throughout.

    Yay you!!

    Sip slowly and linger over the things you wish to catch up on.

    No pressure is a good thing ;)


  22. Lori,How wonderful..I cant help but feel excited for you!!You put so much love and heart into your photography and your green cant help but fall in love with them..Just like all the customers that will be buying them...Congrats to you.Hugs,Cat

  23. They look FABULOUS! (and I get compliments every time I use mine at my local Starbucks.) I hope they sell out in a matter of days (I was gonna say minutes but I think you need a few more days off) and that everything is well with you. I'm so glad things are progressing so well! (now go enjoy that wine.)

  24. Lori, they are so lovely and all those wonderful colors!!! I love them all.
    Have a wonderful week, with much love,

  25. lori, until tonight i only saw this post on my iphone. now that i see your display on the big screen i am tickled pink! (and green and blue and red). your layout is so cool!!!

    it's obvious that this store deserves you. what a classy place. i notice more than one comment mentioning 'help' to handle future orders. ahaha! where is that happy knitter who wants parttime piecemeal knitting work? (keep your eyes open, you know the universe works that way!)

    so so happy for you lori. and it's just the start...


  26. I did enjoyed the whole article. I always learn something new everytime i hear from you.

  27. hooray. that is so awesome :D


xoxo lori