Thursday, June 16, 2011

pretty green

oh why did i talk about the sun coming out? it was inevitable the fog would roll back in, it's june, in california, on the coast. it's what happens. i took more photos of it (the fog) and our neighbors greenery growing into our yard.  lucky for us since there's not very much time for my own garden. but i did take a terrarium making class here, and now have this pretty tiny landscape that is easy to manage!

here are some instructions i brought home to share with you:

there are three types, closed, partially closed and open dish gardens. a closed system will require water once every 3 months. a partially closed, about once a month. and an open dish will need water at the same frequency as any other open style planted container plant.

1. find a sturdy container, it doesn't need holes for drainage.

2. choose plant families that have the same water and light requirements.

3. for ferns, your first layer will be an inch of some sort of rock or chunky glass. the next layer will be one half inch of activated charcoal, spread completely over the bottom layer. activated charcoal is available at most pet stores and helps to keep the terrarium disease free. it also helps to stabilize the moisture. the third layer is potting soil, 2 to 4 inches.

4. now add the plants, make indents where your plants will be and gently lower them into the vessel. tamp down. then lightly but thoroughly water.

5. if you are making a xeriscape, or low water terrarium, you can skip the charcoal and the soil and just plant directly into the glass or stone. these require very little water.

6. once your plants are in, feel free to augment with 'stuff'. make miniature homes for gnomes. add sticks or larger rocks. tiny toys are fun additions. ceramic animals or mini statues might add some whimsy as well. or be a purist and add nothing but plants.

most important, never over water, better dry than wet, and have fun!

for inspiration click on twig. i want to live in one of their terrariums. so lovely.

xo lori


  1. It's beautiful Lori! We dont have any indoor greenery as little hands would love messing it all up. I love ferns - one of my favourites :) xo

  2. June Gloom is there, eh? I used to love watching the fog roll into the canyon in the evenings. Miss that! I am coming back to read about terrariums, because the one I did, didn't make it! :) Is that star jasmine? Happy weekend!! xox Pam

  3. pretty! i've always wanted to make a terrarium too. one day...

  4. Beautiful greens!
    As chance would have it, I went out last evening to do a *green shoot* (is it a vibe going around?) And found a perfect Queen Anne's Lace blossom, just starting to furl much for the green shoot! Posted it to Face Book for my evening shot!
    I love your fern (or tree limb?) photo~~gorgeous!


  5. Here in the inland valley I'm so grateful for the fog, summer will be here soon enough.

    Thank you for the terrarium tips, I was never very good at those, I always seem to overwater.

    Oh the plein air painter and the mowing guy are too cute!!

  6. Lori, I'm always filled with grattitude for simple abundance when I look at your photos.
    Thank you.

    I don't miss the fog, but I do miss my sense of place back there.

    I'm beginning to bloom here now though ;)


  7. Thank you for these instructions Lori...My Son Aaron will love making one of these. Thanks too for visiting my blog.

    Warm regards

  8. Ohh Luscious! I actually have been looking for some containers to start a couple of contained gardens in my house so very excited to see that you posted this tutorial!
    Love to you & have a sunny weekend :)

  9. Green is my favorite color :-)

  10. I LOVE terrariums! And anything I only have to water once a month makes my eyes glaze over with happiness. Beautiful greenery, both inside the house and out!

  11. Oh yes, I love the mini and magical world of a terrarium...this looks neat/

    I LOVE the fog Lori Ann. I miss it now that I live away from Cambria. I seem to come alive in the grayness and moisture.

    Sending love and a pocketful of joy,


  12. Green is such a calming, comfortable colour - in any shade or hue or tone

    Already looking forward to spring and we haven't hit mid-winter yet!

  13. I love that first shot of the honeysuckle. You almost make me like the color green! Have a good week-end.

  14. Beautiful pictures I also have the star jasmine. But inside I am not good with plants..... :(
    I tend to over water......

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend♥

  15. fog...fog...fog...every morning here too....

    at least i have Teddy to put a smile on my face


    happy to visit you today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  16. I'm hoping that my pictures of a California coast walk from today come out good. Awesome weather here so far! Hope you had a good concert and have fun camping!

  17. what an elegant little terrarium — it reminds me of the old joni mitchell song, 'a little green' ~

    beautiful fotos lori - i love the ferns.......

  18. I know Lori, me too.
    I'm trying to remember its normal, its to be expected. But i do want that sun to break through again!

  19. i forgot to add that i love the fog too. i love weather.

    and you. ♥

  20. So beautiful Lori..and I visited that Twig site and my oh my how inspiring!!Hugs,Cat

  21. Thank you for these instructions, Lori and for your beautiful images. I didn't know that about the charcoal. I found that bit of info quite interesting.


xoxo lori