Monday, June 13, 2011

hello sun

there is something spectacular about first light after days of fog.
today was an 'inspired by sun' day, swimming laps early, to the marsh after, knitting knitting knitting, the butterfly preserve in late afternoon (chuck needed photos), out to dinner, and now back to knitting.
the first photo has this effect added. it's simple and fun to do.


  1. In my sidebar your first picture looked like a painting! What a fun link!
    Light can be so amazing and welcome after a few grey days. Here the sun is shining after 2 rainy days. It will be a gorgeous day here.
    You are busy but it sounds like with the right things;)
    Enjoy your day ♥ and remember the lions;)

  2. i log onto your site, scroll down through the post, and i swear a big smile comes over my face. i love your photographs as they always make me feel happy. thanks for always bringing sunlight into my day, dear lori.


  3. That second photo is incredible! It looks like a beautiful painting, almost unreal. Such colors! We call the flower Kapuzinerkresse, is it nasturtium? I am not disturbing your knitting, tiptoeing away, but turning back and looking at that picture again. wow!

  4. oh, I can so be inspired by sun these days. Our winter was so especially dark and long this year, that I can't seem to delight in it enough. The photos are lovely!

  5. All the photos are spectacular, but the nasturtium one...oh my!!! ♥♥♥
    My heart goes pitter-patter because they are my favorite of summer's flowers and I have not had them in years and years....too long to remember actually.
    I can smell the pungency of their peculiar aroma mixed with morning damp.


  6. Lori~
    You are so right! It's like a wonderful welcome. Reminds me of the joy of seeing a rainbow after a dreadful storm.
    a promise.
    the fog isn't so bad... it reminds us to appreciate our warm sunny days :)
    Have a beautiful sunny day!

  7. Lovely photos and it sounds like a wonderful and productive day.

  8. Lori, it was that way here too. Driving home from San Luis the sun crept from behind the fog, the ocean turned turquoise and the world went from mysterious to colorful just like that. Incredible nasturtium shot, and world, no one has avacados like Carpenteria!

  9. One can't keep up with the changing weather especially when living near the coast. We've finally had some lovely warm days, it feels so good. Love your photos.

  10. Lori, I looked at these photos earlier when rushing out the door. I tried the tilt fun!

    These are wonderful sunshiney gems, thank you.

    And guess what I found at the nursery?
    Nasturtiums!! Now I'll have a big cascading pot of them just like I used to in CA.

    I'm a happy girl :)


  11. You are a genuius! Gorgeous gorgeous work!

    I would love to see your photos of NZ one day! You should have seen the light here yesterday - it was like the golden hour all day long because of the ash cloud from Chile. Spectacular it was!

  12. Oh so true Lori -- after so much rain and fog, the first sunny days that follow are absolutely the BEST! And you captured them beautifully.

  13. Gorgeous photos! After too many gray days the sun is a treat for sure. You captured the joy perfectly!!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful! I love the tiltshift effect! Hehehe, they look like teeny toy ducks. :D

    YUM, avocadooooooo!

  15. to me tiltshift sounds like an x rated word :^)

    lori, how many people would see the effect of those avocados and pears? they look like magical pool balls. (i am sounding strange, right?) hee hee so what :^)

    and while i'm at it, i came home to sunshine and my zinnias were dancing for real!

    love ♥

  16. Oooooh I love the tiltshift - going to try it out today!! THANKS

    Love the nasturium pic lots

    Icy, cold, reptilian dry, weak sunny winter days here

  17. YAAAAY!! This is such a "summer is coming" picture post. I love it (and I'm obsessed with avocados, I could eat them all day long every day.)

    I love using Tilt-shift, it makes all my nature pictures so much better and suck much less. ;)

    I hope you've been well, and happy, and healthy.

  18. cool! i saw that mini duck - so cute. i'll have to try that one day. and i love nasturtium. california classics...

  19. Awesome light - awesome pictures Lori! ♥


xoxo lori