Thursday, November 24, 2011

giving tree

the little tree called out to me
waving it's jewel colored leaves
gathering ten or twenty,  sure that's plenty
i had a plan in mind.

i wanted more than turkey or pie
i wanted something else to remember
this thanksgiving day by.

i made my request
(to grumbles and eye rolls)
but lo and behold
they did as they were told.
(gently asked really.)

it made them stop
it made us think
thankful words did appear 
on every one
this gift of leaves from the little tree.

and one more thing...

it's kindly provided these two their engagement photos.
today was a very good day for this giving tree and me.


  1. You are really a master of invention, Lori! And everyone played along, how sweet! (You must also be a master of seducing) I love that tree and also the colored leaves and most of all what everyone wrote. And their smiles along with it. They will tell their own grandchildren of their family meetings!
    And speaking of that... when our young people have found a loved one and plan a new family, isn`t that just WONDERFUL? This shows us that they must have happy memories and courage for the future, something they have learned from us!
    Your blog is such an inspiration, dear Bonnie Lori. And I am so glad I have found you.

  2. What a fantastic idea - your photos are truly stunning!

  3. This is such a beautiful idea, just wonderful.
    Have a peaceful weekend

  4. What a fabulous idea, I love it. The pictures of the tree are amazing too :)

  5. Now to me, that IS Thanks-giving.

    How wonderful!

    Congrats to your daughter :)


  6. My Dearest Lori,
    Another wonderful idea and one I will be sure to employ next year.
    What a beautiful family you have been blessed with and I just know your day was filled with lots of love.
    I hope you enjoy time with your sister, as there is nothing like a sister is there?
    Be happy and laugh!

  7. You are a genius Lori! I have to do this too. What a great idea and despite the grumbles and eye rolls I bet they thought it was pretty fantastic too. You can add one from us saying thankyou for being our American Auntie :) xxx

  8. i should be speechless!

    you imagine, conjure, create and execute! this time a tree and leaves and markers and a way to pluck the most important words from the heavens and hang them on a family tree.

    no doubt your family expects this of you by now :^) and no doubt each files such a wonderful idea and sharing into their past and future memories.

    this whole post is so classically YOU.

    warmed my heart his morning, lori graham.

    how wonderful to see your family one by one, always, but that first and last photo: congratulations for vows to come.


  9. LOVE your beautiful giving tree!! Isn't it funny how they grumble at these things, but are so happy once they do it! Last year we did something similar but for Christmas, your pics have encouraged me to do it again this year :).

    Congratulations to your daughter!! Hope your thanksgiving was lovely :).

  10. I love this, Lori! They will always remember doing this, and I am betting they will do something similar with their families. Little trees sprouting up everywhere :) You all look so happy (loved Mac n'Cheese!) We skyped with Alex in Madrid yesterday (passed around the iPad). I missed having him here, but it was good to 'see' him. Happy Leftover Day! Yum! xox Pam

  11. Beautiful, Lori! I hope you all had a warm and full Thanksgiving.

  12. so sweet! i loved reading all the leaves. beautiful post. i love that your baby is grateful for macaroni and cheese. : ) and lots of ocean from your brood too. i like your family.

  13. the most perfect idea!!

  14. Lovely idea Lori.
    *mac and cheese :)

    I love the name liquid amber and a day for giving thanks.


  15. Beautiful Thankful idea & family!
    Congratulations to your daughter ♥

  16. WOW.
    You've taken one of my favorite books--and made it even more special. This is beautiful. As are you and your family.

  17. This is lovely - what a wonderful idea. Sounds like you had a lovely day

  18. another beautiful idea that i would love to beg borrow or steal! you are truly inspiring and wonderfully creative Lori - wow! your Thanksgiving sounds magical and congratulations to the happy couple. How wonderful to be joining your family officially xx

  19. Congrats to the happy pair! How lovely the giving tree is... Catching up, as ever, now off to go and download the first four chapters of that book! Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving x

  20. Your post made me happy and thankful, it is wonderful.

  21. You are adorable, Lori! I was thinking about how Thanksgiving goes by so fast and almost unnoticed these days with the bigger and more flashy Christmas holiday encroaching. I think your tree is a wonderful idea to slow things down a bit and it offers up a moment of reflection. I love it!

    I wanted to mention to you that we were in your area yesterday visiting the Coronado Butterfly Preserve. It exceeded our expectations and left us all speechless. An amazing day, the beauty is abundant up there!

  22. You had such a creative idea and I love all these words on the leaves, so true and beautiful.
    I wish we had Thanksgiving celebration here but deep in my heart I always think how thankful I am and you are one of the good things that happened in my life. Thank you for being my friend, dear Lori!

  23. Nooooooooo eye rolling here. Just sweet smiles and maybe a heart that's thumping a wee bit louder. That was a tremendously lovely idea. I hope you press those leaves to preserve them forever.

    Your family photos are warm and beautiful, just like the people in them. And the engagement photo! So incredibly sweet!

    I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend with the people you love. xoxo

  24. Wow what a wonderful idea this one !
    And yes I can imagine this was a perfect Thanksgiving and a perfect day to get engaged!
    You have a lot to be thankful for. I am happy for you!

    Have nice Sunday♥

  25. You got eye rolls? NEVER! I love the idea of the giving tree, beautiful. Congrats on the engagement photos, exciting times!

  26. What a beautiful idea! And beautiful photos.

  27. A giving tree... what a great idea! I love it. I'll have to do that next year.

  28. Love that giving thankful tree. Eye rolls and groans are typical here too, but when everyone sets their mind on one person/thing/event that they're thankful for...lots of things come spilling forth. Macaroni & Cheese! That would be a favorite here too. Congrats on the engagement. Exciting time!


xoxo lori