Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy dance

 sweet young journey

one of the greatest rewards of crafting, is seeing your efforts of love in use, it's like another layer of love is being adding. each time i see my husband pull on his cap that i knit for him i feel a sense of fulfillment, a happy dance goes on in my head. my daughter recently asked me to mend the purse i made for her, she'd enthusiastically worn it to disrepair. this makes me happy. it was being loved.

these two posts above, made by friends yesterday, have sent me over the moon happy. click on photos to see.   :)

thank you so very much for the book love (previous post). i forgot to say that once you buy it, the book becomes available online to share with family and friends. if you would like to see the entire book of rouge vif, just email me and i'll send the link.   :)


  1. That's kinda how I feel when I see what Pierre and Olive are up to. ;) Love both of these pictures. What is it about your blog that is so darn CALMING? lol! xox Pam

  2. love that sweet purse! i can see why she's used it so much it might need to get a little tlc ;-)

  3. I love that bunting. I MUST make one of those one day.

  4. That banner is amazing, Lori! You did such a great job (and I love the fall colors.) I love seeing you proud of your work and at the same time humbled by how much love others show you (hey, they're just reflecting back what you already shine so brightly.)

    I hope all is well and congrats again :)

  5. I'm thrilled each night when I cover my son with the blanket I knit (which took forty forevers!). It's like I've wrapped him in my arms no matter where I may be. There's just something about turning a piece of your love into a tangible object that just gives such joy...

    The banner is fabulous!

  6. Your bunting is so beautiful and original and I can't get over having your cape. It's hanging in full view in my room :) xxx

  7. You are such a generous friend! That is one of the prettiest buntings--and looks just perfect on the door. And I've already commented a BUNCH on the red riding hood cape--couldn't be cuter!
    Don't you feel like you just gave those friends a big hug with the knitting? I always do. And I think it makes me feel even better than they do!!

  8. How wonderful!

    I feel like I'm visiting old friends when I see my art in people's homes. We do give birth to our creations, yes?

    I love Little Red's wolf...and the banner makes for a lovely card design.

    Great stuff Lori!


  9. now i know you won't fall over with embarrassment if i would write a post about you and your amazing loving creations. good to know ♥

    what beauty you create, honor, share, lori. another incredible banner. and a book that cries to be available to anyone. i agree with tracy that it is so wonderful to witness your pride and humility.

    and i for one am especially glad to know about that wicked sense of humor. hee hee hee my friend

  10. The bunting is darling and of course i loved the cape, you're friends are so fortunate to have a friend like you! :) The purse is so pretty!!! I'm the same way about purses I love, they stay with me until it's absolutely falling apart. And you are so right about the satisfaction of watching our loved ones with the things we make. Food is the same I think, yes? I think that's why it's become so important to me to fulfill that part. Thank you for your wonderful & supportive words about that,.


xoxo lori