Monday, April 30, 2012

this morning

mail on my doorstep this monday morning. if you are new here (welcome!) and would like to know what this is about you can find out in this post here.

i've counted now:
thirty five packages and envelopes
one hundred eighty nine pockets
six necklaces
five pencils
five pencil sharpeners
three felt balls
sea glass
note cards
ten toy cars
four turtles
six balls
three little dolls
six puzzle animals
twelve wild animals
six hearts
three fuzzy toys
one key chain pen
five rubber animals
a big bag of organic lollies
and soap
so far. more pockets are on the way.

thank you melissa, julie, annie, stephanie, francesca, v, andee, leanne, debbie, ginny, kristin, lynn, sheril,
mary, doris, amy, hilde, betsy, michele, ellen, tracey, anke, emily, heather, tamsin, kyle, claire,
katrina, debbie, gail, emma, natalie, heather, susan, and amanda.

i'm in awe. it's hard to put into words. i feel your friendship and love when i hold your gifts in my hands. when i see all those perfect little stitches and happy colors. and read your notes, thank you so much for those. oh my goodness. the joy.


  1. Hi Lori! I'm so happy to hear that your friends have been so sweet and helpful! Have a lovely day! x Teje

  2. Oh how exciting. You'll need an extra ticket just to take the pockets. What wonderful generous people there are out there.

  3. Incredible! did you imagine getting such a response!! I wish I could have been part of it, maybe next time.!!

  4. We love you Lori and are just so happy to be a part of something so beautiful!

  5. How lovely...makes me feel all fuzzy...

  6. another great picture too...
    How great to have so many people join you in your efforts for the African children.

  7. What an uplifting shot that is, you with an armful of community (using your word from an earlier post). So wonder*full.

  8. It was a project near and dear to my heart in so many ways. May is going to be such a hard month for me, but this definitely put a smile on my face knowing Kelly would have been so tickled. Safe journey, my friend. XOXO

  9. I heard Natasha Bedingfield's song about a "pocketful of sunshine" and "a sweet escape" and thought of your little pockets and your safari trip to now I am calling them Lori's pocketful of sunshine! My package is on the way too!

  10. It's always fun to be part of something......thanks for letting us join you!!!! (Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!)

  11. What an impressive list of goodies :)

  12. I love your smile :) You look like a kid on Christmas morning!!

  13. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo of you!

    My youngest son picked out the little treats to put inside our pockets (he loves to write stories so he picked out the pen thinking there might be a kindred writer in the village)and told his teacher about your visit. They are going to make a map to track the journey of the little pockets and will check this page for photos.

    1. Wow, that sounds like a great teacher. Love it!

  14. Aw, this is so wonderful, Lori - what a lovely bunch of folks. I should have sent something (Bad Pam!)! Instead I will send along hundreds of good wishes for new friends and lasting memories all around. xox

  15. Lori, This is wonderful, you made it happen, It will be so much fun to give them all away in Africa! So happy to be a small part of it.xoxo

  16. It's all SO SO SO good...thank you Lori!!!
    I'm glad you've received so many pockets -
    I hope you'll receive countless hugs and smiles as you give them away


  17. Haha, and look at your smile Lori. Priceless! I am so exhited!

  18. What goes around, comes around my dear. You make magic happen!

    I noticed the map behind you has the shape of a sweater :)

    Your knitting has reached world proportions!


  19. You are so damn cute.


  20. Oh my, this is so all that goodness you invite in and spread around :)So you are off in a very short exciting..can't wait to see the photos and share in the adventure through you. Safe travels sunshine lady:)xx

  21. Kudos to all who are participating in this x

  22. Hello Lori
    What a fantastic response ♥
    I love the framed map behind you & as 'studio lolo' mentioned - it's in the shape of a sweater :-)

  23. What wonderful gifts of love...
    Will be thinking of you on your adventure!

  24. Wonderful Lori, hope you manage to squeeze everything in to your suitcase, you will be one popular lady with all these treasures to share! You must be busy with preparations now, have a wonderful safe trip and can't wait to read about it x

  25. Hope you can fit everything! How wonderful!

  26. Wonderful, Lori! How delightful to have so many pockets and surpriss to take with you. I will be thinking of you on your African trip. Have a wonderful time.
    Helen x

  27. oh this is so beautiful- my heart is full! And you look so radiant!

  28. Endearing and wonderful, makes me happy that there are so many people out there willing to spread som kindness.

  29. It's just so wonderful Lori. I'm almost speechless at the generosity of folks, and your love and generosity too. The children will be so excited, and the teachers will feel the power of feeling beind your gifts. I saw your new shawl pattern and it's wonderful, your shawl is going to be another beauty, and that yarn looks beautifully soft and delicious, I bet it smells nice too, I love the smell of a pungent yarn! So your trip is getting ever closer! It is so, so exciting! Love Vanessa xxx

  30. Lori, I'm so excited to be reading your beautiful blog and can't wait to hear about your wonderful trip to Africa. Thanks for letting us participate in a small way. :)

  31. what a wonderful project!you´re looking completely happy! I wish you all the best for this project!

  32. Now that's the best kind of mail ever. Gifts made with love and sent for a greater purpose. Handmade gifts that bring joy to both the giver, the receiver, and will go even further to bring happiness to others. Blessings to one and all, Tammy


xoxo lori