Sunday, October 21, 2012

california redwoods and a winner!

it was time for our trip to end. we had traveled up the interior of california, to the eastern sierras, to white mountain and the ancient bristlecone trees, staying overnight in big pine. then on through yosemite, back to the coast and san francisco, sleeping one night in the city before continuing up highway one, stopping at pt. reyes and nearly every small coastal village on the way to our destination, mendocino!
this is the last post of the trip, we're heading back down now, back home, along the way attempting to see some of what we didn't on our way up.... would you like to come along?!

 muir woods national monument. but first...

 leaving mendocino county we passed lighthouses, this is point arena

and sheep

we made a detour to pt. reyes national seashore again. this time to the western most end (near the pt. reyes lighthouse) to see...

 elephant seals!

we stayed in a charming hotel in stinson beach

the room was so cute and tiny, and tilting, we had to sleep with our heads at the foot of the bed  :)

the sand dollar restaurant next door was yum! and we did not miss the wine hour here  :)

everything was closed by the time we arrived, but it was fun to look around

the next morning, we were the first ones here...

muir woods national monument is a remnant of ancient coast redwood forests that blanketed many northern california coastal valleys before the 1800's.

local businessman william kent and his wife elizabeth thacher kent bought land in this valley in 1905 to protect one of the last stands of uncut redwoods

to ensure permanent protection, they donated 295 acres of redwoods to the federal government. in 1908 president theodore roosevelt proclaimed the area a national monument.

at william kent's request, it was named for the conservationist john muir.

thanks to the inspiration of john muir and the generous gift of the kent family, over 100 years later we are still able to experience this ancient old-growth forest.

we have been entrusted to carry on the legacy of kent and muir, protecting this awe-inspiring place for future
generations and working towards the preservation of wilderness, wildness, and natural wonder

a burl growing on this tree


can you hear?

the trees?

this is the best tree-lover's monument that could possibly be found in all the forests of the world. you have done me great honor, and i am proud of it ~ john muir to william kent

if you'd like more information on muir woods, go here. i wish that everyone could experience this ancient forest and the magnificent, hundreds year old, california redwoods in it. sights and sounds including water flowing through redwood creek, birds calling and wind blowing through trees, are some of the experiences to take with you, to keep in your heart, from this very special place.

thank you for such kind comments on the kantishna experience post! there is so much more
to share about alaska, i hope it will still be interesting! another post coming soon, and...

the winner for the alaskan wool, antler buttons, and quivit sample is:

kristen of cozy things
congratulations kristen!

please email me at 
and i'll send your package right off to you kristen. if you didn't win this time (i wish wish wish
there was enough to send to all) a few more lovely giveaways are coming up soon!

xxx lori


  1. Muir woods is magnificent and it makes me proud that we protect something so beautiful. I know this trip will be cherished memory in your photo scrapbook. XOXO

  2. our only visit to muir woods was in the summer----in the heart of tourist season. it was still beautiful; I really hope someday, though, to make a California trip in the fall. You've just sent out a little bit of heaven in those pictures. breathtakingly stunning!

  3. It's so lovely there, and your pictures really do those redwoods justice.

  4. Muir Woods......I've been there in February 1991....My first time in the USA!!!!
    I remember it as a magical place and looking at your pics made me feel back in time !!!
    Thank you Lori, love, xxx Alessandra
    Congratulations to Kristen!!!!

  5. I would so love to visit this forest. Hats off to Mr and Mrs Kent and Mr Muir.
    That photo of the lighthouse is so beautiful! Glad you didn't miss the wine hour this time.

  6. This looks amazing! Taking walk through the forest (or jungle as Bella says we are surrounded by) would be magical xxx

  7. Fantastic photos of a a forest. And I do love the people who have the foresight to protect our natural habitats before we ruin them. I grew up with a dad that is really into conservation. That thought process is ingrain in my thinking. Congrats to the winner!!

  8. WOW!! Adding this forest to my 'really need to visit' list. Your photos are simply stunning. Can't wait to see what Kristen makes with her new stash of Alaskan goodness.
    :-) x

  9. what lovely photos! It brings back fond memories......

  10. You always find the coziest places to stay. I'm going to have to go check my old photo album. I think I was at the same National Park! Thanks for taking us along with you.

  11. Oh, I look forward to our trip summer 2013 to see the Redwoods even more!!! ♥

  12. My dearest Lori,
    Thank you once again for taking me [if only virtually] to another spot on this earth that I have wanted to visit. How beautiful everything looks. It's nice to know there are areas that will be here for our grandchildren and all the future generations.

  13. Lori, I love all the photos you post, it's like taking me on a virtual holiday!!! I loved the photo of the elephant seals!
    Much love

  14. GOR-GEE-OUS!!!! Oh my!!! Thank you for letting me enjoy the trees without getting a crick in my neck. And the lighthouse photo looks like a beautiful painting! xoxo

  15. Wow!! Beautiful, just added it to my list of places to visit. Your pictures are incredible.

  16. you are the best photographer and best friend of trees and ground cover and ripples and waves of anyone in the free world

    to add to that 'friend' makes me grin from ear to ear


  17. So beautiful. I love all these photos. I have never seen the big redwoods. We went to a forest near Monterey, CA when we were at DLI, but the trees were big, but not THAT big. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. =)

  18. Lori, you would make the BEST travel guide in the whole wide world. Each tour you take us on is informative and totally captivating. You have talent Lori; so very much talent.


  19. I've spent so much time in CA that your pics make me homesick - and they are gorgeous. I adore Muir woods - it's just amazing there.
    what a lovely vacation

  20. In Lord of the Rings there is an old forest of trees that can speak (very slowly of course) but usually just watch and think. They reminded me of the Redwoods, they are really the most majestic trees on earth. When I sat there under a tree and looked up, I felt incredibly old and quiet. The peace is unforgettable. Thank you for your pictures, Lori!

  21. I am so in love with your photographs, Lori. These really capture the truly awesome awesomeness (!) of that magical, ancient place. Gorgeous, as always.

    Also, squee! Thank you so much! My very first giveaway win ever!!!! :)

  22. My husband and I also spent time in Muir Woods on our honeymoon! Oh the memories you've stirred today!! Thanks!

  23. I tried to comment on this post yesterday, but my tablet wouldn't let me. These photos are just stunning. I felt transported to another place.

  24. Magnificent and awe-inspiring! Definitely a zen place. Kristen is the perfect person to win your lovely giveaway. She will do wonderful things with her gifts. Best wishes, Tammy

  25. Okay, you get to meet the most incredible trees. All over the world.

    I love, love the "quiet" photo. What a beautiful, still moment!

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xoxo lori