Friday, October 19, 2012

the packard house ~ the blue door inn

back at home now from our trip to northern california (missing it already), mendocino is truly a stunning place. oh but we had a good time and a funny thing happened on this adventure,

as incredible as the scenery was there

and we love being out of doors...

the accommodations we had were nearly as beautiful as the nature, and made it hard to leave the comfort of the three different bed & breakfasts we stayed at. pictured above is the packard house, in mendocino village

our room was gorgeous, there was a fireplace, a flat screen television, spa bathtub and luxurious toiletries (kiehl's)

a sitting room right outside our door, with another fireplace!

here is the main room. in the early evening wine was served (we missed that while chuck surfed). i did sit in one of the cozy brown chairs to knit awhile and soon i had company. another knitter! she and i had so much fun talking (knitting) while knitting, her husband left and so did mine (that's when i found him watching a  game on our tv). hee hee.

another view of the living room, and another fireplace

the dining room, where we were served a fantastic breakfast by our lovely hostess

can you see the sign? it says full. i imagine it is this way a lot. thank you packard house, for the wonderful, incredible experience. we will be back!

the town was so pretty, with so much to look at, my camera didn't come out much. there are many historic buildings in mendocino, someday it would be nice to take a walking tour and learn more. i did see this quilt shop and took a photo for helen and teje!

mendo mushrooms!

and a fantastic organic food shop in an old converted church (is this the one gitte and ida?)

our next (and last) place to stay was the blue door inn, the sister b & b to the packard house

we checked in, met our kind host and ran out to make the most of daylight, but first i swooned at this impeccable room. just like the packard house, there is a spa bathtub, flat screen, fireplace, beautiful toiletries (that excited me much more than chuck) hee hee.

chuck and our friend craig, surfed at a spot above fort bragg

i watched them each catch one wave and then the thickest fog i've ever seen rolled in, weather is much more dramatic up here

after a delicious dinner of thai food with friends we made our way back to the blue door inn

full again

there's our room!

the living room

we missed the wine hour here too  :(

dining room

comfy sitting areas, that we did not have time to sit in. next time! thank you blue door inn, we had a fantastic time in your gorgeous elegant home. thank you both packard house and blue door for your warmth and hospitality. we will be back!

time to leave this magical place

would you like to see a few things that came home with me?...a nikki mcclure paper cut card of mendocino, a new favorite c.d., the book arcadia (can't put down) and knitting everyday finery by mel clark, loving this book, for the patterns and the photography. muir woods, oops, i haven't written about that yet, it's coming up in another post soon, and then i promise i'll be done posting so frequently lately! i really apologize for that!
to learn more about the lovely places we stayed while in mendocino go here and for the alegria b & b  written about a few posts back, go here.
if you haven't yet entered a giveaway i am having, there is still time! a name will be drawn this sunday around six pm, pacific standard time, go here.
thank you for coming along on this adventure, i hope to finish with alaska soon too, before we go camping next week!
xxx lori


  1. never ever apologize for frequent posts, Lori


  2. Oh how I wish to go on your holidays! Magical :-)

  3. SUch divine B&B"s. You were really spoiled I think. But worth it I know! It looks like a beautiful part of your country.

  4. I wish you made posts everyday :) You don't post to frequently that is for sure. You trip looked so lovely. I thought it was so fun that you met a knitter at the B&B. So fun. Beautiful post Lori.

  5. You're SORRY for posting so frequently? Don't you dare be sorry for such a thing. Indeed, THANK YOU for posting so frequently. It's always a delight to see and read about your adventures. Always.

  6. I love how both inns have a white theme! it feels indulgent and crisp and very special. I think my husband would love the tv the most. I would like the comfy chairs and nooks to sit, people watch and knit (all at the same time). Glad you are home safely and had a great getaway!

  7. Your trip has brought back memories of a week through the "Gold Country" in California with our girls...before they were off to college. We chose lovely B & B's for the experience; your trip has me yearning to do it again. Beautiful photos with breathtaking views. XOXO

  8. Such lovely inns!
    When I get over there I will look them up for sure;)

  9. Goodness! You are always on the go. I've never stayed at a B&B but would love to some day, somewhere. :) I definitely would not have missed the wine tours. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. Wow, such lovely B&B's. We have stayed at a few over the years and always love it.

  11. What a lovely trip! Very cozy, and Kiehl's in the bathroom! I would've been pretty thrilled about that, too. :)

  12. What beautiful B&B's!
    Mendocino is magical isn't it? I wanted to go in that gallery next to the quilt shop...through your photo, of course :)

    You could never post too much for me. I love going along with you on your trips, large and small.


  13. So lovely B & B, want to go there in the future. It is exactly that shop we visited:)

  14. Beautifully and wonderfully cozy. I can imagine how tranquil and relaxing your time was there. I'd love to make it there someday!

  15. Lori, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my Blog. I landed on your African site last time which didn't seem to be updated anymore but have now found you here and it's so great to 'meet' you! I'm enjoying reading though your posts and see that you also have 5 children :-D

    What a gorgeous trip you've just had. Knitting Everyday Finery is on my wish list - everyone is raving about it!

    Have a greta week!

    Mel x

  16. Just lovely rooms to stay in! In one there was even a duvet cover which I love best. And the fireplaces! Mendocino was always adream place for me. I love ALL your posts!


xoxo lori