Monday, October 1, 2012

welcome october sponsors!

i'm very pleased to introduce and welcome october's sponsors!

camilla is the very talented dyer behind twist & twine yarns (soon to be changed to sundavia pearl),
from the artist:
"Hand dyed in small batches, sometimes several times to achieve a bouquet of different hues and color depth, creating natural variation from skein to skein of the same dye lot- which is normal. Alternating skeins will prevent pooling.
My yarn dries outside in the fresh mountain air of Montana." (love that!)
visit camilla and her gorgeous yarns under her new shop name sundavia pearl here

melissa is the lovely proprietor of wild faerie caps, an amazing shop filled with
handspun, hand dyed yarns, dolls and special items for your nature table (love the wee dolls).
there are even a pair of beautifully knit shorties for your little one!
visit melissa's sweet shop here

linda is mamma 4 earth. this amazing mamma is an incredibly talented pattern designer,
knitter, spinner and dyer (just some of her many talents). in linda's shop you will find her knitted designs for almost every animal imaginable, from barn yard, to ocean to the african savannah! her patterns are beautifully written and photographed for ease in making them. choosing just one is the hardest part!
visit linda and her charming animals here

and vista print, a fantastic place to design business cards, note pads,
stationary, they will take care of all your printing needs. you can choose
from one of their many templates or upload your own. you can even use your own photo.
visit vista print and get creative! click here

thank you october sponsors, it's an honor and a privilege to have you here!
for affordable sponsorship/advertising on lori times five please email me at:


  1. I had no idea Camilla had changed her shop name, thanks for the update! I list after the photos of her yarns... One day I'll treat myself, one day. Xx

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xoxo lori