Saturday, July 27, 2013

good times

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home again. on the island, the wind blew and the fog rolled in and out throughout the day and into the night. i made a postcard of this photo of us to send to the kids, although it was windy and damp and cold and chuck was working, it is still a very good time   :)
i saw baby foxes!  i saw a baby raven too! the one caw caw cawing. they are so much fun to watch, perhaps i should have been looking a little more closely though, one small wild thing took off with my sock. hee hee. at least my knitting was closely guarded, priorities! i saw wild figs growing and colorful bugs mating. i came home with two new hat commissions, do you know, does superwash merino really mean it can go in the wash? these hats will be for men that will never wash them by hand, and they would like wool...

... back at home, i photographed a soon to be married couple, in a meadow, overlooking the sea. i'm wishing them all the love their hearts can hold. xxxx lori


  1. baby foxes. :) love
    what a great bunch of photos as always. hmmm about the yarn, i think it is washable in a machine. BUT not 100% sure. lol

  2. Love how you captured them in the field....and the baby foxes, so sweet.
    Looks like you are having an awesome summer.

  3. Hi Lori! I see that you are off on another adventure. :) I've been seeing lots of foxes and groundhogs and butterflies in our backyard. And the weather has cooled off, making the tree frogs and the cicadas sing again. yay! xo

  4. Hi Lori! Beautiful and cute photos again! I love you animals photos! x Teje

  5. beautiful pictures Lori......
    xxxxxx Ale

  6. When I first looked at the photos I thought "are they making more little bugs?" - and then I read your text and saw that the answer is "yes!". Apparently a fast business, if one is to judge from the third bug photo; lot of them! :-)

    Your photos are truly amazing!

  7. Wonderful photos, I love the top is so romantic.....and all the others too! Lovely postcard pic of you and Chuck! Wishing you a happy summer dear Lori.
    Helen x

  8. I love the dress in the first picture. Oh, and I´m amazed by these patterned bugs! Great pictures, Lori.

  9. Seeing a fox is rare, they are stealthy! I'm glad you got to see one!

  10. Oh such pretty pictures. I am glad your knitting is safe. That is funny about your sock. I wish I could camp as much as you.

  11. oohh....I want to know what yarn you choose - remember we shopped yarn together last year?

    lovely photos, sound's like a good time

  12. Your time on the island sounds delightful Lori. The wildlife is amazing! Love the photo of the too of you. You both look great!!

    Have a good time!

    Madelief x

  13. Lori, Your photos are beautiful as always. Love your postcard! xoxo

  14. Lovely shots as usual! Luckily I just got back from a bit of nature, myself, so not feeling as deprived as I usually do when I see your beautiful shots. Hah.

    Superwash - yes, it does go in the washing machine perfectly fine, though I say that with a little caution as some SW yarns are better than others for hard use. I would talk to the people at your LYS and see what they recommend.

    I personally haven't used that much superwash, though have been testing loads of it for the new shop and they are not all the same. Some can be quite lifeless and limp, so you need to be a bit careful what you pick. Others are indistinguishable from regular wool except for the fact that it is harder to felt. I say harder as I find most superwash still spit splices...!

    It is interesting stuff.

  15. Hello 'Good Times' lady! It's lovely to see you and your AWESOME pictures. Oh, those baby foxes... Now, I don't know how those red and black mating bugs are called in English but here in France they go by the name of Gendarme - Policeman. I always smile when I see them marching around in crowds :-)

    I'm so glad your knitting remained intact!


  16. Gorgeous photos, Lori. I love that you took photos of the couple you met!
    I imagine superwash will be fine in the machine on cold; maybe not the dryer though!
    Lucky the knitting didn't get pinched by a critter!!

  17. beautiful images
    that first one so, so sweet
    and, i have said it before
    that Island looks magical

    Patrice A.

    and i love the knitting in your previous post!

  18. I love seeing young couples together starting out with happiness-it's a wonderful feeling that I remember and it's been 26 years (nearly!!) You happen to capture the wild in such a talented way, I love to visit and see your world :)

  19. Lori, I thank you for all the happiness sent to us with this post.

    Those islands seem so nurturing. Every photograph is a gem. The young foxes and patterned insects are amongst my favorites, along with that smiling portrait of you and Chuck, but truly, I like each image!

    I don't have anything to offer re superwash yarn. I don't think that I have ever knowingly used it myself. I'm a hand wash devotee.

    As always, best wishes to you. xo

  20. so pretty. love the fox, the married couple, and most of all the foxy couple at the end - your postcard is darling. we were up north over the weekend and it was very foggy there too. i loved it.

  21. you live in such a beautiful area! i love that you don't take it for granted, that you explore and document it.

  22. I missed your posts. I keep checking and there was nothing new and then suddenly I missed all these lovely things. But now I have a bonus lots of nice things to catch up with. It all looks so beautiful.

  23. Gorgeous photos!! I think foxes are the cutest. When I was growing up, there was always a den of them close by, and we'd see them run through the fields. I miss that!

  24. Lovely to see so many fire bugs together. I've only ever found one in our garden. I think it was very lost!

    I've knitted a few hats with merino, but I'm not sure I've ever washed them.

  25. Lovely Lori x
    and the fox... oh too cute.. I have never seen one like this.
    I no nothing about washing wool.. good luck with that.

  26. know not no... appears I know nothing about spelling either :)


xoxo lori