Saturday, July 20, 2013

knit in color

there is a good explanation for this increase in wool and books (in case you are reading somewhere up there in the arctic honey!). a shop was closing, sad when this happens, but all the yarn in the first four photos was 50% off! variegated yarn is something i don't really use, but this pink, looked just like the pink of my hollyhock! it was so pretty, it came home with me and was made into a baby sweater, now on it's way to a friends newborn.

online, the lion brand cone was on sale too, it seemed interesting so i ordered one to try, the eggplant color. it is lovely! knitting with a size 4 it's making into a beautiful soft squishy fabric. it's a super fine 100% virgin wool, but feels a little heavier. i like it so much i went back to buy more, and found two new colors, fisherman and charcoal heather, and on sale too! at 2045 yards per cone (1870 m) these are such good value. i'm trying the silk mohair from lion brand too, i hope it will make a pretty shawl for an upcoming wedding.

i've been knitting dishcloths, three at a time, for all my kids. the closing store had lots of cotton (forgot to photograph) so we should be good for the next few years :)  and hmm, more knits on the needles...two hats, no, three, a bag and another baby sweater, all to be gifted (and then there are the knits for me).

lots of reading too, some new books to share. i've been re-rereading very favorite alexander mccall smith books, the #1 ladies detective agency. starting with the first, these are SO good, so filled with warmth and wisdom, gentleness and compassion (and africa!). so lovely. just finished the summer book by tove jansson, truly a gem, tove was the author of the moomintroll books. and am anxious to get to the others, the art of cleanup at first glance is brilliant (it's not about cleaning)  :)

i'm afraid i've got cast on itus, many knitting works in progress at once. this makes me a bit shaky, i like one project at a time. i'm sure i know how this happened, there is SO much inspiration everywhere, but what i wasn't sure was how to gain some control. and then, just this morning, sweet andi at my sister's knitter, began a ravelry group, a sort of knit along, finish along group! if this sounds like a good idea to you, please join in here!

 i hope you are having a wonderful summer or winter so far. between knitting and reading and hiking and gardening and riding my bike to the beach, oh and going to work, it's been one of the quietest summers ever for me, but good. chuck will be home next week and it's back out to the islands for us both!


  1. I mistook your comment in andi's group this morning, lori

    knowing that you're mostly a single project gal, I thought you were teasing us all

    turns out there's something in this summer air that's affecting even the best of us, eh?? ~ welcome to the fold :)

    the coned yarn is intriguing ~ I must try it!

  2. Dear Lori, HELLO!

    It seems like so many weeks have slipped by since I last 'saw' you but this post, as always, has made me smile and inspired me. Now, I am a single project kind of gal but you might be the bewitching force which leads me up the multi-knitting path with your alluring pictures of brighly coloured yarns and sweet baby cardigans.

    Oh Lori, your blog really is a sight for sore eyes.

    Happy summer to you and your loved ones.


    ps I wish I could share the heavenly smell of the apricot jam we made this afternoon. Nothing beats it :-)

  3. Lori my mom loved those A. McCall books, and I am determined now to begin them.
    And that's that.
    Your hollyhock yarn is the best!

  4. oh my goodness, three dish clothes at a time, awesome, in fact all your knits look amazing. so bright and colorful. how exciting to have so much going on. :)

  5. Thank you for mentioning and joining my group. Sounds like you are right along with us with all the things on the needles-yay!
    What beautiful yarn you picked up. The eggplant color is divine!

  6. oh yum...that was my first thought. And that purple....I gotta get me some, yes I do!!!

  7. What gorgeous photos. lucky you with 50% off yarn, shame about a closing down knitting shop though :( the cardigan is gorgeous, and I actually ohhhed outloud at the thought of knitting dishcloths 3 at a time!

  8. Always a pleasure to stop by when I can to see what you've been up to. More beauty, I see! Those pinks really do match those lovely Hollyhocks. I love the eggplant color as well.

    Moving week here for us. This time next saturday we'll be at our new address. Smaller space (yay) and a new, hope-filled studio.

    Be well, dear Lori x 5. I'm so glad you're still posting! That's on my list to get back to because I miss it (and my friends.)


  9. Oh my, so much goodness in those pictures. Gorgeous yarns.

    Sounds like you are enjoying summer :)

  10. My kiddos are fans of Jansson too. I have her to read her other books, but we have read a lot of the moomintroll books. Love all the WIPS which are made so much nicer when you find sale yarn. Gifts are good and probably exempt from WIP status. Glad to see you joined Andi too.

  11. Hi!!!! Happy to see a post by you. I joined that kal today too! Needed a little push. Your yarn pictures are heavenly. Hope all is well :-)

  12. Ah Lori, Alexander Mccall Smith and Tove Jansson are two of my faves! Funny, the climates they write about are so totally opposite, but so evocative! I utterly love the character Madame Ramotswe's. So much woolly excitement here. You will look gorgeous in that pink.

  13. Sounds like you are having a lovely summer Lori. Lots of lovely yarn to keep you busy for a while. I've made a few of those dishcloths but never though of making three at once, what a smart idea. Love the way the circular needle makes a little heart shape!

  14. I've read all the books from Mccall, too!!!!!
    all your knitting projects are just fab!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  15. I am with you on not knitting with variegated much, but that baby cardi is perfect. So very sweet.

    Also, it is interesting to hear about Lion Brand. It isn't available here in the UK and I have only seen its website/patterns and thought the yarns were all acrylic blends and novelty. (ahem. Am I maybe a bit of a yarn snob? hah!).

    The ones you bought look lovely!

  16. beautiful selection of yarn!
    i like one project at a time also, but actually i have two or three on my needles or hook at the same time. So don't worry about that :-) I think it is important to knit and to finish, insted of making just a yarn stash....

  17. Thanks for the book recommendation! I love the Moomin books, so now I'm off to find this book as well! I never knew she wrote non-Moomin books!

  18. Castonitis ... me too! And I just got my invite to the KAL from Andi ... I think I'd better hotfoot it over there!

  19. how could you possibly pass up all those treasures??? (sad about the closing, though) I always like to think when I have lots cast on--and lots of things in the works......that someday that will mean there will be a flurry of FO flying off my needles!!! (doesn't always work that way, but it's nice to think so!) Andi just posted a list of scrappy use-up-the-leftovers....that of course, resulted in a few more cast ons for me, too!!! UGH. there is just no catching up!

  20. I love McCall Smith's novels. My favourite reading of this hot Italian summer. Have ever tried the "Isabel Dahlousie" series?
    Gorgeous pink really!!!

  21. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog Lori! I always love reading them :-)! I hope you will be able to visit Holland one day, so that we will be able to meet!

    Your post put a smile on my face. You are a bit like me. What makes bargains so hard to resist :-). You were right to buy that yarn. The colours are beautiful. Love the little cardigan you made and the cheerful pot holders!

    Guess I will have to start on Alexander McCall Smith again :-)! I thought I wouldn't like it, but when you say its beautiful....well, that changes things!!

    Have a great week!

    Madelief xox

  22. not being a knitter, i am none the less able to verify that nobody sets a scene like you do. a a plus

    i am in love with that eggplant color. it is stunning.

    love love

  23. Hi Lori!
    You have made some beautiful purchases! And that tiny cardigan, it's so sweet!
    I just popped in to tell you your letter arrived today. It is a beautiful letter! It's always a pleasure to get some mail! Thank you so much!
    Greetings from the land of The Summer Book ;)

  24. although it's sad that a shop had to close, it's quite exciting to make an awesome yarn haul! Lovely yarns and oh the possibilities :) Great photo of the washclothes all in a circle :)

  25. Hello Lori, and thanks for this very summery post. You've caught a certain mood that the peak of summer reveals to us.

    Your bargain yarn purchases are all rather wonderful. I do agree it is always sad when a yarn shop closes its door. I can still remember a long ago visit to the "haberdashery" department at Liberty of London, and discovering that my favorite nook's expansive display of yarns had dramatically shrunk. When I spoke with the department's manager (with whom I'd had many long knitting chats over the years) she sadly said that the particular yarn range had been discontinued, and in the just previous week a huge sale had been held. Ahhh, I thought, so near and yet so far.

    I do like AMS's books, and not just those set in Botswana. The library is now holding for me his latest (beginning of perhaps a new series.)

    Each of your knitting projects has your special creative touch, Lori. xo

  26. Oh so much knitted goodness all in one post. I am loving all the stash enhancements :) I am loving Andi's group. I think this is going to be a fun place to visit and keep motivated. I love all the familiar faces over there.

  27. that baby sweater is precious! and i love seeing your knitting corner, so peaceful and cozy :)

  28. How beautiful your wool looks in these lovely photos, Lori! The colours and textures are so delicious! I liked seeing the books too......I love AMS books too, especially the Isabel Dalhousie series! Enjoy your summer and your beautiful knitting. Helen x

  29. I am mainly swooning over your beautifully lit little knitting corner in the last photo! Look at those shelves full of yarn! It's like your own personal yarn store. Love your words and photos as always.

  30. Lori, You know I don't knit, but i do love all that color.
    I hope you are having a most wonderful Summer too.

  31. Looks like you're in for a lot of beautiful knitting and fun reading

  32. My goodess! So many wonderful projects and so many yarns! Love!

  33. Such lovely colours! I really must learn to knit! xxx

  34. just popping by... :) hey! love that yarn in the cone! I have it in fisherman's too; it knits so well! a real dream! Am making a cute little baby hat in a round with it! Beautiful pictures, as always and super cute knits! :)

  35. I love the yellow in the second and third images...and the Ladies No 1 Detective Series, They helped me get through a difficult illness with nasty treatment...I loved homely Precious and her cups of Red Bush Tea and big slices of fruit cake and could loose myself in her comfy cosy world. Enjoy them all.

  36. Hi Lori,
    Love your sweet blog, which I found through pinterest. I came over hoping to find a tutorial on how to knit multiple washcloths (sounds like a time saver!) Would love to add this to my skills and hoped you could direct me to an online source for learning this.
    You know, I tried to read the first "ladies detective" book and just couldn't muddle through it, maybe my restlessness with it had more to do to other things going on in my life at the time, so I might have to try it again. Maybe an audio version so I can knit/crochet while I listen along ;-D I CAN recommend 2 of my favorites, wholeheartedly, Possession by A.S.Byatt (a gem of literature if ever there were one - forget the horrible movie made from it!) and An Instance of The Fingerpost by Iain Pears (an incredibly gripping read that blends a murder mystery, history, intrigue and excellent writing, all set against the political background of the Charles I/Charles II debacle. Two of my favorite reads. Or for a quick read, try Dogs of Babel. A linguist comes home to find his wife dead in their yard and the only witness is the dog. This is his quirky, sometimes gruesome, but often moving account of his journey to teach his dog to speak so he can get to the cause of her death and to those responsible. I'll go take a peek at the ravelry group you suggested. I have several projects going at once, as some I knit only 1 or 2 rows a day. I am mainly a one project person, loving short projects I can finish in the course of a few days. Thanks for sharing your eye-candy with us.

    1. thank you evangeline, i appreciate your lovely comment. i don't know of a tutorial for the wash cloths, i just started doing the 3 at a time to make them quicker (sort of). really, it's very simple, just cast on with 2 or 3 balls and knit each at the same time.
      thank you for the book recommendations!


xoxo lori