Sunday, July 7, 2013

more islands, men folk and a knit to share

 ...i do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in
the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what i have been doing all day. 
   mary oliver, the summer day

some of the wandering i've been doing has been out on the islands again. i brought one of my vintage film cameras last week, and set it in the trail to take this self portrait. i found a manual for this lovely old pentax (bought at a flea market) online at orphan cameras here.

santa cruz island

the island fox

they keep getting bolder and bolder. this one came to the portable guide shower for a drink, and then walked so close to me i could have pat him on his tiny little head  :)

in the eastern sierras...

mountain menfolk, my husband and friends. they climbed mt. whitney (again). this time the east buttress way. chuck is pictured rock climbing up the face. it's difficult to tell in the photo, it's very steep, almost vertical. eeeps. well done men!

a few years back, we went together, taking the trail (not really scary) way to mt. whitney's summit 

then, musical menfolk....
the avett brothers are coming to santa barbara!

i have tickets!!!!

family and friends surfing menfolk

my son came up with friends, their first time to santa barbara 

the sun surf and sea breeze all came too, to make sure they'd have a fabulous time.

a new sweater
(unblocked, ah well, it's finished and just in time!...)

and hat

this is the cobblestone by jared flood, i think maybe the three thousandth one made on ravelry. hee hee. my dear husband is heading out on an epic adventure, to the far north. i tried to surprise him with this, and came close, but he was persistent, who is it for?? it's made of baby alpaca, so so soft. and warm, which was most important. i made him two hats also, the one pictured above is called the wolf pack. he is hoping to see a wolf in the wild, well, one of the things he is hoping to see. i'm hoping for him too, and maybe this hat will be a totem for him, keep him warm and give him luck.
raverly notes for the sweater and hat

not much time for photos, i was able to take these while he was at work at the beach
 (red lifeguard shorts) 


wearing his other new hat, the sweater all tucked in his backpack and ready for it's first big adventure!
  safari njema (travel safely) honey, i can't wait to hear your stories!


  1. a new sweater is very nice! beautiful coastal colour and pretty design. very nice!

  2. Oh how wonderful for him - I hope he sees all he hopes to. beautiful photographs as always, Lori. We have family here for the first time too and they love the beach, i feel I have lived there. There is certainly enough sand in the house :)
    I have looked at that sweater too, my queue is so long, but it is good to see it knitted up so beautifully xxx

  3. What a perfect gift for a travelling man. You must so wish you could go with him. Here's hoping he has the best trip ever!

    Great pics Lori, and can I ask which Pentax you have please :)

    1. hi annie! i do not wish to be going on this trip, it will involve camping with grizzly bears. i am really very happy he is having this adventure with male friends (and not have to worry about me!), it's not going to be an easy trip (yipes!).

      the camera is a ME super pentax, in beautiful condition. it has a fixed 50mm 1.4 asahi lens. i paid 30.00 u.s. for it at a flea market, SO excited to have found it! they can still be found here, i hope you can too where you are :)

  4. This is all so good to read. That little fox is so cute, love the sweater, I'll check out the pattern for Ahmad. and look out for your Ravelry notes. Alpaca is so lovely to knit with and to wear. I hope it keeps him snugly on his adventure. Family time, oh and the Avett brothers, lucky you! Have an awesome time.

  5. It seems that your every day life is a true adventure. :) The little fox looks so bedraggled. Poor thing. Sorta like my outside kitties here. They are so very sad. It is so hot! With dusty weather today. The sweater you knitted is a lovely shade of blue. I'm sure it and the hats will keep hubby nice and warm. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  6. The pictures are amazing and I love to see the handknits sprinkled in as well!

  7. It looks like summer is treating you well dear Lori. Hiking, family, knitting, future concerts and adventures, it all sounds just perfect.
    Now I'm off to add that sweater to my list, I love it and am thinking maybe in green for My Mike.

  8. I love, love, love the Avett brothers! We saw them last September at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and we have tickets to see them again this fall...they are amazing...have fun.

  9. Oh I wish him luck on his adventure. We have a wolf preserve by us and for my birthday I get to go there for a photography workshop. I am very excited. November can't come soon enough. I love the sweater and hats. I am hoping Jared releases the pattern for Big Blue. If so I'll have one casted on for Freddy asap. If not the one you made might have to be the first one I make for him. Oh it looks so beautiful where you live.

  10. Wow Lori... love the adventures of your life.. still very inspiring.
    Your knitting is magnificent.. and the wolf hat is may favourite, even before I read it was for a special wolf trip.
    Love the blue of the jumper too.
    Keep on loving life Lori.. you share so much joy with the world. x robyn

  11. What a beautiful sweater to keep him wrapped in your love while on his adventure. And the wolf hat is a perfect totem. Glad you have been able to get out and about. We spent the weekend with Dave's father visiting from Orange County. Not much action - mostly visiting. Which can be good too. (And I also have tickets to see those boys here in AZ)

  12. WOW! Everything! I especially love the little wolf. What a beautiful life you live.


  13. That is quite the list of menfolk! Love the sweater you knitted up in secret (from him and from us!) Love the hats and I hope he spots a wolf from far away of course :)

  14. that sweater cam out wonderfully. i think my dear husband would look good in one of those too, i might just have to get busy on that... maybe by christmas i could have it all knit up. lol
    just love your island photos, i showed my oldest daughter the last bunch and she really wants to go to your islands and have a look see, maybe some day we shall meet on the islands. :)

  15. So jealous - Avett brothers!! You MUST tell me all about it :) Your photos make me miss Cali. I so loved living there (but I was in the San Fernando valley). Just the breath of fresh air I needed this morning. XOXO

  16. Yay, Avette brothers. That is going to be an incredible time for you. Love the wonderful captures. The pullover and hat..oh my goodness. Beautiful knitting my friend.

  17. Nice variations on the hat! Great photos.

    1. thank you for the fantastic pattern mary lou!

  18. Great sweater Lori, I've never tackled man size things yet!! Love the wolf hat. My husband was recently on a photo shoot where they were using 'tame' wolfs. I wished he could have cut their leashes and set them free! Not much of a wolf population in France due to a 'us' or 'them' attitude from sheep farmers and shepherds. Just over the border in Italy they seem to have found a happy ground and live in relative harmony.
    I hope Chuck gets to see his wolf.

  19. Love the hat and sweater! And your summer photos! How great your have had family around! x Teje
    PS. what a sweet fox!

  20. what a treasure that little camera is!!! (my 1st slr was a pentax---many fond memories!!)

    Love the knits (of course!) are one brave woman to work on a man-sweater in the summer. I got as far as 1/2" of the ribbing on one and promptly put it in time-out, waiting for cooler weather!

    Looks like you are having all the summer fun one expects during the summer!! concerts, family, outdoor fun!!! a good good summer!

    1. dear steph, i can't take credit for being brave, it's been a very cool summer here, lots of fog and low temps so far! still good knitting weather :)

  21. It occurs to me your husband is always wearing a hat you've made--I can't remember ever seeing a photo of him without one! :) The sweater is lovely, and the little fox, drinking out of the puddle, is so precious. Beautiful.

  22. wonderful, wonderful pictures ! And your knits....they are great. i too can't wait to hear of your husband's adventure.

  23. Ahh Lori, I saw this posr over my breakfast Cheerios,but knew that I had to get downtown to work.

    How good it is to get back home and take a longer look at your beautiful post. The NYC weather is still hot, humid and challenging. Even more reason to love all that i've seen in your post.

    The Mary Oliver quote is brilliant. Wise. True.

    Lovely that you'e rescued that Pentax, found film and a manual, too. Triple bravos.

    That high climbing by Chuck would make me so nervous, but all the same i send him best wishes on his newest journey. Your knitting has certainly given him both spiritual and textile warmth to take along.

    That daring little fox is a beautiful animal. Is it a she/he who shows such bravery to enter into the water set aside for another species?

    Your handsome son and his friends must have had a grand time visiting you.

    Your knitting speed amazes me. Your choices of yarns and patterns. and knitting talent is a given.

    Love to you, Lori,

  24. Hi Lori,

    I've so much to catch up on!

    Beautiful photos of your wanderings. That's a gorgeous sweater for your boy there. I've made the teeny tiny Pebble Vest which is apparently inspired by this Cobblestone Sweater which I hadn't seen before but I can see why now with the garter trims. That's a lovely pattern although the thought of doing something grown-up size is still a bit daunting for me.

    Have a great week!

    Love Mel xxx

  25. Where do I start...first, I love your wandering and wish I could have been along just to make sense of all of my thoughts. I've found packing to be very hard, especially when I come across a photo of Kelly (lots of tears).
    The sweater is amazing and I'm sure your son knows how lucky he is to have a mama that knits special things for him--what treasures.
    I hope one day, you'll wander to North Carolina and we can go to fabulous knit shops and see explore the mountains and beaches there, XOXO

  26. Lori, Wonderful photos, as always! Love that sweater and hat! love that fox! I hope Chuck has a wonderful adventure. You have a wonderful adventure too while he is away. xoxo

  27. Hi Lori! I came over from your comment on my blog :-) WOW - stunningly gorgeous - all of it: the nature, the knitting and the menfolk ;-) Putting you on my reader!

  28. Wow Lori! I love your menfolk post! And what a beautiful way to send off your man on his quest to see a wolf! I just love that wolf hat!
    And the mountain climbing pics! Can't you just smell that fresh mountaintop air!
    AND the vintage camera shots of the wild coastline...
    and the Mary Oliver quote: just wonderful!
    Thanks you for sharing

  29. some nice looking men in that post, I can't help but notice.
    sweater is pretty fine too.
    You do such a good job of capturing beauty.

  30. Oh wow Lori! You are such a sportive family!!! The island looks amazing and it must be fun surfing in Santa Barbara. I have always wanted to do it :-)

    Your sweater looks great on that broad chest :-)!

    Have a great week!

    Madelief x

  31. I love the way you share our life and adventures with us - thank you! Although some of it would have scared me stiff :-)

    What a lovely gift for your husband! I am sure he appreciates it very much.

  32. *LOVE* the sweater and hat, the island fox, your wild coast, you handsome men, you. ♥

    I hope your hubby gets to see his wolf (and take fabulous photos!).

  33. I love the sweater and hat! They both look great!

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xoxo lori